Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 222

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 222 – ‘Could Josh be right? Am I really jealous? ‘How can that be?’

Zachary sat down in the black swivel chair and took out his phone again. He was lost in thoughts for a long time. Then, he decided to put his ego aside and reply to Serenity’s message. When he opened WhatsApp, he recalled that he deleted her from his contacts.

Fortunately, he still remembered her phone number. After another few moments of deliberation, he finally mustered the courage to
call her. “Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available.” Zachary was speechless.

‘Did Serenity turn off her phone? ‘Or did she block me?’ He immediately used the landline to call her. It rang, but he hung up before she could answer.
That was because he was now sure that she blocked his cell phone number.

Zachary, who put down his ego and wanted to mend his relationship with his wife, was immediately sent back to square one after Serenity blocked his number.

‘I deleted her first, and she blocked me in return. Fine, we’re even. ‘Let’s leave it at that.’ – Zachary did not try to contact Serenity again.
He got up, walked out of the office, and left the building while surrounded by his bodyguards.

He went to Wiltspoon Hotel for dinner. As for the little lady who went on retail therapy to soothe her anger, she went
to a shop selling gold and spent another tens of thousands before her wrath was extinguished.

Back at the bookstore, Liberty had already returned from job hunting. From her expression, Serenity knew that today was not a successful day
either. Serenity did not dare to bring out the tens of thousands worth of goods she bought lest her sister saw them and scolded her,
so she left them in the car.

Jasmine was also not a talkative person. Without Serenity’s consent, she did not tell Liberty about the young couple’s
misunderstanding and the cold war. When Liberty saw her sister getting out of the car with her son, but her
brother-in-law was nowhere to be seen, she asked casually,

“I thought you went to pick Zachary up for lunch together.” “T went to his office, but he’s not free this afternoon.
He’s having lunch with a client,” Serenity lied. Liberty did not suspect her at all.

After the meal, Liberty took a short break in the store before continuing to look for jobs in the afternoon. Serenity, who had spent
tens of thousands of Zachary’s money, was also in a calmer mood. She remembered that when she got the marriage license,
she was just looking for someone to live with.

The couple did not love each other, so why should she care what he thought of her? As long as he did not file for divorce,
they would just go on living without getting in each other’s way. After figuring that out,

Serenity’s mood improved enough to continue making her crafts.

In the evening, after Liberty had dinner at the store with Sonny, she politely refused to be seen off by Serenity and took a ride home by themselves.
Jasmine had to go out in the evening, so Serenity had to watch the store.

Since Liberty insisted not to be seen off, Serenity called a taxi for her sister and watched the mother and son get into the car.
Then, she went back to the store to keep watch. When it was eleven at night, she closed the shop as usual and went home.

She had just driven away from the entrance of Wilt spoon School and entered the main road when she almost hit a Land Rover.
She was caught by surprise and that caused her to slam on the brakes urgently to avoid crashing into it.

After the Land Rover drove past, she continued driving. This scene was witnessed by Zachary, who was slowly following from behind.
He was currently sitting in his car. Serenity felt that the car was familiar and thought it was the same Rolls-Royce from her neighborhood.

Serenity’s car was bought for her by Zachary. He had a good memory and could naturally recognize his wife’s car.
However, he did not say anything and simply instructed the driver, “Slow down.

Don’t overtake the car in front.” The driver did not know the reason, but Jim did. He explained to the driver in a soft voice,
“The car in front belongs to the Missus.

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