Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 369

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 369 – Serenity patted the back of Elisa‘s hand and comforted her.”

You‘re a good girl, Elisa. Give up the man who doesn‘t belong to you, and you‘ll find happiness at your next stop.”
Elisa pursed her lips. Her eyes reddened,

but she stubbornly wiped away the tears at the corners of her eyes and forced a cheerful expression. “Yeah.
As long as I want to marry someone, there are plenty of men lining up for my hand in marriage.

I don‘t have to steal another woman‘s man!” Jasmine chimed in, “Isn‘t it nice to remain single? You‘ll be free and unfettered.”
She had not fallen in love with a man before, so she could not imagine Elisa‘s pain of not being able to attain her love.

Elisa looked at her and thought of something. Her eyes were still red, but she laughed and said,
“Ms. Sox got famous in Wilt spoon for lying down on the ground at Mrs. Dawson‘s party. “

You were really bunk. Thinking about it now, you did that on purpose, right? I neared your family has been nagging you to
get married.” Jasmine chuckled. “They‘re much quieter now.

My mom and aunt stopped getting together to prattle about which rich gentleman they‘re going to marry me off to.”
Elisa laughed. “Your method is truly amazing. Your aunt is probably reluctant to mention you in front of other noble ladies now.

I‘ve met your aunt before when I accompanied my mom to banquets. Besides praising her own children,
the only other person she talks about is you.” “Fortunately, I managed to break free.”

Jasmine remembered that night and smiled smugly. “By the way, I almost forgot. Jasmine, my husband wants to set you up with
his colleague. He‘s about the same age and apparently is quite handsome.

He also has a high salary and a good family background, but he has never dated before because he‘s too busy with work.”
Jasmine said, “…You two are matchmaking me?” “He casually mentioned it to me.

Judging by my husband‘s description, that man‘s conditions didn‘t sound that bad. If you‘re interested, I‘ll ask him to
arrange a meeting for you, but if you don‘t want to, l‘ll help you decline.”

Jasmine thought about it. This was the first time her best friend and her husband were playing her matchmaker.
Furthermore, it was Mr. York‘s colleague, which meant he was working in York Corporation.

Solely based on these facts was enough to determine that this man was a professional elite and not a trust fund kid.
There was no harm in meeting him. She would not let her friend‘s kind intentions go to waste.

“Does he have any strengths and weaknesses?” “I‘ve told you about his strengths, so as for his weaknesses, he likes drama
and the good ol‘ gossip. However, I think most people are like that to some extent. When we‘re out and see a crowd by the roadside,

we‘ll be curious and go over to get in on the scoop.” Serenity paused and added, “He‘s also talkative and glib tongued.”
Elisa teased Jasmine, “Go and meet him, Jasmine. From how Serenity described him, I think this man is quite exceptional.

You‘ve probably killed your chances with wealthy families after – your sprawling act at Mrs. Dawson‘s party,
so you should just go for a business elite instead.” “I‘ve never wanted to marry into a rich family,

and it‘s not Like I could marry into one even if I wanted to. Although I‘m pretty, I’m not exceptionally stunning.
It‘s better to marry an ordinary person, live an ordinary lose, and be happier.”

Most outsiders were not aware of what the marriage life of people from wealthy families was like.
Jasmine saw how hard her aunt had it after marrying into a wealthy family.

She did not want to follow in her aunt‘s footsteps. Elisa was born with a silver spoon, so she knew that better than anyone else.
“Actually, it‘s better to marry someone whose family status matches yours. If the gap is too big, it‘ll be difficult to reconcile.

The feelings of both parties may still run deep at the beginning of the marriage, so they might be able to tolerate each other.
However, after a while when the passion diminishes, the problems stemming from the wealth gap would raise their heads.

That will end up backfiring on the couple instead. “The exception is if you‘re extremely exceptional and can stand with power on your own two feet so no one dares to look down on you. My mom often says that if a woman doesn‘t want to be belittled or bullied after marriage,

they either have to be strong themselves, or their maiden family has to be strong.” After a pause, she added, “Some wealthy families don‘t care about matching statuses and place more importance on fate. Those elders won‘t forcefully influence their children‘s marriage.

However, such families are few and far in between.” Among the several wealthy families in Wilt spoon, the only family that could do
that was the York family. Elisa knew that her own family could not do it. Her sister–in–law – was bold and daring,

but she was also from a wealthy family that was a match for the Stones. Although Audrey was raised in an orphanage,
she was strong enough to conquer Darrell with her personal charm.

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