Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 392

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 392 – Hank whispered in Jessica‘s ear, which made her smile.

Fortunately, he was smart. Jessica was relieved that she could enjoy a lavish lifestyle after marrying him. Of course, she also had to put her guard up.
After marriage, she would hold his salary card. He also promised to add her name to the title deed, so she would make sure that he did as he promised.

Anyway, she would not follow in Liberty‘s footsteps. “It‘s actually very easy to make Liberty leave without a penny,” Hank said. “How?”
Although Hank only had that bit of money, it was still better not to give Liberty any ig. As long as Hank did not share his property with Liberty,

Jessica would be able to reap the benefits. “Just make her choose between Sonny and dividing the property. She will definitely choose Sonny and leave
empty–handed.” Jessica was disappointed after hearing this and said, “Are you willing to give up your son‘s custody?

He‘s the only paternal grandson your parents have. Even if you‘re willing to give it up, your parents won‘t agree to it.”
Hank said, “Sonny is my son, so of course, I can‘t give up on his custody.” Jessica sneered at him. “

Then why did you even mention it?” Hank kissed her and said, “If we slept together sooner and you were to be pregnant with a boy,
my parents and I would be willing to give Sonny‘s custody to Liberty.” He just slept with Jessica,

and she went to get morning–after pills afterward. Thus, it was clear that she would not have a child soon. At present, Sonny
was his only son. Hank also had some old fashioned ideology and preferred sons to daughters.

In any case, Hank would not give Sonny to Liberty. Sonny was smart and cute. Who knew what kind of child he and Jessica would have in the future?
Hank was not willing to take that risk. What if Jessica gave birth to a daughter? Therefore, Hank wanted custody of Sonny.

“You don‘t like it if I give birth to a daughter?” “How could I? I‘ll love him or her as long as they‘re ours. But my parents want
a grandson. Don‘t worry, Jessica. You don‘t have to take care of Sonny in the future.

I‘ll send Sonny to my parents and let them take care of Sonny so he won‘t affect our married life.” Hank had thought about everything.
“Liberty will definitely fight for Sonny‘s custody, but she has no income, so she won‘t be able to compete with you.”

Hank agreed with Jessica and suddenly thought that Liberty starting her new job was not beneficial to him.
He had to find a way to make Liberty lose her job. If that happened, Liberty would not have a job or an income.

If she got custody of Sonny, how would she support him? That way, she would lose the custody battle. Lewis & Co…
Hank wondered if he knew anyone who worked in Lewis & Co. who could do him a favor and make Liberty lose her job.

Bang bang Someone slammed on the door. Jessica‘s eyes flickered as she thought, ‘Is Liberty here?
That fat woman really left her son to look for her husband? It looks like she still has deep feelings for Hank!‘

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