Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1475

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1475 – The two of them drank non-stop, one shot after another.

Little did they know someone had been monitoring them from the minute they stepped into the bar.

Upon noticing that the two women had almost finished their drinks, a man leisurely got up, walked downstairs, and sat beside them while holding a glass of wine.

“Excuse me, ladies. Mind if I join you for a drink?” The man slid into the seat next to Aubree, his movements intentionally brushing against her body.

Due to Frieda’s persistent pouring, Aubree was already inebriated by that time. Thus, not only was her guard down, but she even leaned onto the newcomer’s chest.

Frieda, on the other hand, was more cautious. “Do we know you?” she asked.

The man flashed a calm smile and reached out to clink glasses with the glass in front of Frieda. “Perhaps not yet, but we’ll get there eventually.”

He turned to Aubree, giving her a flirtatious grin. “Looks like this young lady is quite fond of me.”

After downing half of the wine in his glass, he poured the remaining into Aubree’s mouth. Aubree, who was already not in the right state of mind, gripped his wrist, pulled the glass closer to her, and gulped the wine.

“Aubree!” Frieda was getting anxious. Although she was wary of Aubree, it did not mean she could allow a man to take advantage of someone she was once close with!

She got up, wanting to pull Aubree over to her side.

Before she could do that, the man grabbed her wrist with a smirk and uttered in an icy tone, “The lady accepted my drink, so she’s mine tonight.

Since she didn’t turn me down, you better not ruin my fun!” Frieda suddenly became alert. “Who are you? Let go of Aubree!”

After pushing Freida, causing her to fall on the couch, the man gently lifted Aubree’s body onto his shoulder in a fireman’s carry and walked to the door.

Frieda was both shocked and scared. Getting up from the couch, she tried to catch up to the man.

Unfortunately, she found it challenging to navigate through the crowded bar as she had sprained her ankle when the man shoved her to the couch just now.

In the blink of an eye, the man and Aubree disappeared from her view. Frieda immediately went into panic mode. If something awful happens to Aubree tonight…

Frieda’s concern grew as she worried that her well-intentioned actions could backfire and cause Aubree to spiral into a state of insanity once again. If that happened, the latter might just drag Frieda down with her.

The thought of that possibility made Frieda grit her teeth and bear the pain in her foot as she searched through the crowd for any sign of them.

Despite her best efforts, Frieda was unable to locate Aubree and the man, leaving her feeling helpless and uneasy.

However, as she scanned the room, her eyes fell upon a familiar figure standing in the corner.

The person was holding a mobile phone aimed in the direction of the door and seemed to be taking photos. Frieda walked up to the person. “Cory!”

Cory paused for a moment and put down his phone. His once delicate face had become gaunt and unrecognizable. “Ms. Queen, long time no see.

Frieda looked at him sternly, and her eyes filled with caution. “What are you doing here? Whose photos are you taking?”

If her memory served her correctly, her brother had explicitly informed her that Lucian had sent the private detective packing.

Moreover, he had allegedly gotten into some serious trouble at the casino and was supposed to be dead by now. What is he doing here?

Did he snap photos of me drinking with Aubree just now?

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