Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 375

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 375 – Serenity‘s expression was gloomy. “I also wished that she was his step–grandmother.
That way, it would not be that hurtful. Unfortunately,

she‘s his real grandmother.” Her nephew‘s grandmother and her own grandmother were comparable to each other.
After a pause, she added, “That old woman brought Lucas over so he could infect Sonny.

If Sonny gets sick, my sister will be too worried to go to work. She‘ll definitely take time off to take care of Sonny, but she has just started her job.
If she keeps taking time off, it‘ll be difficult for her to keep this job.”

he Brown family was really doing everything to keep her sister from returning to the workplace. Now that her sister had a job, she should bring
forward her plans to divorce. The earlier she divorced, the faster she could get a new lease on life.

“Serenity, why does your sister‘s mother–in–law not want her to go to work?” Elisa asked. Serenity walked back with the broom. When she saw Sonny walk out, she bent down to pick her nephew up with one hand, and continued walking as she explained,

Her upstanding sister–in law, Chelsea, wants to send her two children to a school in the city. The house my sister lives in is in the school‘s catchment area.
Chelsea had her eyes set on that house.

“She wants my scumbag brother–in–law to transfer ownership of that house to her name so it‘s convenient for her two children to enroll into a better high
school, but she lives in a unit provided by – the company. She also has to go to work, so it‘s inconvenient for her to pick up and drop off her children.

She wants my sister to help with the school run, cook for them, and help them with their homework. My sister refused.
“My sister finally found a job and went to work, but they came up with such a trick to force her into agreeing to help.

Her mother–in law is completely biased toward her sister–in–law. Even my brother–in–law is the same. He always helps his sister.
“In the past, they treated my sister very well, and she thought she had married the right person. It wasn‘t that bad after the marriage either,

but after she gave birth to Sonny, they started revealing their true colors. Maybe they thought it was fine to do so because my sister and her husband have a child now. They keep saying that my sister doesn‘t do anything at home and only raises the child.

And that she doesn‘t earn money but only knows how to spend money. They also say that it‘s useless that my sister studied so much
when she can‘t even earn money.” Elisa was silent for a while. “The people in my circle all say that I‘m awful,

but compared to your sister‘s in–laws, I think that I‘m a saint. At least, I don‘t have bad intentions. I just have a bad temper sometimes.
The encounter just now really opened her eyes. It was no wonder Sonny was taken care of by his aunt despite him having grandparents.

Jasmine chimed in, “You‘ve only met one of them. If you deal with the Brown family for a long time, it‘ll open your eyes to a whole new world.
They‘re completely absurd. The entire family is especially good at pretending. Liberty and Sonny‘s father have known each other for twelve years.

They dated for seven years and have been married for more than three years, but they were able to pretend all the while superbly.”
Elisa felt chills down her spine as she listened. They could probably win awards with their acting.

It was no wonder Liberty was tricked so badly. If it were Elisa, she would most likely be tricked too. “Serenity, that Lucas boy coughied on Sonny.
Will Sonny be infected?” Elisa touched Sonny‘s little face and added tenderly, “He‘s so cute and smart.

Why don‘t his grandparents dote on him? Sonny, call me Aunty in the future. I promise that no one will dare to bully you again.”
Sonny stretched out his hands for Elisa to hug him. Elisa immediately picked him up. “You‘re such an adorable child.

My mom would love you if she sees you.” Her mother was looking forward to her brother and sister–in–law having a child, but unfortunately, the
couple had no plans to have a baby yet. Serenity put the broom back and said,

Sonny‘s immune system is strong. He hasn‘t been in contact with Lucas for long, so he should not have gotten infected.”
Olivia deliberately brought Lucas over with the intention of infecting Sonny with Lucas‘s cold.

Serenity did not hide what happened from her sister. When Liberty came over at noon, Serenity told her about it after lunch.
Liberty was furious.

She wrapped her arms around her son and said angrily, “I don‘t expect them to take care of Sonny for me, but I can‘t believe they did this to us just so their
other grandchildren can go to a good school.

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