Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 398

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 398 – Serenity came to a realization after being stared at and asked Zachary tentatively,

“Mr. York, do you want me to wash your face for you?” “I painted my face black for your sake.” That meant he was holding her responsible.
Serenity was stunned and felt like this man was becoming more shameless and reckless.

“Fine, I‘ll clean it up for you since you did it for my sake. Why didn‘t you just paint your entire face black in the first place?”
Serenity said as she pulled him into the kitchen. Zachary followed her and stopped after two steps.

He frowned and asked Serenity, “Why are you bringing me to the kitchen?“. “There‘s a tap in the kitchen. I‘m forbidden to enter your room,
so how can I wash your face if I don‘t take you to the kitchen? Or you can wait here. I‘ll get a wet towel and wipe your face clean.”

Zachary was speechless. He shot himself in the foot, and it hurt so much. After a moment of silence, he said indifferently, “I have a men‘s facial
cleanser that I often use in my bathroom. It should be able to wash off these stains.” He then turned around and walked toward his room.

After pushing the door open, he turned his head and ordered Serenity, “Come over and help me wash my face!” Serenity snorted and walked over. “Zachary, you‘re the one who invited me into your room! I’m not sneaking in, so you can‘t hold this against me if we quarrel in the future.

“I‘ve always kept my promise and acted according to the agreement.” Zachary was speechless. When she got close, he could not help but flick her forehead and said, “Are you hoping for us to quarrel again?” “Quarrels are inevitable when living together. Which married couple doesn‘t quarrel?”

She then thought, ‘Especially when it‘s someone as petty as you… You‘ll delete my WhatsApp whenever we get into a fight and give me the cold
shoulder.‘ Serenity could not guarantee that the two of them would no longer have conflicts in the days to come.

Zachary opened his mouth, but there was no way to refute it. He turned around and walked into the bathroom grumpily.
Serenity mumbled at the back, “Why does he even want to wash it off? His face is just as dark anyway…”

Zachary suddenly stopped in his tracks and turned to stare at her before asking in a deep voice, “What are you mumbling about?” “I said that you‘re
more handsome than a movie star. It‘s a pity that you‘re not in showbiz. Why don‘t you become a celebrity? I can be your agent!

I promise that you‘ll be so popular and earn so much that your hands will cramp from counting cash!” Zachary glared at her again.
“Keep up with me!” She thought he was deaf and could not hear her badmouthing him behind his back.

Hand cramps from counting money? Zachary did not have to be a celebrity to do that. He had already earned enough that she could
count until her hands sulfured from cramps. She could even use cash as her wallpaper and carpet!

Serenity caught up to him obediently and entered the ensuite bathroom in his room. She found his bathroom larger than hers.
There was a large bathtub that could accommodate two people. Huh? Her thoughts drifted a little far and a little lustful too,

so she quickly stopped those random ideas. When Serenity snapped back to reality, she saw Zachary taking off his
clothes. Why was he taking off his clothes when he only needed to wash his face?

How should she react? Should she cover her face and scream? Or relish the view?

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