Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 389

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 389 – Serenity removed a key from her bunch of keys and handed it to Zachary while she said,
“This is the key to my sister‘s house.”

Zachary‘s dark eyes flickered.. He knew Hank was at a business entertainment. Since Zachary asked Josh to investigate Hank and collect evidence of Hank‘s
infidelity, the nosy Josh went above and beyond his task and sent someone to follow Hank discreetly.

Therefore, Josh knew what Hank was doing as soon as Hank left his office. When Zachary was with Serenity in the evening,
he took the time to send a message to Josh,

telling Josh to look for an opportunity to fuel the flames so Hank and Jessica could make substantial progress. That way, they would
have evidence of Hank betraying his marriage. This way, Liberty would get the upper hand from a moral point of view when she filed for divorce.

Now that Hank and Jessica finally slept together, was it a natural course of events or was it the result of Zachary‘s intervention?
Zachary could not determine which one it was, but the result was the same. “Do you know which hotel they are in?”

“My sister won‘t tell me because she doesn‘t want me to go.” Serenity was a little helpless. When Liberty needed help, she pushed
Serenity away at a critical moment and wanted to face this alone. “I‘ll call my friend to check it out for you.

He‘s best at looking into things.” “It‘s so late…” “No worries, I‘ll treat him to dinner another day.” Zachary would just give Josh another day off.
“Serenity, don‘t leave. Wait for me here, and give me your car keys.

I‘ll wake Mrs. Lane and ask her to babysit Sonny at Liberty‘s house while I go with you to look for Liberty,” Zachary said to Serenity. When Serenity gave
him the car keys, he took them and went back into the house. He then called Josh while he knocked on Mrs. Lane‘s room door.

Fortunately, Josh was a night owl who slept and woke up late. He would only arrive early at the office if there was some gossip to catch. Otherwise,
he would arrive later than Zachary. Josh was still wide awake when he received the call from Zachary. “Where is Hank now?”

Zachary asked in a low voice. “He‘s at the Grand Hotel under the Stone Group. What‘s wrong? Is your sister–in–law looking for him?”
“Got it.” Zachary hung up the phone. osh was speechless. Zachary did not even give him a chance to gossip a little.

After waking Mrs. Lane, Zachary briefly explained what happened – and hurried back to his room. He found a black marker and painted the entire left
side of his face to make it seem like a birthmark. He hurried out the door after he painted his face.

Mrs. Lane had already left. Sonny was still young. Mrs. Lane was worried about Sonny and hurried over when she found out that Liberty had to leave the house. Serenity was waiting for Zachary at the front door.

She was impatient and wanted to leave without Zachary several times, but she did not know where Liberty was at the moment.

When she saw Zachary coming out the door, she urged, “Come on, my sister might be… Why did you draw all over your face?”

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