Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 8

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 8

“Pee Day wants Pee It not to be without Pee Day. But P’Day believes that without P’Day Brother It must survive. I’m confused, if Pee Day is not here. How will Brother Brick survive? If Pee It couldn’t be without Pee Day, right?” Night asked puzzledly.

“But I’m more confused by your question, Night,” Gears said. Night looked at his lover’s hammer.

“I understand Night’s question,” Day said, giving Night a big smile.

“Let’s just say, let it be that time and everyone will know.” Night Hub smiled as his brother avoided explaining.

“Pee Day is always like this,” Night grumbled. Day smiled slightly.

“And what do you think about coming back to sleep at home? Or do you not want to go to the house of the gears anymore?” Day pretended to ask, affecting his own brother-in-law.

“It’s my brother. Suddenly, he became worried about his brother. Begging me to take me home In spite of the fact that they had made an appointment earlier that they were going to eat out together, “Gear grumbled.

“Come back and eat here, it’s the same thing,” Night argued back to his lover.

“So what, your elder brother has already eaten?” Gears asked back. Night frowned and sat down next to his brother while hugging Day’s waist.

“Well, Night wants to eat rice cooked by Day here. P ‘ Day, make dinner for Night to eat, please.” The young man pleaded. Day raised his hand and lightly stroked Night’s head.

“What do you want to eat? I’ll do it for you.” Day asked nervously.

“Anything. But you have to ask Night to help you do it too.” Night said back. Day nodded in agreement. before the two brothers took each other to the kitchen Leaving Gear to sit and watch movies alone for a while, Brick walked down from the bedroom.

“Where are you going?” It asked his friend when he didn’t see Day and Night.

“Let’s go into the kitchen over there to cook,” Gears said. Gears didn’t even think about messing around in the kitchen. let the two brothers get together The brick nods in recognition. before sitting down next to the gear

“Oh, the real question is, why does Night want to come back and sleep over?” It asked.

“I don’t know, suddenly he made a stressed face and asked me to take him home. Said he was not feeling well and wanted to see Ai Day,” Gears replied. Brick frowns.

“get alarmed? Why?” Itachi asked confused.

“I know, I only know that when I see its face I have to be gentle and bring it here. I suspect we haven’t seen each other for a few days. I’m probably going to miss you,” Gears assumed. Brick nodded. Although it feels strange in my heart, Day and Night help each other to cook dinner soon after.

“Gears, go in and eat. My brother is waiting in the kitchen.” Day walks out to tell Gear who is talking to brick Gears immediately got up and walked into the kitchen. As for Brick, he sits quietly watching TV. Day looked at his lover still, but did not say anything. Day sat down on another sofa. The brick squinted slightly. along with the mouth with frustration that the lover does not want to reconcile Brick therefore just sat there frowning.

“Are you tired yet?” Day asked in a low voice. Brick frowned in a daze.

“Tired of what?” It asked back curtly.

“Sit down and lie down. Are you tired yet?” Day continued to ask, making Brick’s face even more bent when he realized that he had been sarcastized by his lover.

“It’s about me,” It said in an angry tone. and continued to watch TV.

“Don’t be too much, Brick,” Day said in a low voice. causing Brick to turn to look at his lover dissatisfied

“What a lot, where do I have a lot? Why do you have to talk like I did something wrong? Am I so wrong if I want to eat this cake, Day?” Brick immediately argued back. along with sitting with arms crossed in a sleepy manner

“It’s not wrong that you want to eat cake. But I told you that I’ll take you tomorrow. Can’t you wait to eat tomorrow? Why are you sitting there with such a frowning face?” Day asked in a deep voice.

“You’ll be wrong again. When at home You said that you would take me to eat. But I didn’t visit You won’t take me again tomorrow, right?” It said foolishly.

“Serious question, are you crazy? Are you angry, sitting and arguing with me about the cake?” Day said. His sharp eyes stared blankly at his lover’s face. Brick grunted in his throat.

“Quit being crazy and go up and rest. You’re dizzy, aren’t you?” Day said, causing Brick to pause for a bit. Because he was really dizzy. but persisted Because he still wants to sit and sit and talk to Gear and Night first.

“I’m not a big deal,” Brick said in a mournful tone. Day shook his head at the stubbornness and stubbornness of his lover. But didn’t say anything further. because he was afraid that the more he talked, the more he argued It will be Day that can’t control himself. Afraid that he would accidentally play a brutal role, causing his lover to be frightened again Seeing that Day was quiet Brick sat quietly. Until Gears and Night had finished eating dinner, they came out to sit and chat with them again until late.

“You can go up to your room,” Day said to his lover.

“Okay, go up and sleep, brick. You seem to be very sleepy.” Gears said when he saw his friend sitting drowsy.

“Brother Day, tomorrow morning. Night will make breakfast for you. Brother Day, you don’t have to rush to wake up to make it night. Let’s go to sleep and wake up late,” Night said to his brother pleasingly. Day nodded before standing up and looking at the face of the lover still

“Go up to your room, don’t make me repeat that again, brick,” Day said again. The bricks were flustered, got up, and immediately slammed their feet up to the bedroom. Gere shook his head when he saw his best friend’s condition.

“Since I had a husband, I’m so happy, my friend,” Gere said jokingly.

“Don’t forget to close the house properly, night,” Day said in closing order. before walking up to the bedroom following the brick When he opened the door, he found his lover lying on the bed with his back turned on his phone. Day closed the door and locked it and sat down on the edge of the bed on his side.

“I’m dizzy and I’m still playing on my phone,” Day scolded.

“I said it was nothing ! ” Brick shouted loudly. Along with sitting up and looking at Day’s face touchingly Day sits still and looks at the face of his lover.

Thunderbird !

Day got up from the bed and grabbed the phone. A pillow and a small blanket in his hand. causing the bricks to abyss

“Where are you going?” It asked immediately. Seeing Day pretending to walk out of the room

“I’m going to sleep downstairs. You can deal with your emotions first. If you don’t want me to be angry,” Day said stiffly. before immediately walking out of the bedroom bricks pressed together trembling eyes In my heart, I was confused whether I should continue to touch Day or not. When the lover refuses to reconcile like this The room door was opened again. making the bricks look happy Because he thought that Day would come back. but become a gear own best friend

“Did you drive Day down to sleep downstairs?” Gears asked. Immediately, the front brick turned upside down.

“No, it went down by itself,” It replied as he sat on his knees, his face strained.

“You’re just like this, don’t be so selfish, you bastard,” Gears said, genuinely concerned for his friend. and also sympathizes with Day quite a bit

“I don’t want to be like this. But I can’t stop myself. How do you live with it? I feel like I want to fool around with it every time,” Itachi said in a low voice. It’s not that he doesn’t know how stupid he is. But brick wants a lover to come and take care of him. only come as you wish because it made it confident that Day still loved himself

“Lower it down a bit. Night himself was two younger than us. I’ve never been as self-centered as you,” Gears said again before Night walked into the room.

“Isn’t P’It pity P’Day?” Night asked.

“Where is it, night?” It asked.

“Sleep on the sofa in the living room,” Night said back, biting his lip hesitantly.

“Let’s go talk to him nicely. I think it’s really tiring today. Where to drive back from Kan Why do you have to go straight to see the stuff in the store? And why do I have to fight you again?” Gears said. It made Brick feel quite a bit guilty.

“Okay, I’ll go after it myself,” It said back.

“Then don’t quarrel with him again,” Gears urged again.

“I know. You and Night go to sleep. Thank you very much.” It replied. Gears took Night out of the room and went into Night’s room. Brick sat still on the bed for a while. in order to suppress their own irritability and resentment Try to reduce your pride too. until some time has passed Brick then went down from the bedroom to go see Day in the living room. All the lights downstairs were off, only the lights from the ceiling in front of the stairs were on. to see when walking up and down the stairs Brick focused on the living room sofa. saw his lover lying on the sofa with his hands on his forehead Brick is not sure if Day is asleep yet. It then walks towards him lightly. along with sitting down at the folk next to the sofa

“Day” a soft voice called. of the brick along with gently holding the arm of the lover on the other hand before Day lifted the arm that lifted his forehead down

“What?” Day asked back in his normal voice. Brick sits and closes his mouth, processing the words in his own brain.

“Tomorrow, take me to eat cake too,” Brick said in a low, begging voice. Because I don’t know how to reconcile my lover

“Um,” Day replied clearing his throat. while raising his arms up to cross his forehead without paying much attention to the bricks Immediately made the bricks feel bad.

“Day” It called his lover again. The sound started to get louder than before.

“What?” Day responded shortly as usual.

“Sleepy,” Brick replied in a slightly pleading voice.

“I’m sleepy, go to sleep, what are you doing here?” Day asked back. but still lay still with his arms crossed over his forehead causing the bricks to start feeling agitated again When you see a lover who doesn’t care about himself

“I’m sleepy. Let’s go up and sleep together. Damn, I don’t want to sleep alone. If you don’t go up to sleep in my room with me I’m going to sleep here,” Brick said, his voice trembling. Day secretly lifted a slight smile from the corner of his mouth. When you see your lover start acting again Although he had only slept for less than 10 minutes, when he finished speaking, Brick lay down on the cold floor without a pillow or blanket. Day sighed lightly. with the stubbornness of lovers therefore moved to sit up

“Don’t come to sleep here. I’m sick, the floor is cold.” Day said in a slightly fierce voice.

“You won’t go up to sleep with me,” It said back, staring at his lover’s face in the dim darkness.

“And have you disappeared yet? Or are you still stupid?” Day asked back. Brick slept with his mouth a little closed.

“Gone,” It replied in a muffled voice.

“Are you sure?” Day pretended to ask again.

“Sure,” It replied immediately, his voice trembling. Day laughed in his heart. The lover said that the idiot had disappeared. even though right now I’m really stupid

“Let’s go, then go upstairs to sleep.” Day said back. It hurriedly sat up.

“Did you go up and sleep with me?” It asked again, Day nodded in agreement. Brick smiled widely. Day picked up his own pillow and blanket again. before using his free arm to lock Brick’s neck and walk back up to the bedroom Brick immediately smiled. that reconcile lovers with success when going up to the room Day then took brick up to sleep on the bed. along with embracing lovers

“Have you lost your dizziness?” Day asked again.

“Still a little dizzy. But it’ll be gone tomorrow,” It replied before Day kissed his forehead softly.

“Don’t be stubborn, don’t be too stupid to me. take care of it enough I don’t want to play too cruel with you,” Day said, the brick sticking out his mouth.

“Then you must make a contract first. that tomorrow you will take me to eat cake at Pee Nam’s shop too,” It said demanding.

“Yes,” Day replied before It smiled and slowly closed his eyes. in the embrace of a lover

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

crunchy crunchy crunchy

The phone vibrated on the bedside table. wakes Day up before grabbing it and press accept immediately when you see the number that calls

“Yes, father.” Day answered the phone, his voice was not very loud. Because I don’t want to disturb the brick’s sleeping time. which Day now knows a little bit of warmth from the bricks

(“Ah, did you just wake up?” It’s father asked back. Day then looked at the clock at the head of the bed and realized that it was 6 a.m.

“Yes, Dad, is there something urgent?” Day asked back because it was normal. It’s father wouldn’t call to wake him up early in the morning like this.

(“Just when the store manager in Chonburi called to say that the items we checked yesterday Delivered to the store at 5am, but the store manager checked it, something didn’t match the list. And then something was missing. Dad will invite you to drive to Chonburi together.” It’s father said. Day’s face immediately became tense when he heard that.

“Okay, okay, let me take a shower first. Then I’ll hurry up and pick up Dad.” Day said back.

(“Will you take Brick with you?”) It’s father continued to ask. Day looked at his lover who was sleeping on the bed.

“I probably won’t take it. seems to be sick Let’s sleep at home here. At night, he returned home and slept. I’ll leave it for the night,” Day replied. It’s father answered before hanging up the phone. Day placed his hand on his lover’s forehead as soon as he hung up the phone from It’s father. Brick’s body was not too hot, but his body was warm, so Day got up to take a shower and change clothes. when finished dressing Day went downstairs to the kitchen. because he knew that Night had to wake up and cook breakfast

“Ao, P’Day, why are you in such a hurry to wake up? Night told you to go to bed and wake up late.” Night immediately greeted him.

“I have to go out to pick up Brick’s father. Go to Chonburi. The product has a slight problem. Oh night, please let us look at the bricks for you. feeling sick Find some rare rice to eat. I’ll be back in the evening,” Day said to his brother.

“Did P’Day tell P’It?” Night asked further.

“I haven’t told you yet. It’s asleep. I don’t want to wake it up. Night tells it too. If you have anything, call me I’ll go first.” Day said because he wanted to check the stuff as soon as possible. Night put his hand out of the kitchen. to open the gate of the house for his brother

“Drive carefully, brother Day. Don’t be in such a hurry,” Nate said with concern. Day nodded before getting in the car and backing out of the garage. and drive away Night stood looking at the rear of his brother’s car with a shudder in his chest. then went back to make breakfast

“Brother It, Brother It,” Night’s voice called nearby. causing Brick to slowly open his eyes accompanied by a headache, dizziness

“What is it?” Night immediately asked when he saw the bricks skewed.

“Headache, night,” It replied before sitting up dizzy.

“Just eat and eat medicine. Then go back to sleep,” said Night, as he had brought the boiled rice up to the bricks to the place.

“It doesn’t hurt much, night. Just take some medicine and the pain will go away.” It replied before looking around the room.

“What about Day?” It asked looking for a lover.

“Pee Day has been picking up Papa, Pee It since almost 7 o’clock in the morning. I see that we have to look at the products in Chonburi,” said Night. It immediately frowned.

“I didn’t see him tell me,” It said in surprise.

“I see that Father, Elder It called this morning. Pee Day didn’t want to wake Pee It. So how do you leave Night to tell me? P’ It, try calling P’ Day.” Night said with a smile. It immediately turned and grabbed his phone.

“Night, let’s do something else. As soon as I finish eating, I’ll put the bowl down and collect it for you.” Itachi said respectfully. When the lover’s brother brought up the boiled rice to the room

“Yes, Sister It, don’t forget to take your medicine too. If Brother Brick doesn’t eat Night must have been scolded by P’Day,” Night said with a soft smile. Brick smiled back. then nodded Night walked out of the room. Brick himself immediately called Day. But Day did not answer the call. Brick called again, so Day received it in the 3rd round.

(“What’s up?” Day spoke late.

“Why are you late?” It asked immediately.

(“I leave my phone in my office. I just entered the room.” Day replied.

“Are you in Chonburi right now?” It asked.

(“Um, take papa to check things again. It doesn’t match the check in Bangkok”) Day said back.

“Then why didn’t you wake me up?” Itachi asked.

(“I see that you are sick. So I don’t want to wake up How are you? Did you just wake up? Have you eaten rice and fish yet?” Day asked back with concern.

“Just woke up, haven’t eaten yet. Night brought it up to the room.” It replied.

(“Um, then eat and take medicine. Get some rest first.” Day reiterated.

“When are you coming back?” Itachi asked curiously.

(“Still not sure May return in the afternoon Arrived in Bangkok, it was a bit cold. I haven’t finished checking the items yet.”

“Don’t forget what you promised me,” It demanded last night’s promise.

(“I’m really worried about the cake. Well, if I get there, I’ll take it out to eat.”) Day said back because he thought he’d check things out soon.

“So that’s it. Come back soon,” he said again. Day answered before hanging up. Brick then gets up to go to the bathroom to wash his face and wash his eyes. Even though I feel a little dizzy But it’s enough to walk anywhere. Brick sits down to eat the whole bowl of porridge. But Brick did not take the medicine that Night had prepared. Because I don’t think it’s a big deal. It then sits and talks with Gear and Night at the living room. about three o’clock Brick had another headache and started to catch a cold again.

“Did Brother It take the medicine that Night put in the room?” Night asked when he poured warm water to it. It smiled wryly.

“I didn’t eat. Well, I don’t think it’s a big deal,” replied Brick.

“Pee It is really stubborn as P’Day said. Just take the medicine and go to sleep. Night still doesn’t want to be scolded. not taking good care of my sister-in-law,” said Night teasingly. before going to pick up a cold-relieving pill for Brick to eat The bricks ate it, but it didn’t last long, and the bricks fell asleep on the couch. because of the drowsy drug effect


Brick’s phone rings. But Night was the one who grabbed it before. Because he didn’t want Brick to startle and wake up now. But when he saw that it was his own brother’s number Night then pressed to answer the call.

(“Brick”) Day’s call sounded.

“This is Night, Brother Day. Brother It took medicine and fell asleep,” Night said back.

(“Did you sleep? Is it something?” Day asked in concern.

“It’s a common cold. Looking at the symptoms, it’s not a big deal. I just took the antihistamine and fell asleep.” Night replied to his brother.

(“Um, please tell Night to watch it too. Oh, please tell him that I’ll be back home tomorrow. I probably won’t be back today”) Day spoke to his younger brother.

“Is there a lot of problems with the product?” Night asked back.

(“Nothing much. Just a few checks left and it’s done. But in Chon Buri, it rained heavily. Dad and I decided to spend the night here and then come back early in the morning”) Day said.

“Yes, I’ll tell Brother It. That’s all,” said Night. before hanging up Gear looks at his lover’s face a little.

“How’s Day going?” Gears asked.

“Called to say To tell Elder It too That I probably won’t be able to go home today,” said Night to his lover.

“Huh, I hope he wakes up and doesn’t make a fuss. The husband didn’t come back to take me out to eat cake,” Gere said jokingly.

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