Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 401

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 401 – Serenity returned to her room and closed the door behind her. She leaned
against it and touched her burning face.

She had no clue why she blushed. Maybe she saw something when she accompanied Liberty to catch Hank and Jessica in the act last night.
After standing there for a while, Serenity hurriedly went into the shower because she had to make breakfast for Zachary later.

Before that, Serenity suddenly thought of Mrs. Lane and called her. After Mrs. Lane answered the phone, Serenity said, “Mrs. Lane,
you can take Sonny to my store later, so you don’t have to rush back.” “Okay.” “How’s my sister?”

“She’s acting like she’s okay and says she’s going to work after breakfast. I’m making a cup of coffee for her to boost her energy
because she didn’t sleep well last night.”

Serenity felt sorry for her sister, but she also knew that it was not appropriate for Liberty to take the day off. After all,
Liberty had only just started work a few days ago. “Ask my sister to be careful when she rides her bike to work.”

“I will.” Serenity hung up the phone before heading for her shower. When she was done, she habitually walked to the dresser and sat down,
wanting to brush her hair. Something was missing from the dresser. Where was the golden hairpin she drew?

That was the sample she sketched because she wanted to make some hair accessories to sell online. It took her two nights to draw it.
Serenity combed her hair while looking for her drawing. She searched for a while but could not find it.

“How can it disappear? I put it on the dresser, and no one has been in my room…”
Serenity recalled what Zachary said about how soundly she slept last night for him to carry her upstairs.

Zachary was in her room. However, it was a drawing of a golden hairpin.

Why would a big man like Zachary take her golden hairpin? Moreover, it was only a drawing, not even the real thing.
He had no reason to take her drawing. Mrs. Lane had been following Serenity to the store since she started work.

Even if Mrs. Lane came back before Serenity last night, Mrs. Lane probably would not have thrown away her drawing as scrap paper, right?
Serenity thought about it for a while and did not call to ask Mrs. Lane about it.

It was just a drawing, so there was no need to question Mrs. Lane on her second day of work. That would easily cause a misunderstanding with Mrs. Lane. Worst comes to worst, Serenity could spend two more nights redrawing it.

With that thought, Serenity went to make breakfast. Zachary did not sleep last night and still had to go to work as usual later,
so Serenity made at cup of coffee for him. When the couple had breakfast together, Serenity asked,

“Mr. York, did you see the drawing on my dresser when you carried ine back to my room last night?” Zachary looked up at her and did not answer right away. He was waiting for her to continue. “I think my handicrafts are a bit monotonous,

so I thought of adding some new designs to my online store vintage hair accessories. But I rarely do these, so I drew a sample to start off.
That drawing is a sample of a golden hairpin.” Zachary thought, ‘I see…‘

He replied honestly, “I saw that drawing. You drew it excellently, and it looked like a photo.” “Where is that drawing? I just found out that it’s missing.”
“I flushed it down the toilet.” “What?!” Serenity was stunned. “How could you…”

“When I took you back to your room last night, you suddenly sat up and threw up on my hand as soon as I put you down. So,
I grabbed a piece of paper and wiped my hands with it, only to find out later that it was a drawing.

But since it was already soiled, I flushed it into the toilet along with other tissues.” Serenity was speechless and thought,
‘Did I throw up last night?

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