Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 371

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 371 – “Look at that sweet smile. Did your husband send you a message?”

Jasmine teased her best friend. She was happy when she saw Serenity and Mr. York getting closer to each other.
She was looking forward to the two having a wedding soon so she could be the bridesmaid at their wedding banquet.

“Our guest room doesn‘t have a bed and cabinet yet. He received a bonus and transferred fifteen thousand for me to buy a bed,
closet, bedding, and whatnot. “Mrs. Lane, I‘ll take you shopping after Sonny has his afternoon nap, and that‘ll be after lunch.

They‘re for you, so you should pick them out yourself.” Mrs. Lane laughed. “I‘m not picky. I‘ll be fine with just having a place to stay.”
“That won‘t do. You have to live comfortably. Your boss gave us money to buy stuff for you,

so we don‘t have to scrimp and save for him. Pick furniture that‘s of good quality.” Serenity thought that if Mrs. Lane did a good job, it meant a long term
employment relationship for them. They would be living together like a family, so they could not treat her unfairly.

Looking at the time, Serenity asked Elisa, “Are you staying for lunch?” Elisa remembered that she would no longer be going to Wilt spoon Hotel to
wait for Zachary, but she did not want to go home either. Thus, she answered casually, “Sure, I‘ll stay for lunch.”

Serenity told Mrs. Lane to cook for one more person. “I‘ll go cook now, Ms. Hunt.” Serenity watched her nephew play with toys happily and said,
“Go ahead. I‘ll look after Sonny.” As soon as Mrs. Lane entered the kitchen, she hurriedly took out her phone and sent a message to Zachary.

(Mr. Zachary, Ms. Stone is here. Missus asked her to stay for lunch, and she agreed.) Zachary transferred the money to Serenity after his meeting and
went through several important documents. He was just about to pack up and leave work early to have lunch with his wife when he received the message
from Mrs. Lane. He instantly felt as if he was doused in a basin of ice water,

chilling him from head to toe. “Elisa Stone, you really are like a ghost haunting us.” She was either pestering him or hogging his wife. Tough luck for both of them to have met Elisa in this life. Zachary tossed the car keys back on the table and sat back down.

Elisa was in Serenity‘s store, so he naturally could not go. Ring ring ring… His phone rang. It was from his grandmother. “Nana.”
“Zack, Elisa is in Serenity‘s shop, so don‘t go over for lunch.” After a moment of silence, Zachary asked, “How do you know?”

“I missed my granddaughter-in–law and wanted to visit her, but I saw Elisa‘s car parked in front of the store, so I quickly slipped away.”
Old Mrs. York sounded downhearted. With Elisa in the store, she could not even spend time with her granddaughter–in–law.

“It‘s all your fault Zack. If not for you, I wouldn‘t have to sneak around like this. It‘s like I‘m a thief.” Zachary was silent for a moment. “Nana, I haven‘t even gotten mad at Elisa hogging my wife, but you‘re blaming it on me?” “Oh, did you just say ‘my wife‘?

Did you two get closer? When will I be able to hold my great– granddaughter soon? “Tell Serenity that our family doesn‘t have enough
daughters and let her be the first to give me a fat and chubby great granddaughter like her.

Make sure she doesn‘t turn out to be like you, or she won‘t be cute.”. It would be fine if it was a great–grandson like Zachary. Boys were colder and
gave people a more dignified aura. However, it would not be cute for a girl to have an expressionless face.

Old Mrs. York already disdained her eldest grandson‘s stoic and icy look. She did not want to have a great–granddaughter who was just as cold as he was.

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