Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 225

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 225 – Noah miscalculated.

He chose the wrong place. This was near a traffic light intersection, so there was surveillance everywhere.
It was true that they started the fight and Serenity was only acting in selfdefense.

oah thought it would be easy to deal with Serenity if he came with a group of seven or eight men as she was a weak woman.
Unexpectedly, she knew how to fight. His family never told him that she knew the art of self-defense.

“What do you want?” Noah tried to save his ear, but Serenity pulled harder. He screamed in pain and cursed, “Let go!
My parents won’t forgive you if you rip my ear off!” “Call me Sis.” “Bah! You’re not my sister.” “Yeah, I’m not your

I don’t have a cousin like you.” Serenity tugged harder, and Noah wailed in pain. His companions had long been frightened by
her fighting skills when they were defeated by her. Seeing her abusing Noah’s ear, they quietly retreated.

“Stop right there, all of you!” Serenity’s bellow made the punks freeze in their tracks. All of them had bitter expressions.“
Ms. Hunt, we were blind and offended you. We were wrong. We were hired by Noah. It’s Noah’s fault.

Miss, please have mercy and let us go.” The punks spoke to her politely. Noah was speechless. ‘Those spineless things! ‘Ow,
my ear hurts! Is this damned woman going to rip my ear off?’ “Serenity… S-Sis, stop pulling.

Stop pulling! I’ll call you Sis, okay?” Noah wanted to cry. Serenity let go of his ear and patted his face twice before asking with a vague
smile, “Am I your sister?” “Yes yes yes, we have the same grandparents, and our fathers are brothers, so we’re close cousins.”

Noah could not win against Serenity and fell into her hands instead. His bravado only lasted for a minute before he crumbled.
He even played the family card. Serenity stood up and saw the cars behind her that were parked a hundred meters away.

She did not know if they were there because they were afraid of inviting trouble or simply watching the show, but she did not care.
She took out her phone and called the police. Noah and the others panicked when they saw her call the police.

Noah endured the pain and went on his knees, hugging one of Serenity’s legs with both hands. “Sis! We were just messing around, Sis.
Don’t call the police. You don’t have to call the police. We’ll apologize to you.” Serenity looked down and asked sarcastically,

“I thought you said you wanted to call the police to arrest me? And that you wanted me to pay for your medical fees? I’m calling the police for you,
so you should thank me.” Noah was speechless. He was not good at studying, but even so, he knew they were in the wrong.

Serenity was acting in self-defense. However, they were not strong enough and could not beat her. If she called the police, they might be detained.
Serenity kicked Noah away and called the cops anyway. ‘Noah is too young and is already used to being arrogant, so I’m reporting
him to the police to teach him a lesson, lest he gets into bigger trouble in the future.

I’m saving him since we have blood relations. ‘No need to thank me!’ When Noah saw Serenity calling the police while disregarding their familial relationship, he yelled at her, “My parents said you were cold-hearted and ruthless. It seems to be true. They’re not wrong about you!”

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