Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 9

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 9

Brick opened his eyes and awoke sleepily. Along with the sound of movies from the TV screen that Gear and Night are not playing very loudly. Brick props his body up and sits dizzy.

“You’re awake, brother It? How are you? Is it any better?” Nate said immediately. when he saw the brick sit up

“I suspect you’ll catch a cold for sure tonight. My nose is congested and my head is dizzy, but not as much as before I went to sleep,” It replied, because he really felt the way he said.

“So tonight, Brother It, wipe yourself off. Don’t take a bath In a little while, Night will make boiled rice for you to eat so that you can take medicine.” Night said smiling back. It smiled.

“I think you better go and wash your face first. You can sit dizzy,” said Gears. Brick then got up and walked to the bathroom on the ground floor of the house. when washing the face Brick walked back to the sofa again. along with looking for a lover

“And this day hasn’t come back yet?” It asked looking for a lover.

“Oh, your husband won’t be back tonight,” Gears said. Brick immediately frowned.

“Why?” It asked back.

“Well, P’Day calls into P’ Brick’s machine. Night picks up the phone. Day said that must stay overnight in Chonburi because the check has not yet been finished Plus, it’s raining really hard over there,” said Night, causing the brick to stand still.

“But he promised me that he would come back and take me to Pee Nam’s shop,” It said in a murky voice.

“A brick, Brother Nam’s shop won’t go anywhere. Maybe go eat another day,” Gears said to his friend. Brick immediately looked at Gear.

“You don’t understand me, gear. Day promised It has to do with the contract. And here I feel like I’m not feeling well. It must come back and see me,” It said before grabbing his own phone and dialing Day.

(“What’s up?” Day’s voice answered the call.

“Are you going back yet?” It asked his lover in a harsh voice.

(“I told Night to tell you that I probably won’t be back”) Day said again. bricks pressed together

“But I’ll give you back ! ” Brick said loudly. Night and Gear immediately fell silent.

(“Brick”) Day calls lovers with a dark voice.

“I don’t know. You promised me that you would take me to Pee Nam’s shop. Why did you break the promise?” Brick demanded the promise of his lover.

(“Even if I drive back now, I don’t know if I’ll be back in time when the water shop closes or not”) Day said back.

“In time, you have to go back.” The brick began to cry harder. Maybe it’s because I feel that I’m not feeling well. That’s why the bricks feel hurt more than every time.

“Brick, what’s wrong with you?” Gears, who had been listening for a while, asked curiously. It turned to look at his friend’s face in dissatisfaction.

“I’ll send it home,” It argued with his friend.

(“Brick, tell it to know about I’m not a child.” making the bricks of eyes hot

“I’m not feeling well. You need to come back and take care of me,” It said, wanting Day to come back to himself.

(“I’m not here, you have to take care of yourself first. I’ll be back tomorrow.” Bricks always stop their own idiots.

“Oh !! If you don’t go back, don’t go back You don’t have to come back. Along with sitting with a frowning face, tears welling up

“Brother It,” Night called to It worriedly. Brick sat quietly and said nothing. Brick also thought of cursing himself in his heart as well. why it has to be like this Why are you fussing and yelling at Day like this?

“Brick, don’t say that I’m nosy. I think I’m starting to lose my habit. Dude, it’s going to work. I didn’t go anywhere else, it’s getting dark already. Plus the rain over there is pouring heavily. Aren’t you worried about it?” Gears said coming out. The bricks pursed their lips together a bit.

“Night said Night should go make dinner for Brother It first. P’ It will be able to eat and take medicine,” Night cut off the script before pulling his lover’s hand into the kitchen to help him. Night didn’t want Gere to get into a fight with the bricks. When Night and Gear enter the kitchen Brick walked up to his bedroom in an unusual mood. It’s not really angry.


When he came up to the room for a moment Brick’s cell phone rang. Brick picked it up and saw that it was his lover’s number. Brick answered the call but didn’t say anything.

(“Brick”) Day’s tense call sounded. But the bricks did not respond. But Day realized that it was on the line.

(“Will you talk nicely?” Day asked in a deep voice. Equally indicative of frustration

“What’s up?” Brick replied in a murky voice.

(“OK, do you understand? I’m coming back tomorrow.” Day asked. Because I know very well that my lover is not satisfied with this matter.

“Then why can’t you go back now? Or is the work still not finished?” Brick lowered his tone a bit.

(“The work is done. But Dad doesn’t want to drive back now.” Day replied in a normal tone. He also didn’t want to rant or get too frustrated with his lover either.

“But I want you back. I’m not feeling well Come back, Day.” Brick lowered his voice until he became a lover. Day sighed lightly.

(“Why are you crying like a brick?” Day’s voice said that he didn’t take it seriously. Brick remained silent and did not answer. because he couldn’t find an answer for Day either

(“What about saying that you’re not feeling well?” How are you?” Day asked worriedly. because when leaving the house, he realized that the bricks were crowded

“Headache, dizziness, and a cold too,” It replied immediately.

(“And are you hot?” Day continued to ask.

“It’s warm,” It replied, Day was silent for a bit.

(“So you want me to go home now?” Day asked.

“Um,” Brick responded instantly.

(“Okay, then stop being so rude. I’ll go back now. If you return in time to the water shop I’ll stop by to buy a cake for you”) Day tells his lover heartily. In fact, Day also wanted to go home. Because of the brick loop that seems to be sick Even though Night and Gear are with them But Day couldn’t help but worry anyway.

“Really, you’re really going home?” Itachi asked happily.

(“Um, I’ll go tell Dad first. I ate and ate the medicine first. Don’t have to wait for me”) Day reminds lovers

“Well, come back soon,” It said ending. before Day hung up. Brick is in a good mood when he knows that his lover will come home tonight.

“Are you really coming back, Day?” It’s father asked when Day went into the bedroom on the second floor of the shop. to go home now

“Yes, the bricks are uncomfortable. So I’m going to go back and look at it a bit. In case tonight is something heavy,” Day replied.

“Isn’t it sick or is it yelling at you to go back?” Itachi’s father knowingly asked his son.

“Huh, it’s both,” Day answered honestly.

“You’re spoiling him too much. He’s a grown man, not a kid,” said It’s father.

“I’m worried about it too,” Day said. It’s father shook his head. when he saw how much his own son-in-law indulged and spoiled his own son

“Dad, you can stay here overnight. Wait until tomorrow if the bricks are not much I’ll drive to pick you up,” Day said, because It’s father wanted to stay and see the shop one more day.

“You don’t have to. Father will call the driver at the shop to pick you up. You can lie down and rest,” said the father of It.

“You can take that. Well then, I’ll be right back,” Day concluded.

“Um, drive carefully. It’s raining and the road is slippery. Plus coming back in the middle of the night again, oh brick, brick Don’t you know how to worry about your husband?” It’s father grumbled as the story goes. Day smiled slightly. Before walking out of Dad’s room to prepare to drive back to Bangkok

After driving out of the day shop, I called brick again.

“Um, I’ve driven out of the shop,” Day said when it answered the call.

(“Did you come out? Is it still raining?” It asked back.

“Still falling,” Day replied, staring straight ahead. because of the really heavy rain

(“Then let’s drive first. Night came up and called me to eat.” It said back.

“Um, don’t forget to take your medicine,” Day repeated before hanging up. then come to concentrate on driving It was still raining heavily along the way. until it was close to getting on the motorway It called Day again.

(“Where is it now?”) Brick asked his lover.

“It’s almost on the motorway. Let’s go to the water shop first. Probably won’t close yet,” Day replied.

(“Um, come back soon”) It said again. before Day hung up. Day drove up the expressway. at a reasonable speed but while about to get off the expressway There was a car driving up and cut his face sharply. Causing Day to quickly step on the brakes But with the speed that Day drives Along with the slippery road from the rain Causing Day’s car to brush sideways

“Woah !! ” Day cursed in shock. Trying to steer the car

Chrome !!!!

“Little smile, big smile. I’m satisfied. Husband agrees to come home.” Gears teases his friend while sitting in the living room watching a movie. Brick lay blanketed on the other side of the sofa, his nose red because he had a cold. Outside it was raining heavily.

“Of course, I already told you that Day is everything I want. It’s worried about me, that’s why it hurries back.” It replied with a smile, but in his heart he felt a strange tingle. But I think it might be because I’m sick, so I feel a flash in my chest like this.

“Careful, one day he won’t be able to tolerate your wayward idiots,” Gears threatened.

“Enough, damn, people are threatening me about this. Yes, I won’t be afraid. But how can you do that?” Brick said in a low voice.

“And isn’t Brother Itu going upstairs to rest in his room?” Night asked. It shook his head back and forth.

“I want to lie here and wait for the day,” It replied.

“Take the medicine and how do you feel? Are you feeling better?” Night asked with concern.

“Hmm, a little bit, probably because the weather is cold too. So I’m cold and hot.” It replied according to the symptoms he felt.

“Brother It ate an antihistamine. If you’re sleepy, you can sleep. If Day comes back, Night will wake him up,” Night said again. Brick nodded. and continue to lie down and watch TV


Brick’s phone rings. make the bricks doze Startled and quickly grabbed the phone. This shocked Night and Gear quite a bit.

“What’s wrong with you? Haha. I’m completely shocked,” Gears said to his friend.

“, I’m shocked by the phone call,” replied Brick, thinking that he might really be shocked by the phone call. Because right now his heart was racing in his chest.

“Whose number is that?” Brick muttered because he was not familiar with the number calling him.

“Hello” Brick answered the call.

(“Hello, are you a relative of Khun Ravipol?”) A female voice sounded. Causing the brick to stop for a bit in bewilderment

“Yes..” It replied.

(“Calling from WWW Hospital . Khun Ravipol had a car accident. Now he’s been admitted to the hospital. Anyway, ask your relatives to come to the hospital too.”) The same young woman’s voice spoke out. Make the bricks stand still a bit.

“Brother Nam…Brother Nam? Brother Nam, don’t tease me like this. It’s not funny at all.” Brick thought that Day should have arrived at Nam’s shop. and let water be the one to call and play

(“I’m really sorry. We actually called from the hospital. We check the number in your phone Ravipol Therefore call the number that has called the last call out. if you don’t believe You can check or call again at the number……) The girl said politely. making the bricks pale The hand holding the phone trembled. hot eyes Causing Gear and Night to look at him in surprise.

Thunderbird !

The phone in the brick’s hand dropped to the floor. with tears running down his cheeks Causing Night to panic and immediately get up to grab the brick’s arm

“What’s wrong with P’ It, P’ It, P’ It?” Night shook the brick’s arm with enthusiasm. when he saw the brick sitting still, but tears flowed down Gere immediately grabs Brick’s phone and continues the conversation.

“What? We’ll be leaving right now.” Gears said impatiently. The more it made Night more nervous.

“Gears, what happened?” Night immediately asked.

“Ai Day, the car overturned. Now at the hospital We must hurry and go tonight. Quickly go up and grab the car keys,” Gere said quickly to his lover. Night immediately burst into tears upon hearing this.

“Ugh… What’s wrong with P’Day, Gear? P’Day, is it safe?” Night asked his lover again.

“I don’t know, that’s why I told us to hurry up here,” Gears repeated, before running up and fetching the car himself. Because it looks like Brick and Night can’t do anything. when coming down Gears walked over and shook his best friend’s shoulder.

“Brick, brick, brick, do you hear me, brick ? ” Gears shook loudly to his friend. Brick raised his head to look at his friend.

“Gears… ahh…” It was speechless as he was still in shock.

“Go get in the car,” Gears ordered in a deep voice. before taking both Brick and Night to their own cars along with closing the house and taking them to the hospital on the way Gears was driving and calling his parents and Brick’s parents. The story that Day had an accident As for Brick and Night, they sit and cry and hug each other along the way. The gear itself is equally hot. But he had to be the one who supported both friends. and lovers of their own and when he arrived at the hospital as soon as the car stops Brick hurriedly got out of the car and immediately ran inside. In spite of the symptoms of dizziness from the toxicity of the flu

“I’m sorry..heuk..I’m a relative of Ravipol. that the hospital called to report that there was an accident Hmmm..I don’t know where he is right now.” It tried to compose himself. and asked in a sobbing voice The reception immediately calls to inquire. along with the gears that carry the night in

“Ravipol is now in the operating room on the second floor. You can go up the stairs to inquire with the staff upstairs.” The receptionist responded. Brick did not delay and immediately ran up the stairs to the upper floor. with Gear and Night following close behind. when he reached the second floor Brick then went straight to contact the staff again.

“Mr. Ravipol is in operating room 2 ,” said the nurse, pointing to the operating room.

“Do you know what happened? How are his symptoms?” Gears immediately asked. Night then hugged the brick arm. Now the whole brick trembled. cold torso colorless pale face

“Now the police are looking into the cause of this accident. It is expected that in a while, he will come to contact and talk to his relatives. If the police come, I will inform you again,” the officer replied.

Thunder !!

“Hurry..Brother It ! ” Night’s voice cried out in shock. Suddenly, the brick collapsed and sat on the floor of the room. nearby nurses Hurry up and come in and support it immediately.

“How are you doing?” the nurse immediately asked.

“He fainted, come and carry him into the room quickly,” the nurse told the nearby nurses.

“My friend is ill, too,” said Gears hurriedly. and lifted Night out of the bricks. when he saw that someone had already carried the brick into the first aid room inside Night turned and hugged Gear, sobbing heavily. before taking them together to look at the bricks The nurse opened a special room for the bricks. Because the brick’s fever rose higher. because of the shock Brick slept on the hospital bed. with tears flowing from the corners of his eyes from time to time

“Night, you were a brick friend first. I’m going to contact you about your brother first. Soon, my father and mother will arrive, ”Kear said to his lover. Because Night himself seems to be unable to move as well.

“Help…but I’m worried about P’Day. Hehe..Pee Day, how are you? I don’t know,” Night asked his sobbing lover.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go and see it for you, but believe me, it’s not a big deal,” Gere said to comfort his lover. Because he himself doesn’t know if Day will be anything or not. Pon Night nodded in recognition. Gears hurriedly walked away to inquire about Day’s preliminary condition immediately.

Gears sits guard in front of the operating room. After inquiring about the initial symptoms from the staff The young man’s expression was obviously stern.

“Gears, how are you?” Gears’ mother walked in and asked in a trembling voice. Causing Gere to look up, he saw that his mother was accompanied by father, Four Gus, and mother of bricks.

“Day is still in the operating room,” Gere replied in a low voice.

“And enough to know? Is Day in serious condition?” Gears’ father continued to ask.

“The nurse said Day was unconscious when the rescuers came to help. but initial symptoms It’s quite worrisome.”

“What about Bricks gears?” It’s mother asked worried about her son. It’s father, when he learned the story, was letting the driver of the shop. brought to the hospital as well

“The bricks are sick. Fainting, lying in room 302 on the 3rd floor , Night is watching over him now,” Gears said back. It’s mother split up to see her son. followed by Four and Gus Gere’s parents sit next to their son.

“And how was Night?” Gears’ father asked again.

“I cried a lot. I don’t know yet, father. How to tell Day’s symptoms to Brick and Night know how? Night, I can support it. But this brick I don’t know if I can support it or not. I can guess. that he must blame himself It was he who urged Day to go home.” Gears said what he thought. Because when you see the face of the brick after answering the phone It indicates that Brick is blaming himself in his heart.

“Night” It’s mother walks into the room and sees Night sitting next to Brick’s bed crying. It’s mother walked in to embrace Night. while looking at his sleeping son’s face with worried eyes

“Hug..Mama..Hug” Night hugged It’s mother and sobbed. before Gus walked in and hugged another friend of his own Night then turned away to find Gus. so that the mother of it can go to see her son up close It’s mother walked over and stood beside the bed. while gently stroking the cheeks of his son. while also worried about Day when the warmth touched his cheek causing the bricks to slowly open their eyes and wake up slowly Brick’s eyes were clearly swollen red.

“How are you, Brick?” His mother asked. It lay down to look at his mother and process the events again.

“Day… it’s Day, mom. Hehe.” The conscious brick remembered that Day had an accident. Immediately pushed himself up despite still being dizzy from the fever

“Hey Brick, calm down.” Four hurried over to support his friend when he saw that Brick was about to fall off the bed. Brick grabbed his friend’s arm with tears running down his face again.

“Four, hehe… Take me to see Day.. Day isn’t that bad, is it? cry hard

“Day is not a big deal. I worry about myself first You’re sick.” Four tried to calm his friend down. The brick shook its head.

“I’m worried about Day.. Hurray… I’m worried about him. …because of me…because of me Hurray..because I’m the only one that made it overturned HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Until the brick’s mother shed tears along with embracing his own son

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