Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 409

Mission To Remarry Novel Chapter 409 – Roxanne pursed her lips in annoyance and tried to free herself from his grip.

However, her effort was futile. Lucian noticed her intention, and he said with a solemn expression, “Are you really going to hail a taxi, dressed like that?

Can‘t you see what the weather is like?” “You don‘t have to worry about me, Mr. Farwell. I can take care of myself,” Roxanne replied coldly.

That was when Lucian realized he had made his concern for her too obvious. He then furrowed his brows and said, “I doubt you can get a taxi now.

By the time you get a taxi, you‘ll be late for the banquet.” Hearing that, Roxanne turned her head to check out the street. He‘s right.

Ne on Boutique is in such a secluded area, and the road barely has cars passing by.

Heck, I don‘t even see a taring this area unless I walk further down the road. Even so, I don‘t want Lucian to give me a ride.

Roxanne then turned her head back toward Lucian. When she was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang.

Roxanne frowned and raised her gaze toward Lucian. In response, Lucian slowly let go of her wrist.

Roxanne whipped out her phone and saw that it was Jasper calling her. When she answered the phone, Jasper uttered in an uplifted tone,

“Dr. Jarvis , where are you? The other business partners are already here. Even Mr. Lynch has arrived, and he said he‘s eager to see you!”

Roxanne checked the time right after that. Although the banquet is not starting anytime soon, Mr. Ziegler said Mr. Lynch has already arrived.

I can‘t let Mr. Lynch wait for me for too long. After some hesitation, Roxanne forced a smile and answered, “Please inform Mr. Lynch I‘ll arrive in a while.”

In response, Jasper acknowledged her request with a chuckle and hung up the phone.

Roxanne stared at her phone as the screen dimmed, and she felt troubled. This trip to Summerbank is full of surprises!

Initially, I thought the most I need to do was just to attend the banquet.

However, not only did I bump into Lucian, but it turns out Mr. Lynch is also invited to the banquet,

I‘ve already rejected Mr. Lynch as a mentor the last time around. If I were to let him wait for me, it would seem impolite, With that in mind,

Roxanne steeled herself and said to Lucian, “If you don‘t mind, please give me ande, Mr. Farwell.”

She was just ovoiding me moments ago, not A smile appeared on Lucian’s face when he recalled how Roxanne had suddenly changed her aliude.

Well, since you’ve changed your mind, Ms. Jarvis, it’s my honor to give you a ride.” With that, he turned around and led her to his car.

Upon getting into the car, Roxanne told the driver her destination. “Please take me to Blossom Hotel.”

The driver was arranged for Lucian by his potential business partner, so they didn‘t know each other personally.

Hence, the driver thought Roxanne was Lucian‘s female partner for the evening when he saw the both of them getting into the car.

Wow! They look like a perfect match! The driver was briefly stunned by what Roxanne said. Without thinking too much about his reply,

he instinctively ans wered, “That‘s exactly where we‘re going.”

For some reason, the temperature in the car plummeted after the driver finished his sentence.

The driver subconsciously shuddered when he felt the change of mood in the car. After that, he just started driving.

Meanwhile, the two people in the back seat had different expressions on their faces.

Roxanne frowned and looked at Lucian suspiciously. How could there be such a coincidence?

Didn‘t Mr. Ziegler say all the attendees are prominent figures in the pharmaceutical industry?

Farwell Group isn‘t involved in the industry in any way, so why is he invited?

Naturally, Lucian noticed she was looking at him Unfazed, he turned toward her and said, “It seems like fate has brought us together.”

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