Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 409

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 409 – Mr. Brown continued to say, “It’s fine even if you give a little more money to Liberty.

We shouldn’t be too unrelenting and should leave a way out for ourselves. Then we’ll be able to meet amiably in the future,
but Sonny must return to us!” Sonny was a Brown, after all! “Dad, I guarantee you that I’ll definitely get custody of Sonny.”

“Before the two of you are divorced, I don’t believe your guarantee. It’s better if you get Sonny to come and stay with us and let your mother and I take care of him. I’ll only stop worrying then.” Hank said helplessly, “Dad, you and Mom have never taken care of Sonny.

If I bring him over, and he can’t get used to it and makes a fuss, what then? Olivia rallied. “That’s exactly why we have to take him in now to nurture the
bond. In the future, when you get married again, will that Yates woman be willing to take care of him?

Sonny will definitely end up with your dad and I. We’re his biological grandparents, after all.” “How many kind stepmothers are there out there?
And anyway, you and that Yates woman are both still young. You’ll very quickly have your own kid between the two of you.

Sonny wasn’t born by the Yates woman–she definitely won’t treat Sonny well.” Never having taken care of Sonny before was one thing but Hank’s parents
were still more concerned about their grandson being abused by his future stepmother.

In recent years, there had been a lot of news about stepmothers abusing kids borne by the husband’s previous wife. Some had only been a few years old
when the stepmothers abused. them to death. Once there was a stepmother, there would be a stepchild.

Who knew how their own child would treat Sonny in the future? Sonny was their first grandson. Hank’s parents viewed him with great importance.
“Your father and I have some retirement funds, and we’re not too old yet. As long as our bodies are healthy,

we can still raise Sonny. In the future, you’ll only need to pay for his living expenses and his school fees.” Hank thought for a moment and said,
“Fine. I’ll go home tonight and bring Sonny over tomorrow for you guys to take care of him.”

Hank’s parents only then felt relieved when he agreed. Serenity and her sister knew early on that the Browns would put up a fight
when it came to a divorce. Serenity slept for almost half the day at the shop to recover her mental strength.

It was already past eleven when she woke up. Seeing Jasmine play with Sonny and Sonny laughing uncontrollably, Serenity
felt a little sad in her heart. Once her sister were to go through with the divorce, Sonny would no longer have a complete family.

Divorce, no matter who it came to, whether adult or child, was a form of harm. “You’re up,” Jasmine said as she smiled.
“If you’re still sleepy, you can sleep for a little while longer. Once Mrs. Lane’s done making lunch, I’ll wake you up to eat.”

“I feel much better already after sleeping for half a day.” Sonny walked over. “Ant Swear.” Serenity picked him up, and he asked,
“Ant Swer, are you sick? Why are you always sleeping?”

He even mimicked the way his mother normally felt his forehead and touched Serenity’s forehead. He then touched his own forehead but did not know what to say. This action of his made Serenity laugh and hug him tightly. Once Serenity loosened her grip, she said while smiling,

“I’m not sick. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I’m making up for it now. That’s why I was sleeping so much.” “Why didn’t you sleep well last night?”
Sonny felt that once he climbed onto the bed, as long his mother was by his side, he could sleep extremely well.

Was Ant Swer unable to sleep well because she did not have her mother by her side? He had never seen Ant Seer’s mother before.
His mother said Ant Swer’s mother was his maternal grandmother. “Because I was thinking of how to make money,

make lots of money and become a rich woman! That’s why I didn’t sleep well.” Sonny blinked, and wanted to reply, but was kind of stumped on what he
should say. The torn look on his face was incredibly hilarious to witness. “Has Sonny eaten?”

Sonny rubbed his tummy and replied, “Jazz fed me! Sonny’s full.” Serenity laughed and put him down. “Then Sonny can keep playing.
I need to make a call.” “Okay.” The little kid obediently walked back to Jasmine and let Jasmine play with him. Serenity placed a call to Zachary.

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