Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1454

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1454 – Is it just me, or does Jack’s attitude seem different from his usual?

Stifling the strange feeling in her chest, Roxanne grinned at Jack. “I won’t regret it. If you wish for us to research anti-cancer medicine, I’ll still do my best.”

He lifted his coffee cup at her. “In that case, let us toast to our collaboration’s success with coffee instead of wine.”

Without delay, she clinked her cup with his. After the two of them briefly discussed the research progress, they determined the project’s starting date.

They also talked about when Damaris Group would provide how much medicinal herbs to the research institute.

When their meeting concluded, it was already evening. Standing up to leave, Roxanne glanced at her phone and saw it was time for classes in the kindergarten to be dismissed.

Then Linda called her, asking her if she should pick up the children.

Roxanne said no because the children had been complaining about her occupation with her work and voicing their desire for her to pick them up.

Based on the result of my discussion with Jack, I’ll be getting busy again in the next few days. I think I should spend my free time with the children when I still have some. As she thought, she drove to the kindergarten.

Upon arriving at her destination, she saw two teachers leading the children out of the kindergarten in a line.

Then she noticed an unfamiliar teacher standing next to Pippa. She looks gentle. “Ms. Jarvis, this is our kindergarten’s new teacher, Ms. Smith.

She’s taking care of Archie’s class with me,” Pippa introduced. In response, Roxanne smiled politely. “Nice to meet you, Ms. Smith.

I’ll be counting on you to look after my children.” Silently, Ophelia scrutinized Roxanne.

Before returning to the country, I often listened to Aubree complaining about Roxanne on the phone and describing how Roxanne snatched Farwell Group’s CEO from her.

It’s why I’ve been curious about what kind of person Roxanne is. Now that I’ve seen her for myself, based on her face alone, I think she does have the potential to be a vixen. When her train of thought ended, she greeted Roxanne politely.

Soon, the entrance was clogged with the parents of other children. Roxanne bade the two teachers goodbye and brought the children into her car.

“Do you like the new teacher?” she asked caringly on the ride home. The children exchanged glances with odd expressions.

“What’s the matter? You don’t like her?” Benny answered, “No, we just thought she was a bit weird because she kept staring at us.”

Even during group activities, that new teacher constantly tried to approach us, but she was hindered by the other children.

In response, Roxanne glanced at the children through the rearview mirror apologetically. “I’m sorry.

It’s probably because of what happened a few days ago and the fact Ms. Smith is a new teacher that she’s curious about you all.”

When I returned to the research institute after Lucian announced the children’s background to the world, plenty of employees there stared at me with slightly different looks, too.

I suppose the new teacher is just like them, curious about us. She comforted, “If you all don’t like it, I’ll tell Ms. Ward tomorrow to remind Ms. Smith not to stare.” The children nodded.

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