Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 221

Married at First Sight Novel Serenity And Zachary

Married at First Sight Gu Lingfei Chapter 221 – “Wait, even if you saw Serenity eating with another man and giving him food,
who was he?

Did you check properly? What if he’s a relative?” Zachary’s face was gloomy. “Shawn Lowe.” “Who’s Shawn? Oh, know.
He’s the son of Mr. Lowe from Lowe Enterprise. He’s working in Lowe Enterprise now to build experience… Let me think.

The maiden name of Shawn’s mother is Sox, and your wife’s best friend’s last name is also Sox.” Zachary said directly,
“Shawn is Jasmine Sox’s cousin.” “Yes yes yes, they’re cousins. Serenity and Jasmine are best friends, so she must
have known Shawn for a long time.

She’s a few years older than Shawn, right? Maybe she just thinks of him as a younger brother.” “They don’t have any blood relation at all.
Even if she thinks of him as a brother, he’s not her brother!” Josh choked. ‘Yeah, even if she says she only thinks of him as a brother,

they’re not connected by blood, so there’s no way he can be her brother.’ After amoment of silence, Zachary said,
“Shawn is secretly in love with Serenity.” Josh asked, “How do you know?” “I’m Aman.

y intuition tells me that Shawn likes Serenity, and it’s not a crush that he has had for just a few days.” a him.
They could solve any problems face to face. However, this was what Zachary did instead.

Serenity was simply furious. ‘Haven’t even blocked him yet, but he deleted me first. ‘Fine then.
Sobeit!? _ Ina rage, she also deleted Zachary from her contact list. She also blocked his number.

the was livid! “Seren, you don’t look too good. Did Mr. York reply?” Serenity stuffed her phone back into the pocket of her trousers and said coldly, “Ignore him. Just cook for the both of us. It’s his business whether he eats or not. He won’t starve anyway.”

Jasmine looked at her. Serenity explained grumpily, “He deleted me on WhatsApp, so I deleted him too and blocked his number in a fit of anger.
Don’t mention him in front of me in the future. Jas, you’d better find a reliable man and date him for a few years before getting married.

Don’t be like me. I married a drama king who gets offended at anything I do despite my best efforts.” Jasmine was speechless. Serenity got up and walked around the checkout counter, then picked up her nephew and said to her friend, “I’m not in a good mood.

I’ll take Sonny to the mall and swipe the card he gave me for living expenses until it maxes out!” ‘She easily took down THE Zachary York and
made his heart flutter.’ Zachary’s expression was dark. He picked up his phone, got up, and walked away.

When he walked to the door of the conference room, he turned his head and said coldly, “I’ll never get jealous!” Josh laughed.
‘There’s no way I’d believe that! ‘You’re clearly jealous. I can see it written all over your face.

‘You’re just stubborn and refuse to admit it.’ Of course, Josh also understood why Zachary was not willing to admit that he was jealous.
After all, Zachary and Serenity got married out of convenience. He did it to return a favor to his grandmother.

He was haughty and had high expectations. He was not the kind to be easily moved. It was tough for him to admit that he
had started to care for Serenity in just a month’s time. He could not put aside his ego.

His damned pride and arrogance were preventing him from admitting it. After Zachary came out of the conference room,
he did not immediately leave the building but went back to his office instead.

His mood improved slightly after chatting with his friend. In his heart, he also understood that he was unreasonable for assuming
Serenity was cheating on him just because she ate with Shawn and gave him food.’ However, he still felt inexplicably angry

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