Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1453

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 1453 – Roxanne was moved by his words but remained hesitant. “Perhaps, but I lack enough knowledge of
cancer to support the research on an anti-cancer medicine.”

Over the past few years, she had been more focused on researching how to treat patients through acupuncture.

She simply didn’t know enough about medicinal herbs to be confident in developing an anticancer medicine.

Sensing her worries, Jack said, “I won’t lie. Only a few medical books kept in the Damans residence touch on this research.

However, the reason the research in those books was halted was due to technical issues at the time. It was also these books that inspired me.”

Roxanne’s eyes glinted upon hearing that. If I can take a look at those books, perhaps I’ll get some inspiration, too.

Then again, those books are properties of the Damaris family. I don’t know if he’s willing to lend them to an outsider.

“The books about traditional medicine I lent you in the past were a part of that collection. If you’re interested, I can lend you the whole set.”

Without hesitation, she nodded. However, she thought about something and inquired, “Is it really okay for me to read them?

Don’t those books contain content the Damaris family wants to keep confidential?”

Medical prestigious families tended to have a few techniques they wouldn’t share with anyone.

It was why Roxanne was overjoyed when Jack taught her Root Thirteen and why she was skeptical about his proposal to lend her those books.

He grinned. “I can’t hide anything H orn you. can I? Indeed, there’s a condition you need to fulfill if you want to read those books.”

“What condition?” She frowned. I have a bad feeling about this. “As you said, those books contain secrets the Damaris family doesn’t want anyone else to learn.

If you want to, you’ll have to sever your relationship with Dr. Lambert as his apprentice and join the Damaris family.”

As though he was afraid she wouldn’t agree, he added. “The content of these books isn’t something an ordinary apprentice can access.

Old Mr. Damaris has to acknowledge their capabilities first before they can read those books. Only three members of this generation in the Damaris family have earned the right to read them.

If you join us, you’ll be the fourth.” Someone else in Roxanne’s position probably would’ve accepted Jack’s condition without hesitation after listening to his tempting offer.

After all, she had learned almost everything from her teacher. Even if she severed her relationship with Han ey at that moment, she wouldn’t be negatively affected.

Yet, she rejected. “In that case, I’m afraid I’ll have to say no.” The look in Jack’s eyes darkened. “Why? Don’t you want to read those books?

Aren’t you curious about the Damaris family’s medical skills?” If I remember correctly, she joined the medical consultation because she wanted to take a glance at the Damaris family’s collection.

Roxanne nodded. “Of course I do. However, a few books aren’t enough to make me betray Professor Lambert, who has helped me multiple times in the past. He’s more than a teacher to me.”

An imperceptibly cold look flashed past his eyes. If she had accepted my proposal and become a member of the Damaris family that way, I could have settled for that as the next best tiling. However.

I didn’t expect her to reject it! “Since you’re putting it that way, I’ll seem despicable if I try to persuade you further.”

Suppressing his rage, Jack pursed his lips nonchalantly. “I hope you won’t regret your decision, Ms. Jarvis.”

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