Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 410

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 410 – Zachary instantaneously picked up her call.

“Mr. York, were you alright this morning? Can you hold up? If not, you should get the remaining day off to come back and rest after your meeting.”
Hearing her concern, Zachary felt happy. He leaned back on the black swiveling chair. He said as he spun,

“I only managed to hold up because I had a cup of coffee after I got back to the office. Work is almost over. I can sleep for a bit soon.”
“Aren’t you going to eat?” “I’m too sleepy and I don’t have an appetite. I don’t feel like it.”

“That won’t do. You’ve worked the whole morning. If you don’t eat lunch, you’ll get gastric problems. It’ll be very hard to recover fully afterward.”
Zachary said softly, “I just don’t feel like eating.” “After you finish work, you should get some sleep first.

I’ll send some food over to you in a bit. I’ll call you once I’ve reached your office.” He only lost his sleep because of her sister’s issue.
Whether it was for their public image, or in private, Serenity could not just let Zachary skip lunch.

“Alright then. I’ll sleep in the office for a while. Give me a call when you reach. Be careful when. you drive.”
“I slept for half the day in the shop, so I’m in good spirits. It’s fine. You should go and do your thing.

Once you’re done, hurry up and get some sleep.” After she finished saying that, Serenity hung up. She then got up to enter the kitchen and took out an insulated lunch box. As she washed it, she said to Mrs. Lane, “Mrs. Lane, Mr. York isn’t coming back to eat,

so I’m sending some food. over. You guys should go ahead and eat first. Just keep some for me and I’ll come back and eat. them.”
Mrs. Lane hurriedly said, “The food’s already done. They can eat once your sister comes over. Why don’t you eat first?

If you only eat when you get back, it’ll probably be past one o’clock by then. You’ll get gastric issues that way.”
Serenity thought for a moment. That was true, so she let Mrs. Lane filled up the box with pasta and some side dishes.

Mrs. Lane even packed some soup for him. In the end, the insulated. lunch box was packed to the brim. Serenity speedily drank a bowl of soup and shoveled a bowl of pasta down, hardly touching the side dishes. Filling her stomach in just a few moments,

she picked up the insulated lunch box and said to Mrs. Lane, “I’m going to send the food over first, Mrs. Lane. When it gets busy later,
please look after Sonny.” The students were all pretty respectful and did not need much supervision.

AllJasmine had to do was mind the cash register. “I will. You should hurry and send the food over to Mr. York.‘ Mrs. Lane was worried that Zachary would be hungry. She urged Serenity to hurry on over and give him the food.

After he ended his call with his wife while still in the office, Zachary delightedly sent Josh at text. Zachary: [You go ahead by yourself to eat at the hotel later. I’m not going anymore.] Josh: [You’re going to Mrs. York’s shop to eat again?] Zachary: [I’m too sleepy,

so I’m going to have a nap to recover some sleep first. My wife’s worried about me so she’s sending some food over herself.]
Josh did not feel like replying anymore. He felt like a handful of a public display of affection had just been shoved into his face.

He seriously suspected that Zachary was deliberately bragging about a husband and wife’s affection to provoke him into looking forward to his own
marriage and his date with Jasmine even more. Then, Zachary would have bragging rights as the matchmaker.

Knock knock! There was a knock on the door. This interrupted Zachary who wanted to continue showing off the affection
between him and his wife. The person outside did not wait for his reply before pushing the door open and walked in.

It was Nana. “Nana, why are you here?” Precisely at this time too. Serenity would be reaching soon too. Did Nana speed here just to be a third wheel?
She did not just bring herself, she brought a luggage bag with her too.

Zachary saw Nana dragging in that luggage and his face turned an unsightly shade. His brows furrowed and he asked,
“Nana, what are you doing?”

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