Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 411

First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 411 – Nana dragged her luggage and walked straight to the sofa. She sat down and
said, “Zachary, I want to move in with you and Siren.”

Zachary’s face stiffened. “Nana, you promised me “I’m not stirring trouble, so what are you so nervous for? What are you worried about?”
Nana rebutted. Following that, she said stubbornly, “I’ve already been chased out of home by your dad and uncles.

I have nowhere else to go, so I wanted to seek refuge with my grandson. Is that not okay? Are you going to learn from your dad and
uncles and chase me out too?”Nana sighed. “When you get old, you get hated. Wherever I go, I get chased away.

What’s the point of raising sons? What’s the point of raising grandsons too? It’s better to raise a sweet granddaughter.”
Zachary’s expression was dark. “Nana, my dad and uncles would never chase you away.”

Even if she wanted to move in with him, she should not tag his dad and uncles with a giant label of being unfilial.
Nana smiled cheerily. “I can’t say it was my daughters–in–law that chased me away now, can I?

I gave birth to my sons, so no matter how I discredit them, they won’t take it to heart. I didn’t give birth to my daughters–in–law, so how
could I discredit them?” Zachary was speechless. “Anyway, I’ve heard all about it.” Zachary asked a little uneasily,

“And what have you heard all about, Nana?” “I heard your sister–in–law is going to get divorced. Her crisis is your chance
to prove yourself. As long as you help your sister–in–law solve the problem, Serenity’s favorability toward you will continue to rise.

Then, I’ll be able to carry my great–granddaughter in my arms! “I missed out on so many good shows, so no matter what you say, I can’t
miss out on this one. So I’m moving in with you two! If you don’t let me do that,

I’ll go tell Serenity that you’re being unfilial and that you don’t want to take me in even when I have nowhere else to go.”
Zachary’s expression was as dark as it could get. “Nana, can you be reasonable?”

“I have no reason to speak of that with you.” Zachary was speechless. “I’ve even brought my luggage over already. If you don’t let me move in, I’ll
roll out a rug at the entrance of your place. If Serenity thinks you’re unfilial and wants to stop liking you, you can’t blame me then, ‘kay?

“Don’t worry, I won’t give your secret away. You’ve been hiding your identity and lying to Serenity for so long now. The longer you do so, and once it gets
out, the angrier she’ll be. I’m filled with more joy as I look on. I can’t wait to see how you’ll salvage the situation then!

ܠܘܘ ܪ Haha!” Zachary kept a tight lid on his anger. This was his nana! His nana! He had to endure it. He could not let his temper flare, at all costs!
“Fine, fine, fine. If you want to move in, then you can move in.” Facing his own nana, Zachary could only raise the white flag in surrender.

“Nana, you must not have eaten yet, right? There are only five minutes left until work ends. You should hurry and get Cullum to take you out to eat.”
Nana asked him, “Why, aren’t you eating? Or are you going to Serenity’s shop to eat? Can I follow you?”

“Don’t you want to meet your great–granddaughter as soon as possible? If you’re constantly following me to third–wheel us, you won’t be able to meet
her even in a few years‘ time.” “Wow, you’ve seen the light! Did the sun rise from the west?

Or have I started hallucinating in my old age and heard wrongly?” Nana took her phone out and said to Zachary, “Zack, say that again a little
louder so I can record that. When I’m bored, I’ll play it back to make sure I didn’t hear it wrongly.”

Zachary was speechless. Nana then glanced twice at her grandson’s legs, and asked, “Do your legs hurt?” Zachary did not respond,
his expression sullen. “It was only a few days I hadn’t seen you, Zack, but why do I feel like your face has swollen?

Who punched you?” Zachary continued to remain silent with that dark expression on his face.

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