Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 385

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 385 – Zachary took off his suit jacket and handed it to Serenity. “Wear it and take a nap.”

Since they were no longer at the beach, Serenity accepted and covered her body with the suit jacket before she took a nap.
Zachary turned off the music in the car to not disturb her. He drove the car in silence while Serenity took a nap.

After a while, they arrived at Bryn field. The bodyguards were wandering in the lobby because their boss was out of
their sight all night. After the bodyguards saw Mrs. Lane came back with the missus‘ pets,

they found out that their boss was taking his wife out on a drive. The bodyguards were anxious, but no one dared contact the boss for fear of
disturbing the couple‘s privacy. At that moment when the bodyguards saw Zachary‘s car,

they quickly dispersed as they were afraid that the missus would see them. Jim ran the fastest and almost dove right into the bushes.
That was because the missus could recognize him. Zachary pretended not to notice the bodyguards‘ reaction.

Serenity was plain ignorant. Otherwise, she would have discovered that something was wrong since the bodyguards always hung around the lobby every day.
Zachary parked the car, unfastened his seat belt, and called out,” Serenity, we‘re home.”

Serenity slept soundly and did not hear him. It was probably because she had two beers. Zachary nudged her twice, but Serenity fell to the side and did not show any signs of waking up. “You fall into such a deep sleep after drinking only two bottles of beer. You‘d better drink less in the future.”

Zachary got out of the car, went to the passenger seat, and opened the car door. He leaned in and unfastened Serenity‘s seat belt before pulling her into
his arms to carry her out of the car. The bodyguards, who dispersed but did not go far, saw this scene and rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

After confirming that what they saw was real, the bodyguards turned around and hurried back to their apartments in the same building to sleep.
It seemed like the boss and his wife were doing great. Zachary carried Serenity upstairs and rang the doorbell to their house.

Soon after, Mrs. Lane came and opened the door. “Mr. Z–York, what happened to Ms. Hunt?” . Mrs. Lane almost called him Mr. Zachary again.
“She had two bottles of beer and fell dead asleep.” Zachary carried Serenity into the room.

Mrs. Lane finally understood what happened. She closed the door and locked it. “Mr. York, do you need my help?”
Mrs. Lane asked as she walked over. “Just open the room door for me.”

Zachary motioned to Mrs. Lane to help him open the door to Serenity‘s room. Mrs. Lane did as she was told.
“Mrs. Lane, you can go back to bed. She won‘t make a fuss because she‘ll sleep soundly with alcohol in her system.”

Mrs. Lane responded and turned to go back to her room. Even if the missus made a fuss, the boss would handle it.
Zachary walked to the bed with Serenity in his arms. He put her down gently and helped her take off her shoes.

He even pulled the quilt over her before he stood up to leave. Looking at her, Zachary suddenly thought of something
when he was about to walk away. He turned around, bent over, and kissed Serenity‘s lips.

After stealing a kiss, Zachary turned around and walked out contentedly. When he reached the door, he stopped again.
Since Serenity was in such a deep slumber, he could take the opportunity to get her copy of the agreement back!

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