Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1456

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1456 – Sonya had never entertained the thought of her being in the wrong.

She had always thought she was looking out for the Farwell family and that it was Lucian who was becoming more and more unreasonable.

With that, she glanced at her son expectantly. She only wished for him to understand her intentions.

However, there was no change in Lucian’s expression. “Farwell Group’s success is largely attributable to me. I’ll manage how I split my assets on my own.”

If Archie and Benny had the capability, he didn’t mind passing Farwell Group on to them. Sonya was rendered speechless upon hearing this.

Lucian glanced at her. “Besides, they are still young. It’s too early for you to worry about this!”

Sonya wanted to say something, but Lucian interjected, “On the contrary, take a look at your age. You should stop meddling in such insignificant matters.

I am capable of managing my own affairs. Why don’t you go out with my father and travel if you have so much time? It will be beneficial to your health.”

With that, he headed upstairs without giving Sonya a chance to speak. Looking at her son’s retreating figure, Sonya huffed in anger.

“What do you mean by that? Stop right there!” As if he hadn’t heard her, Lucian vanished after making a turn on the stairs.

“Old Mrs. Farwell, calm down.” Catalina tried to pacify Sonya’s anger by giving her a cup of coffee. Seeing this, Sonya became even more agitated.

“Even you are making a joke out of me! Do you want that Jarvis woman to come back as well?” Catalina sighed quietly to herself.

“Mrs. Farwell is—”“Who told you to refer to her like that? She will never marry into the family as long as I’m alive!” Sonya uttered pettily.

Catalina remained silent. She knew Roxanne would soon be part of the Farwell family again, and Sonya’s opinion of her would undoubtedly change eventually.

Sonya was in no mood to talk to her anymore. After sitting on the couch for a while, she took her bag and left the house in a fury.

Elias returned to the Farwell main residence at the same time Sonya did. Seeing her furious demeanor,

he approached her with a puzzled look and asked, “What happened? Why are you so angry?”

His question jogged her memory of what Lucian had said to her. Her mood instantly soured, and she retorted, “Why are you asking me?

You should go and ask Lucian!” Elias sat beside her. “What did Lucian do?”

He had never gotten involved in Lucian’s relationship matters because he was confident his son could handle them well.

However, he was aware that his wife was constantly concerned about it.

Now that the marriage engagement with the Pearson family had been canceled, he felt Lucian’s marriage was the latter’s personal matter, so he didn’t understand what Sonya was mad about.

Sonya glared at him. “Didn’t you see Farwell Group’s statement? Lucian must be insane! Shouldn’t you do something about it as his father?”

Elias was dumbfounded upon getting scolded by his wife. Naturally, he had seen the public statement, but he knew the two children would need to have legitimate identities when Roxanne and Lucian got together.

Compared to letting the children enter the family with unknown backgrounds, Lucian’s method would spare the family a lot of trouble in the future.

Of course, this was on the pretext that Roxanne was going to marry into the Farwell family.

Sonya’s expression turned darker when Elias didn’t reply to her. “Do you also think that he has done nothing wrong?”

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