Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 376

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 376 – “Liberty, now that you have a job, you can ask Hank for a divorce.”
Serenity advised her sister to file for a divorce as soon as possible.

Jasmine and Elisa both echoed, “Divorce early and start anew.” Liberty looked down at her son‘s tender little face and nodded firmly.
“I‘ll wait for Hank to get off work tonight and ask him for a divorce.” She already had the evidence of Hank‘s affair.

When she first got the evidence, she did not immediately fall out with him because she was still unemployed and without an income.
It would not be conducive for her to fight for the custody of her son.

he New Year is around the corner. Initially, she wanted to wait until she go ther first paycheck before bringing up the divorce.
However, her mother–in– law‘s behavior today made her unable to tolerate it anymo… She could bear with it no matter how they treated her,

but she could not tolerate them harming Sonny! When her mother–in–law and sister–in–law came over two days ago, she heard Chelsea telling Hank that Lucas had a flu and had not recovered yet.

Her father–in–law was worried that Lucas would infect Sonny, so he did not let Chelsea bring Lucas along. She did not expect her mother–in–law to go back while she was at work and bring the still–sick Lucas back with the intention of letting him infect Sonny with the flu.

They wanted her to be out of commission due to worry, or better yet, lose her job entirely. That was truly a vicious plan.
All because they did not want her to go to work so she could help take care of Chelsea‘s children?

In their dreams! “Liberty.” Elisa looked at the chubby Liberty and felt that the latter gave her a sense of familiarity. That sense gave her a strong feeling of wanting to be close toLiberty. ‘How strange. ‘Were Serenity, Liberty, and I sisters in our past life?‘

Elisa was someone who acted according to her heart. She liked to be close to the Hunt sisters, so she followed her wishes and did not overthink it.
She said, “Liberty, tell me if you need to file a lawsuit for the divorce. I‘ll get the best lawyer to help you with it.

“You have to fight to the end for what you deserve. Don‘t let them off easy. Also, you have to fight for Sonny‘s custody. You can‘t give Sonny to them
when he has such a bad grandmother.” Liberty said gratefully, “Thank you so much, Ms. Stone. I‘ll do my best to get custody of Sonny.”

Her son was the reason she was working so hard. Elisa said boldly, “Sonny calls me Aunty, so he‘s my nephew now. I‘ll protect you and your son‘s future.
I‘d like to see who would dare bully the people under my wing.”

Jasmine laughed. “Elisa, if you lived in ancient times, you‘d definitely be a valiant female warrior.” Elisa blushed and said, “Don‘t flatter me, Jasmine.
I know very well what kind of person I am. I take first impressions very seriously. If I don‘t like how a person looks,

I‘ll dislike them even if they‘re from the Stone family too.” Otherwise, where did her reputation of being wild and capricious come from?
“That‘s true. It‘s fate that brings people together.” Jasmine took her best friend‘s arm. “Serenity and I are linked by fate.

It‘s a shame that I‘m not a man.” Serenity could not help but laugh. With her sister, Jasmine, and Elisa supporting her,
Liberty decided to bring up the divorce to Hank at night.

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