Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 396

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 396 – After tonight, Liberty would no longer be sad or cry for Hank.

“Sonny!” Liberty remembered her son and was suddenly anxious. “Liberty, I asked Mrs. Lane to take care of Sonny.
Sonny usually sleeps through the night until dawn anyway.”

Sonny was naughty, but at times, he could be very well–behaved. It was especially true when he slept at night. He would usually sleep till morning
unless he was uncomfortable. Only then did Liberty feel relieved upon hearing that.

Siren, Zachary, how did you two find me?” Liberty only thought about this question after she was assured that her son was in good hands.
Serenity gave her sister an earful. “Liberty, we‘re sisters. Since our parents passed away,

we‘ve depended on each other for fifteen years and have discussed everything together. This time, you excluded me, so how could I
rest assured? “Zachary‘s friend who helped collect evidence of Hank‘s infidelity is highly capable.

He quickly found out that Hank was here as soon as Zachary asked him, so we rushed over. “Liberty, no matter what happens in the future, you
have to tell me, okay? Don‘t try to carry the burden alone. I‘m all grown up now, and I‘m no longer the little girl who you have to protect.”

After a moment of silence, Liberty said, “Earlier when I pulled you back to stop you from beating up those scumbags because I was – afraid they‘d sue
you for intentional injury and ask you to pay for their medical expenses. No matter how much they did me dirty,

it‘s illegal to beat someone up. “It‘s different if I beat them up because they wronged me, so they‘ll have a guilty conscience. They will only suck it up
after being beaten and scolded by me, so they won‘t dare ask me for compensation.

“Seren, just trust me on this. I can handle it. If I really need your help, I‘lldefinitely come to you.” Back when their parents died, Liberty was only fifteen years old, and she was able to bring her sister up and survive their relatives‘ oppression. Now when facing her husband‘s infidelity,

Liberty was confident that she could handle her own affairs without involving her sister. After more than three years of marriage, Liberty tolerated everything because of love. Once their love disappeared and their marriage broken, Liberty would not tolerate it any longer and would retaliate.

She wanted to let the pair of scumbags know that she was not one to bibulated. They recorded on video tonight‘s incident, so Liberty could accuse Hank on a moral level, and everyone would also stand on her side. Serenity hugged her sister again.

Liberty pushed her sister away and frowned before asking, “Siren, have you been drinking? I can smell alcohol on your body.”
Serenity was speechless. She only drank two bottles of beer. How could Liberty smell alcohol from her?

Oh! Serenity did not shower. No wonder Liberty could still smell the alcohol on her body. “I… I just drank two bottles of beer when I went out with Zachary for supper.” Liberty said to her sister, “You should drink less in the future.” She turned to her brother–in–law.“

Zachary, you should watch her. She has a low alcohol tolerance and gets drunk easily. Drinking too much is bad for her health, so don‘t let her drink in the future. Don‘t spoil her too much.” Zachary quickly said, “I‘m sorry, Liberty. It‘s my fault. I ordered the beers for her.”

“I know. If she ordered, she would‘ve ordered something stronger, not beer. She likes to drink even though she can‘t handle it. When she was young, she
secretly drank my dad‘s alcohol when my dad was drinking.” Liberty recalled a memory and said, “I remember that day.

It was the first of May when my parents were home for a public holiday. Mom prepared shot glasses of vodka to drink with Dad, and Seren secretly drank them while my parents weren‘t looking. “After drinking the vodka, Seren was afraid of being scolded, so she poured water into the shot glasses.

” Liberty suddenly laughed and said, “When Mom returned to serve the ‘vodka‘ to Dad, he drank it and complained, saying that the small town‘s grocer was selling fake alcohol. That newly bought bottle of vodka didn‘t taste or smell anything like alcohol. It tasted like water instead.

“Mom didn‘t believe him and said that it was impossible to get rid of the smell of alcohol even if they diluted it. So, she took a shot, and like Dad, she
scolded the small town‘s grocer for selling fake alcohol, Siren laughed so much in a corner that her stomach hurt.” Serenity was embarrassed.

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