Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 391

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 391 – Jessica leaned against Hank‘s chest and said softly,

“Hank, I‘m sorry. I shouldn‘t have answered that call. I was afraid she was looking for you for something urgent.” “It‘s okay.
I can‘t keep this hidden from her forever and have to tell her about our affair sooner or later, anyway.

Since she already has some doubts, I‘ll bring up the divorce when I get home.” Hank did not want Jessica to suffer any grievances.
His heart had long been biased toward Jessica, and he no longer had any affection for Liberty. However,

Hank put up with Liberty because he was taking into consideration his parents and son. Otherwise, he would have
kicked Liberty out long ago. “Hank, will she get a cut of your assets if you two get divorced?”

Jessica did not want Liberty to get a cut of Hank‘s property. She wanted to see Liberty leave empty–handed. Liberty was away from the workforce for a few years, and her child was only two years old. She wanted to return to the workplace, but that would be quite difficult.

When the time comes, Jessica would be able to see Liberty‘s dejected state. Liberty might even beg on the streets while carrying Sonny on her back.
Hank sneered. “Do you think I‘ll give her a cut if she wants it? She hasn‘t earned a penny for the family since she married me.

I paid for the down payment of our house before our marriage and have been paying the loan after marriage. I will never give her the house.
“She only paid for the renovation. Anyway, I won‘t pay her back for the renovation, so is she wants,

she can remove the tiles and take them away. “As for my savings…” Hank only became a manager in the last two
years. Since then, his income has doubled. However, he spent a lot and would often buy expensive gifts for Jessica.

Thus, he did not save much of his salary and only had around two million dollars. On the contrary, he made a lot of side income. In order to not leave any paper trails that could be caught by his company, he asked for cash payment and used his father‘s ID card to apply for a bank account.

He put the cash into that account, but only he knew the PIN to it even though his father had the bank card.
Hank did not tell Liberty about this money. He only did this after he fell in love with Jessica.

Even if Liberty guessed how much his real income was, she would not be able to get a share of his side income because there was no evidence.
“Is your savings enough to pay off the mortgage? Why don‘t you use your savings to pay off the mortgage in one go?

You paid for the down payment of the house before marriage and were solely responsible for the mortgage after marriage.
Liberty only forked out the renovation costs, so it‘s very difficult for her to get a cut of your house.”

Jessica gave him some advice to help him keep his property so she could enjoy it after marrying Hank. She added,
“Liberty can only get a cut of your savings because that‘s your shared property after marriage.

As long as you pay off your mortgage, you won‘t have any savings left. That way, Liberty – won‘t be able to get anything even if she wants to divide the property.” Hank replied, “I repaid the loan with my salary, not my personal savings before marriage.

My salary after marriage is considered joint property. If I use it to repay the mortgage, Liberty can‘t get a cut of my house, but she can ask
for compensation.” Jessica was silent for a moment before she suggested, “Why don‘t you transfer your savings to your parents?

If you repay the loan with your parent‘s name, it‘ll have nothing to do with Liberty.” “Jessica, Liberty has found out about the two of us now.
If I transfer the money to my parents now, it‘ll be a transfer of property. If Liberty is ruthless and sues me,

she can recover the money in the divorce lawsuit. “I don’t have a lot of savings, less than two hundred thousand dollars. Unless
I can make Liberty give up voluntarily, it‘ll be hard for her to leave empty– handed.”

When Hank was arguing with Liberty, he clamored that Liberty would get nothing. In fact, he knew very well that once Liberty filed a divorce lawsuit to
divide the property, he would have to fork out some money for her. “Why do you have so little savings?”

Jessica was his assistant, so she knew more about his income than Liberty did. She shamelessly wanted to marry him just
because she knew his income was high. As long as Hank divorced Liberty and married her,

she would be able to show off to her family, and then her brothers and sisters–in–law would try to please her.
She could also show off to her relatives and friends that she married a capable man.

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