Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 224

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 224 – They then waited until late at night when there were only a few cars on the road.

They waited by the road for Serenity to pass by and stop her car. ‘How much money she spent has nothing to do with me.
Back then, when she used money to cut off our ties as grandparents and grandchildren,

she said we neither had to take care of her when she was alive nor bury her when she died.You weren’t old enough to remember that. If you don’t know what happened that year, look back at the online post I made or ask your parents about it.

“However, your parents probably won’t admit it. The money the Hunt family is spending was the compensation money my parents gave with their lives.Otherwise, how could they live such happy lives now?” Serenity’s expression was icy cold as she retorted to Noah.

T don’t care. Get out of the car. I’ll give you until the count of three. If you don’t get out, I’ll smash your car.” Noah was extremely arrogant since he had numbers on his side. The punks he brought with him had surrounded Serenity’s car.

There were also vehicles slowly approaching from behind. Noah and his party were young and energetic, thinking that people generally did not dare to meddle in other people’s business in this day and age.

Thus, they did not pay attention _ to the cars that were slowly approaching. | “ee Serenity took the opportunity to pick up the iron bar that slipped from Noah’s hands.Then, she waved it and beat up Noah’s companions. All of them ended up wailing on the ground.

As Noah howled while still on his bums, he shouted arrogantly, “I’m going to sue you for intentional injury! I’ll tell the police to arrest you and make you
pay for our medical expenses.” Serenity stepped forward and on her little cousin’s face.

She looked down on him from above and said with a sneer, “I’m acting in self-defenses, so go ahead. I’d like to see who gets arrested in the end.” “Do you have evidence to prove that you were defending yourself?”

Serenity released her foot, squatted down, and pulled her youngest cousin’s ear. “Noah Hunt, you don’t even know what a dashcam is? All those haughty words you used to threaten me earlier were recorded. You were the one who made the first move too.

Also, look over there. There’s a surveillance camera as well.” Noah was speechless

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