Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 397

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 397 – Liberty believed in Zachary more than she did in Serenity.

Liberty even told Serenity‘s embarrassing story of her secretly drinking the vodka when she was young. Zachary looked at Serenity with
such an intense gaze that Serenity wanted to find a hole to burrow in. “Liberty, why would you bring that up? It‘s been so many years!”

Liberty even shared this with Zachary. Liberty smiled and said, “You climbed into bed after your meal that day and
slept all day. You can‘t drink, but you like to drink anyway. You‘ll sleep like a log after drinking too.

“Zachary, just remember not to let her drink when it‘s not a special occasion.” Zachary pursed his lips and smiled. “I‘ll remember.”
Liberty was reminiscing about their younger days, which made everyone laugh. The gloom from earlier slowly faded away.

Divorce was no big deal. The earth would not stop rotating because someone was missing. Even without Hank, Liberty could live a good life.
After walking out of the hotel, Liberty looked up at the dark sky and turned to her sister and brother–in–law.

Come on, I‘ll treat you two to supper… I mean, breakfast. Let‘s celebrate my singlehood in advance!” It was already five o‘clock in the morning.
Serenity and Zachary exchanged glances but did not reject Liberty‘s invite. The three of them went for breakfast,

then Zachary drove his sister –in–law back to Bright Boulevard before he took his wife home. It was dawn when they got home.
“Mr. York.” When Zachary looked at her, Serenity said gratefully, “Mr. York, thank you.”

Zachary stepped in front of Serenity, stretched out his hand, and held her arms. When Serenity looked up, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her
tightly. He then let go of her slightly and looked down as he said gently, “We‘re husband and wife, so don‘t mind the courtesy.”

Serenity looked at him for a moment. She suddenly put her arms around his neck and wanted to kiss him. Somehow, Zachary was not as domineering
as usual. Instead, he covered her mouth and stared at her with his dark eyes. He asked softly, “Are you kissing me as a reward, or because you like me?”

Serenity blinked. “I just felt like kissing you. I didn‘t think that much.” “If you‘re kissing me as a reward… I can accept, with reluctance, but I‘ll feel
uncomfortable about it.” Zachary wanted to say that he would refuse if her kiss was a reward.

However, he changed his mind as soon as those words were on the tip of his tongue. He was afraid she would never kiss him again if he said something like that. It was just like the first time she went to his office to pick – him up from work. He told her once, and to this day,

she never visited him at the office again. This woman drove him crazy at times. After some thought, Serenity said, “I don‘t know why I wanted to kiss you, but I just couldn‘t help it. I just thought of it and did it. If you think the kiss is a reward, I have nothing to say to that.”

She touched Zachary‘s face. “Don‘t forget to wash off your birthmark’. It really affects your beauty.” “I‘m a man. Don‘t call me beautiful.
“And how should I clean it?” “Just wash it off with soap water.” Zachary asked again, “How much water and soap should I use?

How long should I wash it for?” Serenity frowned and said, “Just look at the bathroom mirror while you wash it off.
You can stop when there are no more stains on your face. How could you ask this kind of stupid question?

It makes you seem dumb.” Zachary pursed his lips and said nothing while his dark eyes stared straight at Serenity.

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