Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 370

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 370 – Before Clive had taken over Stone Group, Darrell‘s voice was weaker than Audrey‘s.

The seniors in the company were more than willing to defer to her. It was clear what status Audrey held in Stone Group.
“Yes yes yes, I also agree with Elisa. Jasmine felt that she and Elisa shared the same thoughts.

Her mother and aunt had always wanted her to climb up the social ladder. Serenity laughed. “That‘s why I found myself a man with similar status and
had never expected to marry into a rich family.” Zachary‘s salary was a little higher than her income, but he was still a salaryman,

so they could be considered to be on the same level. “Since you all say so, ask your husband to arrange the date for me then,
Serenity. I‘ll meet with his colleague. Maybe this is our fate.” “Sure.”

Mrs. Lane was listening in on the trio‘s conversation about marriage and agreed with Elisa‘s statement. Elisa and Serenity got along well, and Elisa did not act like the stereotypicalarrogant and haughty wealthy lady. Mrs. Lane felt that the world misunderstood Elisa.

At the same time, she was worried about Serenity. Elisa had no idea that Serenity was the missus to the heir of the
York family. Even Serenity herself was in the dark too. However, the truth would come to light sooner or later.

When that time comes, what would happen to the two girls who had become friends? Would they turn against each other?
At that thought, Mrs. Lane felt that Zachary was a bit unethical to hide his identity for so long.

Even if he wanted to conceal his identity to observe Serenity‘s character, it had been almost two months. Was he still doubtful?
However, Mrs. Lane only dared to keep those thoughts to herself and dared not say them out loud.

Beep, beep Serenity‘s phone received a WhatsApp message. She tapped on the app and saw a message sent by Zachary.
He told her that he transferred fifteen thousand to their family living expenses card.

He said he received a bonus of thirty thousand and gave her half for living expenses, while he kept the other half for himself.
Serenity: (There‘s no need to give so much for living expenses.] Zachary: (Pay for Mrs. Lane‘s salary using the card.)

Serenity replied with an OK emoji. The household expenses card was bound to Zachary‘s bank account.
Since he said he transferred the money, Serenity did not check on it.

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