Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 269

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 269 – Liberty had just put the phone to her ear when she heard Hank Brown scolding her through the phone,

“What do you normally teach Sonny? You‘ve taught Sonny to have no respect, no friendship, and no spirit of sharing with his cousin! I said I‘d buy him some toys and he said he didn‘t want to give them to Lucas.” Liberty‘s anger sparked too after that tongue lashing by her husband.

She said coldly, “What do I teach Sonny? Is that Sonny‘s fault? Lucas always tries to snatch Sonny’s toys and even hits him! Do you think Sonny‘s some sort of dough ball for others to knead and pinch?” “It‘s clearly Lucas‘ fault. As a father, you don‘t protect your own son–fine!

But you‘re even blaming him for not being understanding? Should we just let Sonny give up all of his toys to Lucas, and just let Lucas hit him again?!
“Lucas has been thoroughly spoiled by your sister and your parents. He‘s always bullying Sonny. Are you guys all blind? Can‘t you see that?

Hank Brown, Sonny is your son. Your own son! Lucas is your nephew. Can‘t you even tell which is more important between your son and your nephew?”
Hank was struck speechless by Liberty‘s questioning. He swiftly replied, “I can‘t talk about this with you right now. I‘m busy.

Let‘s do this, where did you bring Sonny? Your surroundings sound noisy.” “And where are you? You‘re not in the office, are you? Your surroundings
sound noisy too. We‘re out of formula for Sonny, and we‘re almost out of diapers too. I brought him out to buy formula.

You didn‘t go halves on our son–we didn‘t each carry him for five months. So you‘ve got to give me the money for his formula, got it? Transfer the money for the formula to me right now.” Her sister said she had to fight for what she needed.

Liberty still had money to buy formula for her son, but her son was also Hank‘s. Hank also had the responsibility to raise the child. It was completely
justified for her to ask him for money to buy formula. “Day in, day out, you only know to ask me for money! I‘m not a bank,

and I don‘t have a money printing machine either! Where on earth would I get that much money? If you have the capability, you should earn money yourself! All you know is to eat, eat and eat. You‘re so fat, you look like a ball. You‘re as hideous as a monster.

“Do you think I have it easy? You‘re reliant on me for everything at home. I can‘t even bring myself to spend the little I earn and yet you ask me for
money every day! You‘re just adding to my stress level.” Liberty acted like she could not hear his complaints and insisted.

“Transfer the money for the formula to me right now. If I don‘t receive it in the next few minutes, I‘ll bring Sonny to the office to get the money from you. Let me ask Mr. Hackett while I’m at it if your salary isn‘t enough to support your family.”

Hank continued to curse into the phone a little more before reluctantly saying, “Fine. How much do you need for the formula?”
From the moment he persuaded Liberty to resign and leave the company,

he did not want Liberty to ever return to the place they once used to work at together, especially now that Liberty was fat and ugly.
There were a lot of employees in the company who had worked with Liberty before.

With the way Liberty looked now, it would make him feel ashamed. Of course, he was also afraid Liberty would hear some rumors while she was
at the office. He was not ready to get divorced yet. For now, he could not let Liberty find out about him and Jessica.

“I usually buy seven cans of it at once. They’ll give two cans for free. It’ll cost two thousand and four hundred dollars.” Hank muttered, “Why is it so expensive? What sort of formula are you feeding Sonny? Is it imported?” “It’s locally produced. The imported ones are even more expensive.”

“I’m transferring a thousand two hundred dollars to you. We’re going halves on this. You have a share in raising our son too. And anyway, I don’t have any more to give you. With this month’s salary, I’ve paid the house loan installment and I’ve paid off the car loan in full.

I’m planning to change to a better car, so I have to save some money for the down payment.” He was now a manager, and many employees in the company who were not in positions as good as his were driving better cars than he was, so he wanted to change to a better, more expensive car.

That way, when he took Jessica out on dates, she could be a little more comfortable too. She said she had been in a Mercedes–Benz SUV and that it was much more comfortable than his sedan was. With Hank’s current salary and his savings, he could afford a Mercedes–Benz SUV.

He planned to transfer the ownership of his current car to Jessica so that she’d have a car to drive instead of having to squeeze on ublic transport
whenever she got off work.

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