Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 387

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 387 – Liberty‘s mind went blank for a moment.

She did not expect Jessica to answer Hank‘s phone. Liberty then took the phone away from her ear and recorded the call.
Zachary‘s friend helped Liberty to investigate and collect evidence of Hank‘s adultery.

However, the evidence he had could only prove that Hank was emotionally cheating on her because Hank did not sleep with Jessica.
At that moment, the cheating pair was probably together, so Liberty thought of recording the call first.

“Who are you?” Jessica was smug when Liberty kept silent. Liberty‘s reaction was just as Jessica had imagined it to be.
After Liberty found out that Hank was cheating, she made a huge fuss.

Hank was so annoyed that he wanted to divorce her regardless of his son‘s custody. If Liberty did not cry or make trouble, Hank and his family would think that Liberty was looking forward to a divorce and would make her stay instead. “I‘m Hank‘s secretary, Jessica Yates. Who are you?”

Jessica asked knowingly. “Who am I? I‘m his wife! Where is Hank? Where are you, and what are you doing?! Get Hank to answer the phone!”
Liberty‘s volume increased as she spoke, which made her seem angry. Jessica felt a sense of victory over Liberty‘s anger.

Jessica did not hang up and said, “I told you, Hank is taking a shower, so he won‘t come out so soon. Didn‘t Hank tell you that he has business
entertainment tonight? I‘m his secretary, so I have to accompany him.

“We drank alcohol, so we can‘t drive. Hank got us a hotel room and thought we could sober up before going home. I didn‘t expect you to call in the middle
of the night to check on him.” Jessica uttered the latter part of that sentence in a weird tone.

“There are so many chauffeurs, so why didn‘t you call him one to send him back? Why did you two insist on staying in a hotel? Are you two doing
something behind my back?! Are you?! “My husband didn‘t come home after midnight, so why can‘t I call to check on him?

That‘s my prerogative as his wife! What does it have to do with an outsider like you?!” Liberty shouted on the phone hysterically.
On the other end of the phone, Jessica was calm and had a smile on her face.

“Jessica Yates, are you staying with my husband? What have you both done?!” Liberty roared over the phone. “Hank is drunk, so I need to take care of him, and staying in the same room will be more convenient. We didn‘t do anything, Mrs. Brown. Don‘t think too much.

I‘m just taking care of Hank on your behalf, so you should be thanking me instead of yelling at me.” Liberty felt disgusted when she heard Jessica
addressing her as Mrs. Brown. Sure enough, mistresses were really thick–skinned.

She told herself to just bear with it and listen to the nonsense Jessica was saying. “I don‘t need you to take care of my husband.
Tell me the address of the hotel right now, and I‘ll pick him up.” Jessica replied gently, “Mrs. Brown, you still have to take care of your son.

It‘s already midnight. If you come here to pick Hank up, who will help you babysit? Don‘t worry, I‘m right here, so I‘ll make sure Hank gets proper care.
It‘s very late, so you should go to bed.” Jessica hung up the phone right after. Jessica guessed that Liberty would go berserk at home.

After the call was disconnected, Liberty checked the recording to make sure that the call was recorded. Liberty cursed Hank after she saved the recording.
Beep Liberty received a new message on WhatsApp. She opened it and saw that it was from Hank.

No, it should be sent by Jessica since she was using Hank‘s phone. It was the location of the hotel that came with a message typed by Jessica.

(This is the address. Are you free to come over?] Liberty was furious when she saw it. Jessica could not hold it in anymore and
wanted to openly challenge her.

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