Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 395

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 395 – Liberty shook her head at Serenity.

No matter how much Liberty fought and argued with Hank, it was a fight between husband and wife. At most, the Browns would
pick Hank up and take him back to their home to recuperate. If Liberty hit Jessica, it would be seen as a wife hitting a mistress.

Everyone would only think that it was well–deserved, and Jessica would not do anything to her because of guilt.
However, if Serenity made her move and beat up Hank and Jessica to stand up for Liberty,

the Browns would sue Serenity and ask her to pay for the medical expenses. Jessica would do the same.
Liberty did not want her sister to be taken advantage of. She pulled Serenity back tightly and said in a low voice,

“Just trust me. I can solve this.” Serenity and Zachary only had to take photos and videos as evidence for Liberty.
“Hank.” Liberty wiped away her tears and asked him, “You really want a divorce?” Hank said sternly,

“Yes, Iwant to divorce you!” “Sonny is still so young. How could you abandon us?” Hank did not have the slightest hesitation as he said
coldly,” Liberty, go home first. Let‘s calm down and talk about the divorce on Saturday.”

Liberty glared at Jessica with gritted teeth. Hank stood in front of Jessica again for fear that Liberty would rush over and beat her up.
Liberty, let me…” “Seren, let‘s go!” Liberty grabbed her sister, glared at the cheating pair, and said, ”

Hank, I‘ll wait for you this Saturday to come back and talk about the divorce!” After speaking, she forcibly dragged her sister out of the room.
Seeing Zachary, Liberty asked softly, “Have you taken any shots?” When Liberty was beating up the scumbags,

she noticed her brother–in–law was capturing evidence on the phone. Zachary nodded. “Let‘s go.” Liberty held her sister‘s hand and walked away while Zachary followed in silence. The three of them entered the elevator.

Liberty no longer looked as tough as she did earlier and leaned against the elevator wall weakly. She was ready for divorce, but when she saw Hank protecting Jessica like that, Liberty felt despondent because Hank had hit her, scolded her, and filed for a divorce for Jessica‘s sake.

They had known each other for twelve years, dated for seven and married for three. All of that was about to end.
Was marriage really the graveyard for romance? “Liberty…” Serenity walked over and hugged her sister. “I‘m fine.”

Liberty did not even want to cry anymore. It was not worth crying because of that scumbag. Liberty cried earlier as an act,
but also to vent her emotions. No matter what, they had been in a relationship for twelve years,

so it would be a lie if she said she was not upset about the divorce. She needed to vent, so she used the acting opportunity to
vent out all the pain she felt..

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