Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1458

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1458 – Puzzlement inundated Elias. “Why? You’re Essie’s grandmother.

Why would Roxanne forbid you from visiting Essie? Is there some misunderstanding between you both?”

At that, Sonya sighed bitterly. “What misunderstanding could there be? She never liked me when she left six years ago.

That aside, I’d always wanted Lucian to be with Aubree and objected to her being with him. Thus, she holds a grudge against me.”

While saying that, she hung her head and nestled into the man’s embrace as though she had suffered untold grievances.

Subsequently, she added, “She’s already treating me in such a manner now when she hasn’t gotten back together with Lucian.

What should I do if she were to really marry into the Farwell family in the future? Am I going to be prohibited from visiting my own son and granddaughter?”

Elias knew absolutely nothing about the issue between the two women. After hearing his wife’s complaints, his first reaction was to mediate a peaceful resolution.

“There must be some misunderstanding between the two of you. Everything will be fine after talking things out.”

At the end of the day, he didn’t believe that his son would take an interest in a petty woman.

When Sonya noticed that the man showed no signs of siding with her, panic swamped her. She even eked out some tears.

“It’s all on me. I shouldn’t have poked my nose into her relationship with Lucian. But it wasn’t me who forced her to leave six years ago.

After she left, I even searched for her for a long time. And now, she wants to come back. What does she take the Farwell family for?”

Tightening his grip on her, Elias stated solemnly, “I’ll ask Lucian about it.” Only when Sonya heard that did she feel somewhat gratified.

Right then and there, Elias took out his phone and gave Lucian a call. Meanwhile, Lucian was working in the study.

As soon as he saw that his father was calling, he could surmise that his mother must have said something to the man upon her return.

However, he knew that Elias rarely interfered in his relationships. Without giving it further thought, he answered the call. “Is something the matter, Dad?”

Elias’ baritone voice rang out from the other end of the phone. “Where’s Essie right now?” “At her mother’s place,” Lucian answered honestly.

Then, he asked, “What about it?” “Your mother claims that Roxanne didn’t allow Essie to approach her. What’s that about?

Does she have some misunderstanding toward your mother?” Verily, that was the only possibility Elias could think of.

Lucian had known that his mother would undoubtedly complain to his father after returning home, but he had never expected her to make such a bogus claim.

His head throbbing, he put aside the work at hand and explained patiently, “It’s true that Essie isn’t close to her these days, but I can promise you that it isn’t because of Roxanne.”

Hearing that, Elias lowered his eyes and studied the woman in his arms. “Are you saying that it’s your mother’s fault?”

At a loss for words, Lucian went silent for a few seconds in contemplation before elaborating, “Precisely speaking, there’s some misunderstanding between her and Essie. For some reason, Essie has a slight aversion to her. It has nothing to do with Roxanne.”

Elias’ eyes brimmed with confusion. Essie has an aversion to Sonya? We watched Essie grow up, and I’ve seen how much Sonya doted on her.

All this while, their relationship had been pretty great. Why has that changed recently? Seemingly having guessed his father’s thoughts, Lucian added, “If you’re worried, you can go and see for yourself.

I’ll tell Roxanne about it. You can go over anytime.” It so happened that Elias wanted to go and have a look personally.

Hence, he agreed without any hesitation when he obtained that reply. “It’s decided, then. I’ll go and pick Essie up from kindergarten tomorrow evening.”

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