Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 408

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 408 – “Tell her that you won’t go halves on everything anymore and give her a little more allowance in the future,
so don’t get divorced.

You and Jessica should do your best not to let her see you two together.” “Mom, I want to divorce her!” Hank was insistent.
“Jessica has never been married before and she’s dating me. I have to take. responsibility for her.

I don’t want Jessica to suffer any more grievances.” Olivia said unkindly, “Wasn’t Liberty a beautiful maiden too before she married you?
I don’t see you taking responsibility for her to the end. And now you’re making her suffer for another woman?”

Mom, whose side are you on?” Olivia pursed her lips. Jessica was very good at buttering them up and making them like her,
but Olivia felt that when it came down to it, Liberty was better at facing life than Jessica was.

Liberty had gone through hardships and had tenacity. Jessica, on the other hand, was the youngest in her family, was coddled by her
parents and her older brother, and had never gone through much hardship in her life.

A woman like that would be with him through the thin, but not necessarily through the thick. “I told Liberty that we should take these two days for us
both to calm down. The day after tomorrow, I’ll go talk to her about getting divorced. We’ll discuss the terms first.

If we can’t come to an agreement, she can sue me then! Either way, this marriage must end. I started. hating her a long time ago.”
Hank now seemed like he was possessed, insisting on getting divorced.

Although he said he would give Liberty some money, that was but a fraction of his assets. The sum of money he had saved under his father’s
name–now that was the biggest portion of them.

There were more than a million bucks there. Liberty had no clue about that, and even if she guessed of its existence, she had no proof and could not nail
him for doing that. Hank’s parents looked at each other. Finally, Mr. Brown said, “Since you’ve made your decision, your mother and I can’t say anything either.

Just make sure you apologize to Liberty properly and negotiate the terms of the divorce. Other than giving her a bit of money,
don’t give her anything else. And see if you can talk her down the sum of money a little. Is ten or twenty thousand alright?

Two hundred thousand is just too much.” “That’s right. She didn’t even earn a cent after she got married, but she wants to take two hundred
thousand with her when she leaves? She’s basically hitting the jackpot. Just get married to a few more men, and get divorced a few more times.

Wouldn’t she become a rich woman then? Hank, you have to stand your ground. Give her twenty thousand bucks at most. “You don’t have
to fight her over this, Mom will do it! I’m already old and I’m not afraid of being embarrassed.

I’ll fight her to the bitter end and I definitely won’t let her take so much of your money. I don’t believe she’ll dare to hit back at me!!
Olivia resolved to be an unreasonable, savage shrew of a mother–in–law and was determined.

not to let Liberty take her son’s two hundred thousand dollars. “Two hundred thousand could build you a two–story house in the countryside.
Now, materials are costly. If this was back then, two hundred thousand could not only build you the house,

it could pay for all the fixtures as well.” Hank sighed. “We’ll see what terms Liberty puts forward when we discuss it the day after tomorrow.”
Olivia hummed, thought about it, and said, “What about Sonny? Why don’t we bring Sonny back here for now?

I heard that when kids are too young, they’ll generally award the rights to the mother, as long as the mother has the
ability to support the kid. Sonny’s only a little over two years old, and it’s always been Liberty and her sister who’s looked after him.

The court. might really give Sonny’s custody to Liberty.” When the court made its decision, it would not take into consideration that
Sonny was the only paternal grandson the Browns had–only the child’s best interest would be taken into. consideration.

HATIMAE “If the custody falls to you, and Sonny comes to stay with us, we’ll be able to cultivate the bond. If the custody falls to
Liberty and Sonny’s here with us, we can just insist on not giving Sonny back. What can Liberty do then? Sonny is my grandson!”

Mr. Brown also was more concerned about the issue of his grandson than other divorce matters. He said to his son, “Hank,
your mother’s right. First, bring Sonny to stay with us as soon as possible. Your mother and I will take care of him for now.”

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