Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 405

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 405 – “That’s because she’s too fat. I asked her to run five laps in the small park in front of the office.
every day before reporting to work.

She’s not allowed to start work if she doesn’t finish five laps. I’m forcing her to lose weight, but it won’t be obvious after one month.
That’s why I gave her a three–month probation.” Zachary was speechless again. Duncan was a bit too nosy.

He gave Liberty a job and even concerned himself with Liberty’s figure. Duncan was truly the best boss in the world.
“Duncan, give her a month’s probation. After she passed her probation, give her a salary increase.

If you think she’s not worth an increment, I’ll fork out the increment every month and give it to you in private.” “She’s only a clerk in the finance department,
so no matter how much of an increment you give her, it won’t be much. At most, it’ll be a thousand dollars,

so what’s the use of that?” “A thousand dollars might be nothing to you, but it’s plenty of use to ordinary people. My sister–in–law is about to get divorced,
and she wants to fight for her son’s custody. A stable job and a stable income will help her gain custody of her son.”

“She used to be a finance manager in Waltham Electronics, so she’s certainly capable. She’s only a clerk in the finance department now,
so it’s a demotion for her. It won’t be abrupt to give her an increment after her probation. I’m not short of that sum of money,

so you don’t need to pay me back.” Unlike Josh, Duncan did not like to gossip. He noticed Zachary addressing Liberty as his sister in–law and was not at all surprised. Liberty was Serenity’s sister, and Serenity was Zachary’s wife. Thus, Zachary calling Liberty his sister–in–law was not out of the ordinary.

“Thanks, Duncan.” “You don’t need to thank me. Liberty is now my employee, so it’s only right that I pay her salary. Is she getting a divorce?”
“Her husband cheated on her.” Duncan said unsurprisingly, “I met her twice before while she was walking on the street with her son.

The second time I met her, she bought so many things, but her husband didn’t come to pick her up. I knew at that moment there was something wrong with her husband.”

If they were in a good relationship, her husband would have gone to pick up his wife and son when he found out that his wife bought that many things.

“Zachary, don’t worry. As long as she doesn’t resign, I won’t fire her.” “I’m relieved that she works for you. I need to get into a meeting now.
I’ll buy you dinner someday. You can come over to my house and try my wife’s cooking. Her home–cooked meals are delicious.”

“You’re finally allowing us to see her, huh?” Duncan teased Zachary. He saw Serenity once before, but only her back. Duncan was curious if Serenity was as
beautiful as a goddess because Zachary fell in love with her in just two months. Zachary smiled and did not say more.

He hung up the call with Duncan. At the Brown family residence. “You want to divorce Liberty?” Mr. Brown stared at his son who had come over after taking
the day off. “Didn’t you say that you’ll put up with her for Sonny’s sake?” Hank lowered his head and was fixated on his smoking.

Olivia came over with Lucas. She was sitting next to her husband and said, “Why are you yelling? Don’t scare Lucas.”
She softened her voice and asked her son, “Hank, why’d you mention divorce all of a sudden?

Did you two fight again? Or did Liberty make a fuss because of what happened yesterday?”

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