Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 399

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 399 – Zachary turned his head and saw Serenity savoring the sight of him.

When Serenity noticed that he was looking at her, she asked,” Are you gonna strip further?” She pointed at his pants to tell him that he had
not taken off his pants yet. Zachary was speechless. He took off his shirt because he did not want it to get wet when he was washing his face.

What was she thinking about when he took off his shirt? Zachary turned around and took a step to stand in front of Serenity.
When he was in such proximity, Serenity reached out and wanted to touch his lean pecs.

She praised him, “You have a great body since you exercise so regularly.” Zachary grabbed her wandering hand to stop her from touching
him. He warned her with a dark expression and said in a deep voice, “. Serenity, do you know the consequences of touching me?”

Before she could answer, he flicked her forehead with his other hand. This had become a habit of his. Zachary enjoyed flicking Serenity‘s
forehead after doing so for a few times. Of course, he controlled his strength well so it was not too painful.

Serenitysmiled. “Didn‘t you take off your clothes for me to appreciate your body? You won‘t lose anything if I touch you. Why did you
take off your clothes in front of me?” “I‘m afraid you‘ll get my shirt wet when you wash my face. That‘s why I took it off.

What‘s in that mind of yours? Should I put my shirt back on? If you wash my face and get my shirt wet, you‘ll be responsible for washing
all my clothes in the future.” “Then it‘s better if you‘re naked. I promise not to touch you. I‘ll just take a look, it‘s quite a sight…

” As she spoke, she glanced downward. Zachary instinctively put his legs together and stared at her gloomily. He was too careless.
This girl used to enjoy teasing him from time to time. Now that he took off his shirt in front of her, she had taken the opportunity to tease him.

Otherwise, the sun would rise from the west. “Hahaha!” His reaction amused Serenity. She laughed so hard that Zachary‘s face
turned darker than the black marker stain. Serenity would only become more audacious if he did nothing to teach her a lesson.

Zachary grabbed the girl who was laughing at him uncontrollably and lifted her to sit atop the sink. He then closed in and kised her aggressively to stop
her laughter. Her unrestrained laughter gave him an excuse to kiss her. Serenity was dumbfounded.

When she came to her senses, Zachary had already let go of her and pulled her back to her feet. He brought out his everyday facial cleanser,
put it in her hand, and gazed at her intently. “I still have to go to work, so please hurry up.” Serenity blinked her eyes rapidly.

“Are you trying to seduce me?” “If blinking is seducing, you‘re also seducing me! But I‘m not so easily seduced. You‘d have to seduce me every
day so I can feel it.” Zachary could not help but smile. Serenity took the facial cleanser and looked at the brand. She said casually,

“This brand is very expensive.” Zachary, who was enjoying the beauty treatment, said blankly, “I was a bachelor and didn‘t need to support my family.
I was also too busy at work to spend money elsewhere, so I didn‘t get to spend my monthly salary.

I‘m not short of money, so I use the best skincare products. “Men and women should treat themselves well because we only have one body.”
“You don‘t have to give your parents living expenses?”

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