Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1457

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1457 – Elias frowned, and when he spoke, his voice was tinged with a hint of exasperation.

“I’ve long since told you to let Lucian make the decisions himself when it comes to his marriage. Everyone is free to live their own lives.

Why must we meddle so much?” Disapproval was written all over Sonya’s face. “How could I possibly allow that? Is Lucian’s marriage his business alone?

Never mind if he wants to marry some other woman, but why must it be that woman?” Why must it be Roxanne?

Worse still, she comes with two little bastards! Seeing that she was still dissatisfied with Roxanne, Elias patiently cajoled, “No matter who he wants to
be with, that’s his business.

He matured into an adult ages ago. We can’t interfere in everything.” But still, Sonya remained obstinate and griped, “If he had finalized his marriage with Aubree earlier, all this wouldn’t have happened.”

After saying that, she shot the man beside her a chagrined look. “You’re no better. It’s because you allowed him free rein in everything that he delayed the marriage until now.”

“Reality has proven that Aubree is indeed unsuited to be the mistress of the Farwell family.” On the contrary, Elias felt that Lucian hadn’t done anything wrong.

“Aubree only did something wrong out of her anxiety to get engaged with Lucian. If he had settled down with her earlier, she wouldn’t have done all those foolish things,” Sonya riposted.

Upon hearing that, Elias stared at her in vexation, his gaze probing. Feeling a tad guilty from the way he was scrutinizing her, Sonya muttered, “I’m not saying she was right in doing all that.

I merely feel that she’s sincere in her feelings toward Lucian. ”As she finished saying that, the w retched state of the Pearson family at present flashed across her mind.

Melancholic, she heaved a sigh. “Ultimately, the Pearson family has been friends with us for many years,

but they’ve now been reduced to a miserable existence by the Farwell family. It makes it appear as though we’re too ruthless.”

Elias was likewise aware of the Pearson family’s current condition. However, he didn’t find any problem with his son’s actions.

Since Aubree dared to make a move against a member of the Farwell family, she naturally had to be taught a lesson.

As for the Queen family seizing advantage of the situation to pounce and take a bite out of the Pearson family, that was just the usual competition in business. There was no right or wrong.

“Elias, can you talk to Lucian about letting the Pearson family off the hook? They’ve already been punished enough.

He won’t listen to a single word I say, so you’re the only one who can persuade him,” Sonya ranted, grasping Elias’ arm.

Lifting his hand, Elias placed it over hers in consolation. “To put it bluntly, the Pearson family’s current condition is a result of business competition.

We can’t be of any help. Furthermore, if word gets out that the Pearson family had walked all over us, yet we still helped them, is the Farwell family not going to be easy prey whom everyone can attack in the eyes of others?”

His voice was gentle, but it left no room for negotiation. With the Farwell family’s reputation coming into play, Sonya had no choice but to nix her plan.

Nonetheless, she was still loath about allowing Roxanne to marry into the Farwell family.

Sighing softly, she remarked in what appeared to be an unintentional manner, “Speaking of the Pearson family, I wonder how Essie is doing right now.”

Elias also missed Estella then, so he replied, “Go and visit her if you’re worried. It so happens that I haven’t seen her in a while either.

We’ll go and visit her together another day.” Shifting her gaze to him, Sonya lamented in feigned helplessness, “How I wish!

But Lucian has sent her over to Roxanne’s place. I wanted to go and visit her, but Roxanne didn’t allow her to approach me. It was as though I’d hurt her.”

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