Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 374

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 374 – Serenity said coldly, “Who is Lucas?

What has he got to do with me? Sonny is my nephew. I can‘t possibly let him suffer to coax someone else‘s child.
What did Sonny do wrong? It‘s your other grandson who was raised badly. He always bullies Sonny,

steals his toys, beats him, and brings his toys back home. You‘re their grandmother, right? Are you blind?
“Or is this what you usually teach him? Olivia, Lucas is your grandson, but so is Sonny. You‘re too biased!”

Olivia was speechless. She responded, “Sonny is still young, Serenity. Besides, Sonny has so many toys. What‘s wrong with giving Lucas one or
two to play with? Look, Sonny, your brother is crying. Share some toys with him to play together, okay?”

Sonny hesitated. Elisa said to him, “Sonny, you don‘t have to force yourself if you don‘t want to share. If he likes to cry, he can cry as much as he wants.
Since he wants to roll around and clean the floor, we‘ll let him do as he pleases. It‘ll save your Aunt Siren the need to mop the floor.”

Sonny said softly, “Lucas is bad.” Lucas left a bad impression on him. “If Lucas is bad, then don‘t play with him. Lady, please take your precious grandson out.
My friend‘s store is small and not spacious enough. Take him outside, and he can roll around as much as he pleases.”

Serenity was not willing to let her nephew suffer to satisfy someone else‘s child. Elisa was no different. She was the type to do
whatever she wanted. If someone dared to grumble about it, she was always ready to give them a tight slap.

“Be good, Lucas. Get up and let‘s go. Don‘t care about his toys. Grandma will buy you something that‘s more fun.”
Olivia was infuriated by Elisa and Serenity, but she was also feeling distressed over her grandson rolling on the ground.

She squatted and pulled her grandson while coaxing him. “No, I want Sonny‘s toys!” Lucas was spoiled rotten and insisted on having Sonny‘s toys.
“Come on, Lucas. Sonny‘s toys aren‘t fun. Grandma will buy you something better, okay?” “

No! I want Sonny‘s! I want Sonny‘s!” Lucas, who was pulled up by Olivia, lay back down on the ground and continued to wail and roll
around, coughing from time to time. Olivia was angry, distressed, and helpless.

Serenity did not like her and neither did she like Serenity. Besides, those toys did belong to Sonny, and Sonny was also her grandson.
Suddenly, Lucas stopped rolling around. He got up from the ground, rushed to Sonny, and purposely coughed hard at Sonny.

Serenity took a step forward and picked Lucas up before shoving him in Olivia‘s arms. She said coldly, “Olivia, please take him away now.
He‘s making too much noise.” Elisa hurriedly drew tissues to help Sonny wipe his mouth and face. Lucas spat a little at Sonny when he coughed at the latter,

which disgusted Elisa. Now in his grandmother‘s arms, Lucas yelled, “My mom said I‘m sick. As long as I cough at Sonny, he‘ll be sick like me, and Aunt Liberty can‘t go work.” Olivia quickly covered her grandson‘s mouth, but it was too late.

serenity turned around instantly to get a broom to chase the pair of grandmother and grandson out. Olivia saw that she was in a bad situation
and ran outside with her grandson. Elisa and Jasmine were in sync. Both of them took off their shoes and threw them at Olivia‘s back.

They were both wearing high heels, and all those shoes hit Olivia‘s back. Olivia was in pain, but she did not dare to stop and fled with her grandson in
her arms. Serenity came out with a broom and saw that Olivia had already fled with Lucas to the road outside her shop.

She did not chase after them since there were too many vehicles on the road. She would get in trouble if they got hit
by a car while being chased by her. Elisa and Jasmine both hopped out, picked up their shoes, and put them back on.

Elisa asked, “Serenity, is that really Sonny‘s grandmother? She‘s too vicious!”

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