Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 368

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 368 – “You‘ll be doing me a favor by accepting it.

Help a girl out, will you?” Elisa said as she made a playful pleading gesture. The Stone family liad plenty of money,
but Audrey grew up in an orphanage. Even though it had been decades since she married into a wealthy family,

she was still frugal. She hated it when Elisa spent money indiscriminately. Serenity thought, ‘The rich really are willful!‘
Jasmine felt that she herself was quite extravagant too when it came to shopping, but compared to a true wealthy lady like Elisa,

it was likened to comparing an ant to an elephant. “Serenity, who‘s that lady?” Elisa asked Serenity after seeing Mrs. Lane.
“I hired her to take care of Sonny. Jasmine and I are busy sometimes, and I worry that Sonny might run out of the shop,

so I got someone to look after him. That way, we can both be at ease.” Serenity was takin. care of another person‘s child.
Even if he was her nephew, it was a heavy responsibility. She could not afford to be careless when taking care of Sonny.

“That‘s true.” Elisa did not comment much about Mrs. Lane. Serenity asked with concern, “Why were you in a bad mood, Ms. Stone?”
“Just call me Elisa. I‘m in a bad mood because I failed my goal.” Elisa listed the cup of water that Serenity had poured for her,

took two sips, and said,“Mr. York wore a wedding ring.” “Huh?” Serenity was astonished. Even Mrs. Lane looked over.
UL She tried to recall when she saw Mr. Zachary in the morning. She did not see a wedding ring on his finger.

His fingers were completely unadorned. The same went for Serenity‘s fingers. Jasmine was also in disbelief and asked, “
Mr. York is married? I‘ve never heard of that. With his status, his wedding would definitely cause a sensation in the city if he got married.

The reporters in Wiltspoon would go to town on the news.” After a moment of silence, Elisa said sadly, “I didn‘t hear of his marriage
either, but he really was wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger of his left hand. It‘s so dazzling that there‘s no way I was mistaken.

“That‘s…” Serenity was at a ‘ ss for words. She could tell that Elisa truly loved the heir of the York family.
She supported and encouraged Elisa, and even taught her tips and tricks to pursue her true love.

However, Elisa said that the man was married. Serenity felt her cheeks burn. She actually taught Elisa how to be a
homewrecker and destroy someone else‘s marriage.

If Mr. York‘s wife were to find out that she was teaching Elisa how to pursue her husband, she would definitely come after Serenity with a
forty–meter– long knife and chop her into minced meat. Then again, how was it possible that there was no news of Mr. York‘s marriage?

If there was just the slightest rumor about it, she would not have encouraged Elisa to pursue him. “I’ll never be a mistress.
Regardless of whether he‘s really married or not, as long as he‘s wearing a wedding ring that declares his marital status,

I won‘t bother him!” Elisa spoke firmly. However, her heart hurt like it was being cut by a thousand knives!

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