Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 268

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 268 – Fatty liver could develop into cirrhosis if it became severe, and Liberty did not want to become a cirrhotic patient.

Having left the walls of the community, Liberty walked as she pushed her son’s stroller toward the store to buy formula. In the past, it was always her sister who helped her buy the formula and brought it home.

It was a little bit far to go there on foot, but she just thought of it as shopping and taking a walk. “Daddy.” Sonny suddenly called for his father.
Liberty looked around frantically but did not see Hank Brown. “Sonny, did you see Daddy?” she asked her son.

Sonny pointed at a car parked by the roadside as he called for his father. What he meant was that the car was his father’s car. Liberty looked at the car her son was pointing at. It was the same make and model as her husband’s but the number plate was not Hank Brown’s.

She smiled. “Sonny, that’s not Daddy’s car. It’s just the same make and model. The number’s different, so it’s not your daddy’s car.”
The kid rarely interacted with his father but could remember his father’s car. Liberty thought her son must have been missing his father and said,

“Sonnyare you missing Daddy? Mommy will call Daddy and let Sonny talk to Daddy, okay?” After Hank Brown moved back home, he still left early and came back late as he did before. As Liberty no longer waited upon him, he even stopped going home for lunch and just had his lunch outside.

Liberty could not be bothered to care either. The episode with the domestic violence had become an obstacle in their relationship neither of them could get over. Liberty did not feel like she was at fault. Hank was even less inclined to feel he was at fault.

There was no way he would lower his pride and admit he was wrong to Liberty. In any case, the two of them were now uncomfortable bedfellows. No matter the state their relationship was in, Hank was still Sonny’s biological father.

“Okay.” Sonny answered obediently. Liberty then took her phone out from the pouch on the stroller. Every time she left the house, she had the habit of putting her phone in there because it was convenient. After getting through to Hank, he took a long time to answer the phone.

“What now?” Hank Brown’s tone was not very kind. He was currently at the business reception at Wilt spoon Hotel with Jessica Yates. Everyone in attendance was either elite in the industry or managers of companies both big and small. “Your son misses you.”

Liberty could tell he was not in a kind mood and hurriedly said. She immediately passed the phone to her son so her son and her husband could
talk. Sonny took the phone and said in his childish voice, “Daddy.” Hank Brown might treat Liberty badly, but he was still very gentle with his own son.

He said a few things to his son over the phone, and without caring if his son understood, not even two minutes had passed when he promptly told his son, “Sonny, Daddy’s going to work now, okay? When Daddy’s eared some money, I’ll buy you some toys.”

“Not giving to guh,” Sonny said abruptly. Hank was dumbfounded for a second before he realized his son was probably talking about his sister’s third kid. That nephew of his was always trying to snatch Sonny’s toys, and Sonny remembered that.

e laughed and said, “Okay, okay. Daddy’s only going to buy toys for Sonny, not buying any for him. Sonny, pass the phone to your mommy. Daddy wants to say a few things to Mommy.” Sonny obediently returned the phone to his mother.

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