Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 386

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 386 – Zachary acted on his idea.

He sneaked around Serenity‘s room and rummaged through her things like a thief. After searching all the places
where Serenity might hide the agreement, Zachary still could not find her copy of the agreement. Where did she put it?

Zachary stood in front of the dresser as he stared at it while trying to recall any corners which he might have left out.
He had rummaged through all the drawers. Finally, his gaze landed on a piece of paper on the table with a golden hairpin drawn on it.

He picked up the paper. . Serenity‘s drawing was excellent. Why did she draw” is golden hairpin? Zachary could not guess Serenity‘s intention of drawing a golden hairpin. He flipped it over and saw that it was the agreement he was looking for. Serenity doodled on the reverse side of her agreement.

No wonder he could not find the agreement after he ransacked her room. Zachary folded Serenity‘s copy of the agreement and
stuffed it into his pants pocket. He then walked to the bed and sat at the edge of it.

He stared at Serenity‘s sleeping face for a while and stretched out his hand to pinch her cheek lightly.
He smiled slyly and said, “Serenity, you‘re stuck being my wife for the rest of your life!”

If Grandma May was present, she would have slapped him in the face. Zachary, who said he would never chase after his wife, was now sneaking
around Serenity‘s room. After Zachary stole Serenity‘s agreement, he returned to his room happily.

He then took out his copy of the agreement, took a lighter, hid in the bathroom, and burned the two copies to ashes, which he flushed down the toilet.
Unless Serenity could turn back time, she would never find that agreement again.

It was midnight when Liberty woke up. She had not showered yet. She wanted to coax her son to sleep before she showered, but she did not
expect she would doze off. Liberty got up and went out to check the front door if it was locked.

Seeing that it was not double–locked from the inside, Liberty knew that Hank was still out. “He‘s not back at this hour, which means he‘s either pretending to be dead or avoiding me,” Liberty muttered. She did not believe that Hank was unaware of what his mother did.

It might even be Hank‘s plan. Hank looked upset when he found out that Liberty was working at Lewis & Co.
It was probably because he thought she could not find a job since she had left the workplace for more than three years and was she was obese.

However, she managed to join Lewis & Co., which was equivalent to a slap in his face. Hank was probably the last person who would want Liberty to go
to work. Hank‘s mother did not return to Bright Boulevard after she made a fuss that afternoon. Instead, she brought Lucas home.

She was probably afraid that Liberty would settle the score with her after work. Liberty called her mother–in–law, but her mother–in-law did not dare answer. Thus, she sent a reproachful message to her mother in–law. However, her mother–in–law did not reply and pretended to be dead.

Hank was the same. Liberty went back to the room and took a shower. After coming out of the bathroom, she picked up her phone and called Hank.
This time, someone answered the phone. Liberty yelled, “Hank Brown! What time is it now that you‘re still not back yet?!”

After a moment of silence, the person on the other end of the phone said, “Hank is taking a bath. Why are you calling him? You can leave a message,
and I‘ll relay it to him later.” It was Jessica Yates. Hank went for business entertainment, and Jessica was his secretary, so she accompanied him.

Since they drank some alcohol and perhaps Hank had been planning it for a long time, Hank hugged Jessica and did not let her go. Jessica played hard
to get, but in the end, they fell on the bed together. Jessica changed her mind after she slept with Hank.

She wanted to publicly challenge Liberty and steal Hank away from Liberty. Jessica wanted Hank to divorce Liberty so she could marry Hank and
become a manager‘s wife.

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