Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 390

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 390 – Zachary locked the front door and pulled Serenity out.

As he walked, he explained, “My friend found out that your brother–in law is now at Grand Hotel, which is owned by the Stone Group.

I work at York Corporation, and the two companies aren‘t on good terms with each other.

I don‘t want people from the Stone Group to recognize me, so I painted half of my face black. No one will be able to recognize me now.”
Serenity glanced at the birthmark that he drew. Even when they were in a rush, Zachary could think of this detail,

which showed how meticulous he was. No wonder Zachary could be a white–collar executive at York Corporation.
Serenity finally believed Grandma May‘s praises for Zachary that he was a very attentive man.

Of course, Zachary would only be attentive if he cared about someone. “Wash it off with soap water when we come back later.”
Serenity ran a bookstore that sold stationeries, so she knew how to clean marker stains on the skin.

Zachary wanted to say that she could help him clean the marker stain on his face, but he could not bring himself to say it.
He was a little embarrassed. Il Grandma May was there, she would have said, “What‘s the use of your mouth if you don‘t dare say anything?!”

Josh would say, “Boss, just say it boldly!” Serenity, Zachary, and Mrs. Lane were busy going about their way.
Meanwhile, Jessica hung up Liberty‘s call and knocked on the bathroom door.

Jessica went in after Hank opened the door for her. After a while, the two came out of the bathroom together. Hank carried
Jessica, who had a blush on her face. Anyone with a brain would know what they were doing in the bathroom.

Once they lay back down on the big bed, Jessica nestled in Hank‘s arms, and suddenly said, “Hank, I forgot to tell you that your wife called just now asking
you to go home. Since I answered the call, do you think she‘ll misunderstand our relationship?”

Hearing this, Hank pushed Jessica away. He sat upright, widened his eyes, and said anxiously, “Why didn‘t you say so earlier?”
Jessica was upset when she saw his reaction and said aggrievedly,” I

knocked on the door and went in to tell you about this, but you distracted me… That‘s why I forgot. Are you afraid that she‘ll find out?”
Hank‘s expression eased. Hank hated Liberty. They did not stay in the same room after the domestic violence incident.

Liberty would not let him sleep with her when he had the urge either. He had desired Jessica for a long time and finally got a taste, so he got a little
greedy. “Darling.” Hank hurriedly hugged Jessica‘s shoulders and said apologetically, “I‘m sorry I reacted poorly just now.

I‘m not afraid of Liberty finding out. In fact, I‘m getting ready to divorce her anytime, but – Sonny is still young. I told you
before that my parents will help me with pick–ups and drop–offs when Sonny goes to kindergarten.

Then, I‘ll divorce Liberty. “If she finds out now, it‘ll deviate from my original plan. That‘s why I was anxious.” Hank was telling the truth.
He did not divorce Liberty right away because he wanted to wait until his son was a little older to be sent to kindergarten.

After that, he could abandon Liberty. “Then you should go back right now and explain to her so she doesn‘t get the wrong idea about us.”
Jessica went back to being gentle and considerate as she urged Hank to go home.

Hank did not care anymore. He said, “So what if she misunderstands us? I don‘t need to answer to her.” “What if she finds us?”
“So what? I‘m repulsed by her ugly face. I‘m a healthy and normal man. Does she want me to be abstinent?

Jessica, I love you. You‘re my true love.” Hank hugged Jessica and comforted her. “Even if she does come over, I‘ll protect you.
Besides, she‘ll never come here. It‘s so late, and no one else is home to watch Sonny. She won‘t leave Sonny home alone.”

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