Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 10

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 10

“Don’t think like that, Itachi,” It’s mother reassured. It looks at his mother’s face with tears in his face.

“Hug…because I urged him to go home…Hug…even though he would sleep over with his father in Chon Buri…Hug But I hastened it back. Hehe…if I’m not selfish It wouldn’t be in such a hurry that the car rolled over..huh…” Brick cried out in heartache.

“You don’t blame yourself, you bastard. I still don’t know the reason. Did Day drive too fast or what?” Four tried not to blame himself.

“No matter what the cause is Heck…I was wrong anyway to let him go home, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha before turning to look at Night hugging Gus

“Night..hehe..I’m sorry…I’m sorry,” It said to Night in a sobbing voice. Night also didn’t have the energy to react to the bricks either.

“Here, don’t think too much, okay? Day might not be a big deal. We sit and cry like this. is it good Come on, we’d better go and cheer Day up.” It’s mother, who is equally heartbroken. but must be strong so as not to make his son worse Night, who came to his senses because of the words of Brick’s mother Trying to alleviate sobbing But the brick continued to sob like that.

“Mom, can you take me to Day, please? Heek..take me to see him,” It asked his mother.

“I think it’s better to wait to hear the news here. We can’t sit and wait in front of the operating room. Wait if everything is okay Gear will tell you. Believe me, Itachi,” Itei’s mother pleaded.

“Just do what your mother says,” Four agreed with Brick’s mother. Brick nodded in acceptance. Four then supported his friend to lie down on a good bed.

“Ugh..Four, please call me Nick. Let Nick tell Neil as well, hehe.” Brick said as he remembered.

“Okay, I’ll call him and tell him,” Four replied before It lies on his side and turns to the other side. with a slight sob Until it’s mother had to console him not to cry any more. because the bricks are also sick.

“How’s that brick, Night?” Gears asked as he saw Night walking toward him with Gus and Four.

“Cry and go to sleep again. Sister It’s mother is watching.” Gus replied. Night walked in and sat next to his lover. Gears immediately opened his arms to receive a hug from Night. Gear’s face was tense as he lightly stroked Knight’s head.

“Huk… How are you P’Day?” Night asked.

“I don’t know yet. No one has come out of the operating room yet,” Gears said. along with embracing lovers.

“Day must be fine. Night, don’t worry about it.” Gere’s mother sat next to another Night and patted his back to comfort him. Until about 3 hours have passed, It’s father has arrived. And sit and wait with everyone in front of the emergency room And the wait was over, and the door to the emergency room opened. Along with a wheelchair bed with ventilators and many equipment attached, everyone got up immediately. Night collapsed exhaustedly. with heavy sobs when he saw his brother lying on that bed

“Doctor, how are you?” His father asked immediately.

“Khun Ravipol’s symptoms I’m still worried. We have to stay in the ICU first to prevent further complications. Everyone don’t worry. We will do our best to take care of it,” the doctor said. Now the bed has been wheeled to a nearby ICU.

“What about his physical condition?” Itachi’s father asked.

“When he was brought in Ravipol lost a lot of blood. The body was hit hard. Abdominal hemorrhage But we have drained the congestion. His right leg and arm were broken, but fortunately none of them were broken enough to require steel. but the worrying face is The head was concussed. bleeding under the meninges That’s why we have to look closely at the symptoms here first,” the doctor explained. Causing Night to faint. until a nearby nurse Need to take him to first aid.

“Doctor, I’m giving it to you. Don’t let anything happen to him,” It’s father pleaded with a strained voice.

“We will take good care of you. Don’t worry. I have to excuse myself.” The doctor said before walking away in another direction. It’s father then invites everyone to sit and rest at It’s ward. when everyone entered the room Brick is still asleep.

“Mr., how are you?” It’s mother hurriedly walked over and asked her husband in a trembling voice, not too loud. It’s father then told his wife the symptoms as the doctor told his wife. Brick’s mother was bloodshot with bloodshot eyes.

“Then what should I tell Brick?” Itachi’s mother asked. while looking at his sleeping son with pity in his eyes

“I just said that Out of danger But we have to look at the symptoms first in the ICU, ”said It’s father. He didn’t want Brick to know too many details.

“And how are the bricks?” Gere’s mother asked.

“The fever is high enough. Even more crying The heavier So the nurse came in and injected him with sleeping pills. Otherwise, probably won’t sleep. Keep crying and going to see Day,” It’s mother said in a trembling voice. because he felt very sorry for his own son

“Khun Arthit, are you going to transfer Day to another hospital?” Gear’s father asked It’s father.

“Yes, I’m going to transfer to my friend’s hospital. It’s near my house too. But had to wait for Day to leave the ICU first I don’t want to move right now,” It’s father said in a strained voice. Before everyone sat and chatted softly until Gear brought Night in. Gere’s mother supported Night to sit beside him. It’s father then told everyone. that if Brick asks about Day’s condition Tell the brick just day to be out of danger. You don’t have to tell the symptoms in detail.

“I agree, Dad. because the brick always blames itself that it made Day like this If it knew Day’s condition It must have collapsed heavily.” Four said, and everyone nodded in agreement. Before Brick’s father lets everyone disperse to go back to rest. Along with thanking everyone for following up on Day’s condition together like this

“Night, sleep here. Night wants to take care of P’ It. And I want to be close to P’Day too,” said Night.

“Then I’ll go back and get some clothes for you. Father, mother. Night and I can watch the bricks ourselves. Mom and Dad can go take care of Day’s paperwork first,” Gears said. It’s father then entrusted Gere to take care of Brick as well. before taking Todd’s mother out to contact various matters Whether it’s about insurance, police and medical care. Gear to Four and Gus stay with friends for the night Gears went back to get his own clothes and Night’s clothes to spend the night in the hospital.

Knock knock

A knock on the door of the room sounded. before Neil and Nick will walk in with a stressed face Night and Gus immediately bowed to Neil and Nick. Nick nods along with walking to cling to the edge of the brick bed Neil then asked about Day from Four’s condition. and agreed to tell the bricks as well.

After several hours of sleep Brick slowly opened his eyes and woke up slowly. because of hearing voices talking

“Ah, the Brick is awake,” Nick said as he saw Brick slowly opening his eyes. Brick narrowed his eyes slightly as he felt dizzy.

“How are you?” Nick asked his friend, concerned.

“Ainick..” It called to his friend in a low voice. Before turning to look around, he saw Night Four Gus Neil sitting on the sofa. Nick sat beside Brick’s bed.

“Did you drink water?” Nick asked.

“Day, how is Day? Night, night, how is Day?” It asked immediately to Day.

“Day is safe. But the doctor asked me to stay in the ICU first. in case there is a complication,” Four replied. Because Night can’t say anything now.

“So, what’s wrong with it?” Brick asked in a low voice. His eyes heated up again.

“Broken right arm and leg. was a little traumatized nothing much You can rest easy.” Four tried to speak so as not to worry Brick.

“How can you feel comfortable? It’s still in the ICU. How can I be at ease? Nick, can you take me to Day?” Said It, turning to beg his best friend. Although he heard the good news that Day was out of danger But in the heart of Brick, he still cares about his lover quite a bit.

“I’m sick. The doctor didn’t let me go inside the room. At most, just looking through the glass outside the room,” Nick replies.

“It’s good to see it outside. Take me a little.” Brick asked again. Nick turned to look at the other people’s faces.

“Brick, you’re sick. I think you’d better lie down and get better first. And then go take care of Day at once. When you recover, he’s out of the ICU. If you’re still sick like this And who’s going to take care of Day?” Neil spoke softly, making the brick stand still for a bit.

“I just want to go and see it for a second, let me go,” Brick asked, his voice trembling. along with moving to sit up with Nick to support

“Brick, don’t be selfish. Listen to me guys.” Four accidentally said that he came out. causing the bricks to halt a bit before just smiling

“Carrying?….that’s right…because I’m selfish. Day is like this. Damn, why am I like this? Why, why, why?” It shouted immediately. along with slapping his hands on the bed Causing Nick to quickly hug his friend.

“Calm down, brick,” cried Nick, and Night got up and grabbed the brick as well.

“Brother It, don’t be like this.” Night said in a trembling voice. The brick itself trembled. Both hands trembled.

“Brick, I didn’t mean to insult you,” Four said, feeling guilty that he had accidentally spoken to Brick’s mind.

“You’re not wrong, Four. Because I really am what you said,” Brick said in a low voice. before turning to look at Night with apologetic eyes

“Brother It, don’t blame yourself. P’Day is safe now.” Night tried to smile at Brick. It looked at the night still.

“Your mouth is smiling, but why do you have to cry?” It asked, It felt like it was being squeezed in his heart by something until it hurt. Seeing Night’s tears Night hurriedly raised his hand to wipe away the tears that flowed unconsciously.

“Well, Night regrets that Brother It keeps blaming himself.” Night immediately resolved the situation. It sat with his head bowed a little when he heard it, even though others would say that it wasn’t Brick’s fault. But Brick still feels stuck in his heart anyway. Day is like this because of himself.

“Then I’ll rest. Get well soon I’ll be able to take care of Day soon,” It said to everyone in a low voice. before falling asleep slowly Nick sighed lightly. It was able to lie down and calm down. Seeing that It was resting, the others sat and chatted quietly until Phew and Nott arrived. Four then takes Neil and Phew to the ICU for a date. Nott was sitting with Night and Gus. Nick was still sitting beside Brick’s bed. Brick reached out and grabbed Nick’s hand. with a sad face Nick encouraged him to squeeze his friend’s hand back.

Two days ago , Day was still hospitalized in the ICU. under close supervision of doctors and nurses Day is still unconscious. Day’s friends and juniors, parents of both gears and bricks, including Kamol, Kim, Kom and Baiboon, all come to see Day’s condition as well. Even Belle took a ride from Kanchanaburi. to visit Day and It The bricks are now healed. And I haven’t left the recovery room to see Day once. Because no one would let him go until he recovered.

“Did you eat fruit, It?” Night asked when he saw that It had eaten all the lunch that Nick had bought for him.

“No, I’m full,” It replied before drinking water and taking his after-meal medicine. Nick keeps the plate that Brick ate at. Now only Night and Nick look after the bricks. Because other people have errands to do. will come together again in the evening

“Night” It called Night in a faint voice.

“Yes,” replied Night, turning to look at the brick. reclining seat

“Can you take me to Day?” It asked again. Night paused a bit. Everyone assumed that Day would leave the ICU. As soon as Brick recovers, but now Day is still lying in the ICU. Night turned to look at Nick asking for his opinion.

“I’m recovering. You can ask the doctor. Night, I haven’t seen Day’s face for many days. Even though he’s still in the ICU. But I would like to see it anyway. Let me be sure That he’s really still with me,” Brick said again. Nick sighed lightly.

“Then Brother It, please wait a moment,” Night said before taking out the phone and dialing outside the balcony. Brick looked after him but didn’t hear Night talking to the other end of the line. After a while, Night walked back in.

“Brother It, will you take a wheelchair?” Night asked because he was afraid that Brick still had no strength to walk. Just now, Night called to consult with Gear. Gear tells him to take the brick. but just look outside and did not tell all about Day’s condition

“I can walk by myself. I’m fine.” It replied with a better face. Because they could meet their lover, Night and Nick took the bricks down to the ICU. In which the bricks walked the whole set of the hospital

“Look outside. Don’t rely on it. You just calmed down,” said Nick, and it nodded in agreement. Nick walks to talk to the ICU nurse for a moment. The nurse walked over and opened the curtain so Brick could look inside. Brick hurriedly moved closer to the glass. As soon as I saw Day Brick felt like someone had ripped his heart out. His face turned pale again, his lips and body trembling. Until Night and Nick had to rush to stand next to the brick. Night also refused to let out a cry. when he saw his brother lying on the bed in the ICU together with power cord from medical equipment hanging from a rigging Night knows how it feels. Because Night himself felt no different. But Night is still good at having gear to support both physical and mental condition, but for Brick, the person who always supports the Brick’s body and mind all the time. Currently lying unconscious in the ICU.

“Na..Why did you say that Day is not a big deal?” It turned and asked Night, his voice trembling. Brick felt choked all over his chest.

“It’s really nothing much,” Night confirmed. Although in my heart it hurt quite a bit that I had to lie

“It’s nothing much..why? It’s in that kind of condition. Why are there so many medical devices? Then why doesn’t it wake up? It’s been 3 days already, isn’t it, Night?” It asked with a stuttering voice. as if the breath could be lost.

“Pee Day just passed out. The doctor just asked to see if there were any complications. In a few days, P’ Day Kok will come to recuperate in the room as usual,” Night continued, trying very hard to hold back his sobs. The brick looks at night and Nick alternately.

“As Night said,” Nick confirmed again. It then turned to look at his lover lying inside. Both of the brick’s hands touched the glass. The heart wants to hug the lover. I want to go in and experience it to make sure that Day is really still here. But I know very well that I can’t.

“I saw Dayman here. Shall we go back to the room?” Nick said inviting It to shake his head back and forth.

“I need a little more time. I want to keep looking at it like this,” Brick said softly. Nick let out a small sigh of relief. Before allowing the brick to stand and watch day through the clear glass for a while and then take the room.

“Really, Dad? Can the doctor let Day out of the ICU now?” It asked his father happily. When his own father walked over and said The doctor allowed Day to leave the ICU. After that, Brick went to see Day for the first time in the ICU. Brick then left the recovery room. because it’s healed Brick had to go back and forth between the hospital and his parents’ house. Because It has come to see Day outside the ICU every day. It’s been 2 days and today the doctor called to talk to It’s father. then notice that Day’s body recovered quickly. no complications to be able to leave the ICU to recuperate in a normal room part of the brain Have to wait for Day to recover again. to check thoroughly again.

“Um, Dad intends to move Dayman to Chao Ruangrit’s hospital. What do we say?” It’s father continued to ask. It turned to look at Day, who was still lying unconscious in the ICU.

“Good, Aruang’s hospital There are all modern tools. And it’s close to our house too,” Brick replied in agreement.

“Then let’s go and do the matter of transferring Day. The doctor will be able to send the medical history over there as well,” It’s father said. before going to manage everything It turned to look at Day again.

//Come back to me soon, Day/ Mumbled the brick softly.

It’s father moves Day to his friend’s hospital on the same day. And now Day is taken to recuperate in the hospital’s VIP room. Breathing apparatus and other equipment has been completely removed Brick stood on the edge of the bed, looking at his lover who had both his right arm and leg in casts. His body had abrasions and bruises. And Day’s neck has a neck splint wrapped around it as well.

“Ah Rueang, Day, it’s nothing much. So why hasn’t it recovered yet?” It turns to ask Ruengrit, his father’s friend, who is both the director and the head doctor of this place. Ruangrit turned to look at It’s father a little. before answering.

“It’s normal, brick. People meet accidents and get concussions. Often pass out for a long time like this Some people pass out for a month or so,” Rueangrit said collectively. did not give serious details because it’s father asked for it.

“Don’t let him pass out for months,” Brick said in a low voice. Along with looking at the face of the lover with dull eyes.

“What about care? Are you going to hire a special nurse athit?” Ruangrit asked his friend.

“Can I take care of it myself?” Itachi interrupted first.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, but at the start. Brick must learn from nurses first. what to do because the person had a broken leg and arm It takes many precautions. But I have to get the nurse to help me anyway,” Ruangrit said straightforwardly.

“Okay, let me learn first. At least let me take part in taking care of it.” Brick asked again.

“Alright then, please. I’m bothering you to contact the nurse. and leave him to teach the bricks too what to do,” It’s father said to entrust. Ruengrit accepts words before inviting It’s father to continue discussing Day’s condition at the office It therefore sat watching Day alone. Brick sat down on the edge of the bed. while holding Day’s left hand up and holding it along with gently stroking the back of the hand.

“I’m lonely, Day. I haven’t heard the sound of you scolding me for several days. I’m so lonely,” It said with a forced smile. But Day was still lying on the bed.

“Wake up and look at me. Wake up and scold me. You can tease me. I’m not used to you being this quiet,” Brick continued to say.

“If you don’t wake up in these two days I’m going to sneak out to Meen. Really go find the ball.” What did Brick talk about? Along with sitting with a funny smile as he imagined that if Day knew that it went to Meen and Ball would be rampant to see

“You know, since living with you, dating you, this is the first time. I’m sick and I don’t have you to take care of me,” It said, resting his head on Day’s palm.

“But it’s okay. You have taken care of me a lot. Let me take care of you sometimes. How about a switch?” Itachi mumbled, his head still resting on Day’s palm.

“Wake up early. Wake me up,” Brick said in a low voice. before sitting still until falling asleep like that.

“Brick, brick,” the sound of the brick, accompanied by a strong shake on the shoulder. causing Brick to wake up When he turned his head to look in the direction of the voice, he saw that Fu and Not were standing there.

“Hello, Pee Phew.” It raised his hand to pay respect to Phew. Which Day’s friend Meephew is what it called me alone. Nott also raised his hand to pay homage to the bricks as well. nodded brick.

“Why are you sleeping here?” Fu asked in a gentle voice.

“I fell asleep,” replied Itachi.

“This is a great gift for people watching. Pee Day still can’t eat anything now. P’Few and I bought some stuff for P’ It to eat instead,” Not said with a smile. It took a lot of food in Not’s hand and held it. then got up and put it on the table.

“Thank you Pee Phew and Knot very much,” It said with a soft smile. Few was still looking at his friend beside the bed.

“Is he conscious?” Fuu asked, It shook his head with a gloomy expression.

“Not yet. The doctor said it would take some time.” It said back, Phew nodded. before sitting and chatting with bricks for a bit and took Nott back and said he would visit again When Fufu and Knot go back Neil and Nick also came with Nan.

“Well, you’re tired,” Nan said with a smile. Brick gave a soft smile.

“I haven’t seen your face for a long time, idiot,” Itachi greeted back sometime. I smiled a little.

“Well, you and Hia don’t often go to the stadium sometimes. Besides, I’m in heat these days,” Nan said jokingly. Brick frowned slightly. But I’m not impressed with anything because he thought that she was only joking around.

“Oh, the children also asked me to come and visit you. They want to come But I don’t want to ruin the hospital. It also conveyed its concern to them. Said don’t stress too much, hey, they’re steel bones, it’s not that simple.” Nan said with a smile that made Brick smile a bit.

“Hmph, those crazy kids. How many times have I told you not to call me that?” Brick said, giving Nick and Neil a little bit of relief to see Brick smiling.

“Oh, I bought you a cake too. I see that you like to eat,” Nan said as he handed a box of cakes to Brick. Brick brick froze and closed his smile slowly.

“Is that a cake?”

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