Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 367

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 367 – After leaving Wiltspoon School in his national MPV,

he stopped at huis usual spot and ordered his bodyguards to drive the MPV while he got into his Rolls Royce.
On the way to the company, he called Sam and asked him to arrange for someone to send a booster seat over.

To Zachary‘s surprise, Elisa was waiting in front of his office building again, but she was not blocking his way anymore.
She just quietly stood by the side and watched his car entering the building It was hard for Elisa to let go of her love for Zachary.

She told herself that she would see him again today, and never again. However, if she found out that he was not actually married and only wore the
ring to make her give up on him, she would make a comeback. After Zachary‘s motorcade drove into the building,

the gate of York Corporation closed soon after. When the Rolls Royce was out of her sight, she stood for a while longer
before turning around and returning to her car despondently.

It took a while before she started the car. She first drove very slowly, but then she suddenly picked up speed and sped away.
Whenever Elisa was in a bad mood, she would go shopping. Two hours later, her car stopped in front of Serenity‘s store.

Jasmine heard the noise outside and came out for a look. She just – so happened to see Elisa getting out of the car, and she walked over with a
smile. “Ms. Stone, you‘re here.” Elisa went on a two–hour long shopping spree and was in a much better mood.

When she saw Jasmine, she smiled and said, “Ms. Sox, you‘re just in time. Give me a hand. I bought so much stuff that it took up the entire backseat.
Help me move them.” Jasmine glanced at the car, and her jaw dropped. “Ms. Stone, what have you bought? There‘s so much.”

“I bought everything that caught my eye. I don‘t even know what I bought. It‘s probably everything from food, drinks, toys, and other stuff.”
She swiped stuff off the racks like she was crazy. Jasmine called Serenity. Serenity was also stunned. Then, at Elisa‘s request,

the three girls carried everything from the car into the store. “The toys are for Sonny.” Elisa remembered nothing except the toys.
She wanted to be close to Sonny. The little boy was utterly adorable, so she bought plenty of toys for him.

There were those that flew in the air, crawled on the ground, and those that swam in water. Serenity looked at the two large boxes of toys and laughed.
“When Sonny is a little older, he‘ll be able to open up a toy shop without stocking up anymore.

Even if he only sells the toys you gave him, his business will be able to last for a long time.” Elisa sat down and said, “I like Sonny, so I bought toys for
him. You guys spoil him your way, and I spoil him my way. Serenity, your nephew is just too cute. If I had such a cute nephew as well,

I‘d pluck the moon out of the sky for him if that‘s what he wanted. “Unfortunately, my mom only gave birth to one daughter, me.
The only nephews I have will be from my brothers.” Out of her two brothers, her eldest brother was married,

but the couple was still in their honeymoon phase and did not want to have a child to intrude on their lovey–dovey time. As for her second brother, she wondered
if he even had a girlfriend. Sonny slid down from Mrs. Lane‘s arms. Sonny‘s eyes grew dizzy when he saw the bulk of toys.

He was frazzled and could not decide which to play. Snowball crouched in front of the box with Sonny. Serenity found that Snowball liked Sonny more than her.
As for her two pet cats, they would jump on the shelves to sleep after they were fed, and fight with each other when they woke up.

Occasionally, one of them would jump into Serenity‘s arms. Serenity poured Elisa a cup of warm water and asked, “What made you buy
so many ings?” “I shop when I‘m in a bad mood and I buy everything that pleases me. Now that I‘m calm again,

I suddenly feel that I don‘t need these, so I‘m giving them to you and Ms. Sox. I don‘t mean anything else by that.
I just think that my mom will scold me for wasting money if I bring them home.”

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