Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 270

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 270 – Jessica Yates was not repulsed by it and seemed like she could not be happier.

Hank thought Jessica was truly in love with him and was not after his money. He thought she truly wanted to grow old with him and was not playing
around–that was why she kept her last line of defense and would not have sex with him. She was serious about it, so Hank even more serious about it.

got He also promised Jessica that once he saved even more money, he would give her a new car. Jessica was so grateful that she fiercely kissed him a good number of times, dazing him into forgetting which way was up and which way was down.

Liberty still wanted to say something but Hank had already hung up and promptly transferred the thousand two hundred dollars to Liberty for her to
buy formula with. Although she did not manage to get the full amount of two thousand dollars and four hundred bucks and had only gotten half of that,

Liberty immediately accepted the money he had transferred. “What’s wrong? Was it your wife?” When Hank answered his phone earlier, Jessica wisely walked away. Jessica only walked over holding two glasses of red wine once she saw that Hank had hung up.

Tonight, Jessica was dressed like a rich heiress in a brand–name evening dress. She was young and already beautiful, but with the help of the dress,
she looked even more beautiful. She had a hot body too. She attracted the sideways glances of countless men the moment she appeared at the
reception with Hank Jessica was very cocky at heart.

She was very proud of her looks and her body. Hank had been very willing to spend money on her to dress her up. Not only did he buy her a beautiful evening dress but he also bought her a gold necklace, a pair of pendant earrings, and two gold bracelets for her to wear to tonight’s reception.

Jessica felt she may not have looked as good as those rich heiresses out there, but she did not look bad either. “It was. She was asking for money. All she does every day is ask for money as if I’m a bank.” Hank was still grumbling even after he transferred the money to Liberty.

He was very unhappy and felt that Liberty should not have asked him for money for the formula. Jessica passed a glass of wine t Hank and said, “Aren’t you guys splitting everything by halves? You’re not even going home to eat lunch now, and she still has the nerve to ask you for money?

What for?” Hank’s money would belong to her in the end. Jessica did not want Hank’s money to be spent on Liberty. “We’re out of formula for Sonny. She wanted money from me to buy formula. I don’t even know what‘s in it that the formula‘s so expensive. Each time she purchases it,

it costs two thousand and four hundred dollars. I told her not to stop breastfeeding so early on and to let Sonny breastfeed until he entered
kindergarten and wean off then. That would have saved so much money, but she didn‘t want to.

She stopped breastfeeding after Sonny turned one and started feeding him formula instead, which became an added expense.
“Out of the two thousand four hundred dollars, I transferred a thousand two hundred to her, according to our agreement to split everything by halves.

It‘s not a loss for me, anyway. No matter how I cut it, Sonny‘s my son.” Hank still loved his son. He just did not like his wife. Once a man fell out of love with a woman, all of her good points would become flaws. 1 That was exactly how Hank saw Liberty. In his eyes, the current Liberty was not worth a single thing.

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