Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 406

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 406 – “Is Sonny alright?”

Olivia was indeed a little concerned for her grandson after doing something like that and coming home.
Her other grandson, having fallen sick this time, had made it so that thaw hole family could not have peace.

Just having a recurring fever alone was enough to worry everyone. Sonny was younger than Lucas by a year.
If he had fallen sick too, who knew how much suffering the family would have been put through?

“He should be fine, I didn’t go home and didn’t see Sonny. I saw Liberty near the neighborhood going to work like normal.”
After a whole night of suffering and having beaten up both him and Jessica,

Liberty could actually still go to work like nothing had happened. He was alright. Jessica was still cooped up in the hotel, too scared
to leave and meet anybody because the handprint on her face had not faded away. Last night, after Liberty and her sister left,

Jessica hugged him and cried for a very long time, saying it was all his fault she had to suffer such humiliation and making him feel pity for her.
This strengthened his will to divorce Liberty.

“That’s good. I don’t have to worry then. I don’t feel so good having done something like that either. No matter what, Sonny’s still my biological grandson.
It’s that mother of his that’s cruel. He’s still so young, but she abandons him to go to work.”

Olivia placed all the blame on Liberty. “Hank, tell me why you want to divorce her right away.” Hank took two puffs of his cigarette,
then raised his head to look at his parents. He said feeling a little embarrassed, “Jessica and I stayed the night at a hotel last night.

Liberty called me, and because Jessica thought Liberty had something urgent to tell me about, she took the call on my behalf.”
“Liberty actually found the hotel. She brought her sister along and the two of them blocked me and Jessica on our way out…

“We fought very fiercely, and Liberty hit Jessica really badly. Until now, she doesn’t dare leave the hotel and meet anyone! Mom, I don’t want to be with Liberty anymore. I can’t do it even just for another day! I want to divorce her!” Hank’s parents were speechless.

Mr. Brown suddenly stood up and swung his fist at Hank. Hank didn’t expect his father would hit him, and he so squarely met the fist head–on.
“Old man, what are you doing?!” Olivia hurriedly set Lucas down and got up to pull her husband away.

She stopped him from continuing and explained, “Last time, Hank already said that he no longer loved Liberty and
just hadn’t brought up the idea of divorce for Sonny’s sake. With her in that state, Liberty’s no longer a match for Hank either.”

“Am I wrong in disciplining him for turning his back on his family?!” Mr. Brown added angrily, “What will happen to Sonny if they divorce now?
Sonny’s our darling grandson!” That punch he gave his son was not out of blame for Hank having had an affair,

turning hist back on his family, and betraying his marriage. Instead, he was angry that his son had been so impatient and had not been
considerate of his grandson. “Sonny will definitely fall to me. That’s my son! Liberty isn’t capable of raising our son anyway. Dad, don’t worry,

I won’t let you lose your grandson. When the time comes, if you guys don’t want to live with me, I’ll send Sonny over.
You guys are raising Lucas anyway, so raising Sonny will be the same, and the cousins will have each other for company.

“Once Sonny can start kindergarten, he can go with Lucas. Dad, Mom, set all of worries your down. Liberty definitely can’t get custody of Sonny.”
Even if Liberty had a job now, she had only started working for a few days. She had not even gotten her first paycheck.

How could she measure up to him? He had already asked someone to help him go to Lewis & Co. to find out what Liberty’s position was
and think of a way to get her colleagues on his side to help him punish her, by her making a mistake at work and getting fired.

Although Serenity would help her sister, Serenity’s earnings could not help Liberty fight for Sonny’s custody.
Hank was not concerned at all that Sonny’s custody would end up in Liberty’s hands.

Even if he did not have the time nor the thoughtfulness to be involved in his son’s care, he would much rather send him to his old
home for his parents to raise than let Liberty take him

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