Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1455

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1455 – Roxanne’s life was soon back on the right track while Lucian’s was still in chaos.

Lucian considered going to Roxanne’s place in the evening after handling all the accumulated work in Farwell Group.

However, he received a phone call from his mother, who asked him to return home as soon as possible.

Lucian furrowed his brows at his mother’s annoyed tone. Nevertheless, he still drove back to the manor.

As soon as he stepped into the house, he was greeted by the sight of Sonya sitting on the couch. “Why are you here?” he questioned with a frown.

Sonya turned to look at him and said unhappily, “If I hadn’t come here, I wouldn’t even know you were back!”

He had not mentioned to anyone about him going overseas with Roxanne.

Sonya had come over every day to ask her son for an explanation but always ended up empty-handed.

When she called him and mentioned Roxanne and the kids, he would always give a half-hearted response before hanging up.

Hence, Sonya had nowhere to vent her anger. Since they were finally back, she naturally had to have a talk with her son.

Lucian knew she didn’t have good intentions, and his expression darkened. He walked over to the couch but didn’t sit down, making it clear that he had no intention of engaging in a lengthy conversation with her.

Sonya’s expression turned dark when she realized this. “What do you mean by this? Roxanne hasn’t married into the family yet, but you’re already on her side?”

Lucian was used to Sonya’s animosity toward Roxanne and said calmly, “I’m on her side because of your hostility toward her.

If you can stop being like this, I would love for you and her to get along well.” Enraged, Sonya slammed the table. “Unbelievable!

Do you believe you’re right? What’s the deal with the two kids? Do you even know who you are? How dare you accept the two illegitimate children and even fabricate their backgrounds!”

Lucian looked at his mother without saying anything in response. As she spoke, she gradually sounded angrier.

“Do you know how many relatives called me recently? They even prepared monetary gifts for those two bastards! What do you want me to say to them?”

Those relatives were so eager to get in their good books that they even suggested having a welcoming party for the two children!

When Sonya heard the suggestion, she almost fainted from anger. How dare they suggest having a welcoming party for those two bastards!

Not only has Lucian gone insane, but are these relatives going senile too? Nevertheless, Lucian had already made a public statement.

Sonya couldn’t publicly chastise her son, so she could only give half-hearted responses to her relatives’ questions.

Lucian was unfazed and stated matter-of-factly, “I already asked for Roxanne’s hand in marriage. She accepted it, so it’s only a matter of time before Archie and Benny become my children.

They aren’t illegitimate children. When those relatives ask you, you can tell them they are the sons of the Farwell family.”

Sonya was hit by another wave of dizziness. It was more shocking to hear this from her son’s lips than reading it on the Internet.

He’s adamant about accepting the two illegitimate children into the family! After a long moment, she finally regained her senses.

She massaged her forehead and said, “I don’t accept this. There are so many people eyeing Farwell Group’s assets.

Even those relatives can’t wait to get their hands on some of it. However, you’re giving them to two children from unknown backgrounds so
easily. This is unacceptable to me!”

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