Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 407

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 407 – Hank’s parents saw that their son was adamant about divorcing his wife.

He had already done. all sorts of things with Jessica before getting caught by Liberty. With Liberty’s character, there was no way she would just take that
lying down. Olivia said, “Hank, after you married Liberty, it was all you going to work and earning money.

She had no income at all. If you divorce her, you should ask her to pack her clothes and leave immediately after settling the divorce
proceedings at the City Hall. “Don’t allow her to take anything else.” Since the divorce was set in stone,

they would attempt to reduce the losses brought about by it. “Mom, you don’t want me to let her take anything else? That’s not possible.
She’ll only leave with nothing if she herself doesn’t want anything. After we married, she didn’t work,

but my income will be considered both our shared assets. The moment she initiates the divorce proceedings, I’ll have to give her half.
Although I’ve been paying for the house and the loan after we got married with my income,

she has a right to it because my income is considered a post–marriage asset. I can not give her the house, but I’ll have to
compensate her with a sum of money. I’ve done the calculation and I don’t have to give much.

And she paid for the renovations, which she’s told me before that if we divorce, I have to return the money used for renovations to her.
“The renovations together with home appliances cost about four hundred and twenty thousand bucks. That was all forked out by Liberty.

But I’ve told her before, I’m not going to pay her back even a cent. She paid for it of her own volition. I didn’t force her to do it,
so I’m not paying her back for that.” Olivia immediately said, “Why should you pay her back for the renovations?

Just ignore her on that. No matter how she argues or makes a fuss, there’s no need to pay her any mind. Hank,
have you calculated your assets after you got married? If you really have to give her half, how much do you need to give her?”

“Around two hundred thousand bucks.” “Two hundred thousand?!” Olivia cried, “No, Hank, you can’t give her two hundred thousand bucks!
She didn’t earn a cent after she got married to you, so why should she take two hundred thousand bucks of your money?

She can get two thousand only, whether she likes it or not!” Two hundred thousand? That was like cutting her flesh off of her body.
Hank did not want to give Liberty any money either.

It was just that, while initiating the divorce now, it would be too sudden for him to move his assets away. He could only negotiate for a divorce.
If that did not work, they would have to go. to court. Mr. Brown said guardedly, “You got caught cheating by Liberty.

Will that work against you? For example, will she take away all your assets?” Hank said without shame, “Dad, there are tons of men who’ve had affairs.
How many of them really lost all their assets?

Liberty and I didn’t sign a prenup before we got married, and the law doesn’t say that the cheating party will absolutely lose all their assets.
It’s just those people who think that the cheating party should lose all their assets.”

So many men richer than he was had had affairs, but they had not lost all their assets now, had they? “It’s just because I cheated… If Liberty
files for the divorce proceedings, she’s the innocent. party. I’ll have to be more considerate of her when we split our assets.”

Olivia was confused. She only understood one thing–when her son divorced, he would have to give Liberty some of his money.
She was extremely unwilling to let this happen,

especially when her son said that he would have to give Liberty more consideration when they split their assets. Was that not equivalent to her son
giving Liberty even more money? “Hank, why don’t… Why don’t you forget about divorcing her? You see, you’ll lose so much when you do!

Go and admit you’re wrong to Liberty, and tell her you won’t do it anymore. Even if your relationship can’t be as good as it was,
at least you’d be able to stay married. “She loves Sonny, so for Sonny’s sake, she might not divorce you then.”

So many women, after marrying, ended up having husbands who had affairs but endured it because of their children.
Olivia felt that Liberty too would endure it for Sonny.

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