Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 400

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 400 – Zachary was silent for a moment before he said,

“My parents still have income, and there are a lot of flowers and fruit trees on our family‘s farmland. Every year, we make a lot of money
by selling flowers and fruits. We‘re not filthy rich, but we‘re also not poor either. “Even if the elders are retired,

they‘ll run some small businesses that aren‘t so profitable and tiring, but they can pass the time and make their lives feel more fulfilling.
“I‘ve given my parents money, but they declined. I gave it to them once, but they returned twice as much to me so I can save it for my wife.”

Serenity thought of the last time she met her father–in–law. Although he was old, he was a well–kept gentleman who had excellent composure.
Her mother–in–law did not really like Serenity but was graceful not to target her. She spoke gently and looked youthful.

Serenity felt that outsiders would think they were sisters when they were to walk side by side. Serenity and Zachary had been married for a while.
Among Zachary‘s family members, Serenity got along best with Grandma May. She had only met the others when they were invited to dinner last time.

Zachary‘s family seldom appeared thereafter. She had no idea where they lived either. Grandma May had a great relationship with Serenity.
When Serenity asked Grandma May where they lived,

Grandma May told her the name of a mountain and said that they lived on the top of – that mountain. There were
many houses there, and Serenity did not know which one was theirs.

Grandma May later told Serenity that Zachary would bring her back for a visit one day. However, Zachary had never mentioned taking
her back to his hometown. Serenity thought about the agreement and stopped asking about her husband‘s birthplace.

She felt that if they could not grow old together, knowing where her husband‘s hometown was would not matter.
However, it was undeniable that everyone in Zachary‘s family was extremely well–educated.

Zachary‘s brothers and cousins were tremendously well– mannered and showed her due respect. “Your parents are very open–minded.”
Zachary smiled. “The elders in my family are all very open minded.” Serenity agreed. After a while, the stain on Zachary‘s face was washed off.

“Don‘t paint your face like this again. Luckily, we went to a hotel. If we were out shopping, children would think that they saw a ghost,
and you would‘ve scared them to death.” Zachary was speechless. “You didn‘t rest well last night. Do you still have to go to work?

Can you ask for a day off? Why don‘t you take the day off to make up for your sleep?” Serenity thought she could take a nap at the store later.
“I have a meeting in the morning, so I can‘t take the day off.” Serenity looked at him for a long time and said apologetically,”

I‘m sorry you couldn‘t rest well.” “Then how will you make it up to me?” Serenity looked at the time and said, “You still have an hour before you need
to go to work, so you should take a nap first while I cook up your compensation.” What she meant was she would make him breakfast.

Zachary smiled and did not stop her. When she turned to leave, he reminded her. “You should go back to your room and take a shower first.
You slept so soundly last night that you wouldn‘t wake up no matter how I tried to call out to you or push you. I had to carry you upstairs.”

Serenity‘s face inexplicably turned red. She fled right after she hummed a response. Zachary stood there and watched her slip away. After some thought,
he murmured, “Did she just blush? She ran away so fast!” He did not do anything and only told her that he carried her upstairs last night.

Was that enough for her to blush? Zachary could not understand why she was shy because she did not even blush when he kissed her.
A woman‘s heart was truly unfathomable.

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