Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 373

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 373 – Olivia soon walked in while holding Chelsea‘s third child.

Chelsea was not with her. She probably went back to work. “Sonny, Lucas is here to play with you.”
Olivia called out to Sonny while holding her other grandson. “Serenity, Ms. Sox.”

She smiled and greeted Serenity and Jasinine. She glanced at them a few more times when they saw the two packing up.
Her attention was soon drawn to Elisa. Elisa did not put Sonny down and asked him, “Who is she, Sonny?”

Serenity straightened up and said in a light tone, “Why are you here, Aunty?” Then, she told Elisa, “She‘s my sister‘s mother–in–law and Sonny‘s grand her.
” She emphasized on the word “grandmother”. Elisa looked at Lucas, who Olivia was holding, then looked at Sonny.

onny only greeted his grandmother once and nothing else. He was obviously not close to his grandmother. She guessed the relationship between Liberty and her mother–in law was not pleasant. “Sonny usually has no playmates, so I went back and brought Lucas over today to play with him.”

livia explained briefly. When her grandson tried to break free from her to play with the two big boxes of toys, she let go and let Lucas grab the toys by
himself. “They‘re mine.” Little children were protective over what belonged to them. Sonny was no exception.

Lucas liked to snatch his things the most. If he refused, Lucas would hit lime. If he cried, his aunt would say that he could not cry because he was a boy.
She even said that Lucas was just playing with his toys and would not take them away. Sonny did not believe his aunt‘s words.

He was young and could not understand many things, but Sonny knew that Lucas would take along his toys every time the latter left. Even if Lucas did
not take them away, he would destroy the toys. Sonny slipped down from Elisa‘s arms to the floor and went to pull Lucas,

not letting the latter play with his toys. “Sonny, don‘t push your brother. There are so many toys. You two brothers can play together.‘
When Olivia saw Sonny pushing Lucas, she instinctively went to pull Sonny away, not letting him push Lucas.

The three girls saw what Olivia did and felt a little angry. Elisa was the closest to Sonny. She stood up and pulled Sonny back from
Olivia‘s hands. Then, she pulled the box of toys that had not been packed yet closer to her. Her pretty face was cold as she said, “

ady, how do you teach your children? Taking other people‘s things without their consent is stealing. “Besides, I bought all these for Sonny, so they belong to Sonny.
If he doesn‘t want to let Lucas play with them, then Lucas doesn‘t get to. If Lucas wants to play, he can go buy them himself.”

When Lucas saw that Elisa refused him playing with the toys, he immediately lay on the ground and rolled around, crying while coughing
“Lucas, Lucas!” Olivia hurriedly pulled her grandson up and asked Serenity, “Who is that woman, Serenity?

Why is she bickering with a child? Sonny and Lucas are close cousins. What‘s wrong with Lucas playing with his brother‘s toys?”
Serenity‘s expression was sullen, and her tone was not pleasant.“ Sonny‘s toys belong to him.

They can only play together if Sonny is willing to let Lucas play. If he‘s not willing, then Lucas can‘t play.”
“Sonny was raised badly by you two sisters. He doesn‘t know how to love his own brother.” Olivia accused angrily.

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