Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 7

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 7

(“Tia !! Where are you?” A loud shout came through the phone. Forcing Nick to move away from his own ears before he becomes deaf.

“Why is it so loud?” Nick said.

(“I asked where are you?”) The dark voice asked again.

“When you go to the mall, come and buy things, you don’t have to fuss. Why did I come out alone? Then I invited you You just keep saying that you’re going to sleep. Dammit, what are you sleeping on?” Turned out to be Nick who yelled at his lover back.

(“Today is a holiday So where are you going in such a hurry? I told you that I’ll take you there myself. Stubborn.) Neil said to come back again.

“Okay, can you stop complaining? I’ll be right back,” said Nick.

(“Come back soon too. Buy something for me to eat. Give me an hour.” Neil said.

“Damn it, I haven’t finished shopping yet. And besides, than going to buy something to eat for you Until driving back to the condo again,” Nick complained back.

(“Oh, don’t take more than 2 hours, or you’ll find yourself short.”) Neil threatened like that. which Nick knows

“Please, my husband. I will hurry back as soon as possible. That’s it,” Nick said sarcastically. before hanging up Nick shook his head with a smile. I’m not angry at what my lover calls and yells at like this. Nick walks to pick up a few more items to put in the cart.

“Nick,” a voice called out. making Nick turn to look before pausing a bit when he saw his former partner who hadn’t seen each other for over two years

“Brother Thiem,” Nick greeted back. The young man smiled broadly as he walked towards him.

“I thought we wouldn’t remember you anymore. How are you?” Theme greeted back.

“I’m fine, how about you?” Nick asked politely.

“I just came back from France a little over a week ago. Didn’t expect to see Nick here. And who did Nick come with?” Thiem asked back.

“Come alone,” Nick answered honestly.

“So, can you go have dinner with me first? You have a lot of things you want to talk to us about,” Thiem exclaimed. Nick had a slightly embarrassed expression on his face. Because of Nick’s old partners who have passed in the past Thiem is a very nice and gentleman. The theme never once messed with Nick’s story. Simply put, it’s like another good older brother.

“But Nick has to hurry back. Brother Thiem is Fannick waiting at home,” the young man answered honestly. which caused the theme to stall a bit Nick saw a slight twinkle in Theme’s eyes. But it returned to normal in a short time.

“Nick has a boyfriend?” Thiem asked in a low voice.

“Yes,” Nick replied, with a soft smile.

“How long have you been together?” Thiem asked.

“About two years now,” Nick replied.

“When I went to France,” said the young man as if muttering. before smiling at Nick

“I’m happy too. Nick found someone that Nick could stop with him,” Thiem said. Because in the past, he also knew that Nick slept with many people. But he never made a mess or caused any problems. Because he and Nick had only agreed to have fun together.

“Thank you,” Nick replied, relieved that Theme understood.

“So from now on, we can be good brothers and sisters, right?” Thiem asked. Nick nodded with a smile.

“Yes, Thiem has always been a good brother to Nick,” Nick replied with the same smile. Before the two of them stood and talked for a bit. And Theme asked to exchange numbers with Nick in order to keep in touch with each other as brothers.

“I went to pay first. Let’s meet soon.” Nick said after seeing that it had been time to talk for a while.

“Okay, let’s make an appointment to eat. Then Nick brought a fan to ask you to scan,” Thiem said jokingly. Nick nodded with a smile. Before walking to push the car to pay the bill When I turned to look, I saw Them standing there with a smile on my face as usual. when payment is complete Nick took the stuff to the car. and then drive to buy food near the condo to take back to the lover And Neil called just as Nick finished shopping for groceries. Nick then said that in 20 minutes, he arrived at the condo. And when Nick parked his car at the condo, he found his lover standing smoking in the parking lot. Neil extinguishes the cigarette and walks over to help Nick carry his belongings.

“You’re 10 minutes late, shorty,” Neil said flatly. with a fierce look on the faces of lovers

“Oh, you’re going to go crazy,” Nick said jokingly. before persuasively rubbing his head against the strong shoulders of his lover because the mobile phone is on both sides

“Returning a little late, a little late, pretending to complain. Miss me keke,” Nick said as he walked into the elevator with Neil by his side.

“I’m afraid you’re going to go and stab other people with your horns,” Neil said, biting his lover’s nose diligently. along with pressing the elevator to the floor where they are

“Ouch Neil, you can bite,” Nick grunted lightly, rubbing his own nose against Neil’s shirt. Neil smiled wryly. He wasn’t really angry with his lover, he was just worried. Not long after, the two of them arrived in the room. when entering the room Neil was the one who took the purchased items to store. Nick prepares to put the purchased food on a plate.

“Think of the bricks,” Nick said, causing Neil to raise a few eyebrows.

“Think about it and go find it. Maybe Day is sleeping at home by now?” Neil said jokingly.

“It’d be nice if it was still as close to us as before,” Nick said in a low voice. Neil looked at his lover’s face and knew that Nick wants Day and The Brick to stay here like before.

“Calm down, we’ll be close soon. Saw that day, it said at the end of the village where it is He has expanded the project, now the construction is over 80% completed,” Neil said. Nick turned to look at his lover happily.

“Will you buy a house there?” Nick asked immediately.

“Do you want it? Or do you want to continue living in a condo like this?” Neil asked back, Nick jumping in his lover’s arms.

“I want a house, I want a house that has a lot of space. I want to get a dog,” Nick said with a big smile.

“Take care of yourself first,” Neil said, smiling sweetheart.

“Are you really going to buy a house, Neil?” Nick asked Neil again just to be sure. Neil himself embraced his lover.

“True, I know you want to hang out with the Day and the Bricks,” Neil said, Nick nodded.

“The brick has invited me several times to find a house near it. When is there anything to help each other? Let’s find each other easily. Just like before,” said Nick.

“Really?” Neil teasingly asks, Nick laughing.

“Keke, it said in case it gets angry with its husband. So he can escape and sleep in our house,” said Nick, smiling.

“Huh, you will also have a friend with a rhino?” Neil pretended to ask back. Nick slightly wrinkled his nose at his lover.

“Where’s that brick rhinoceros? I’m going to kill him now,” Nick said back.

“I’m going to kill myself, too,” Neil pretended to say in a stern voice. But Nick rolled his eyes back and forth.

“Go ahead, I like it, go ahead, a lot, kill it keke,” Nick said vaguely, before being forcefully pinched by his lover’s nose.

“You’re so naughty. Don’t worry, I’ll do it tonight. Let’s go eat first. I’m so hungry that I can eat you whole,” Neil said jokingly.

“So eat me first. Then eat rice later, okay?” Nick still made a cheeky face at his lover. Therefore, Neil hit his head not too hard. before Neil drags his lover to sit and eat together

“Holiday like this is so boring,” Nick grumbles as he sits in the living room watching movies with his partner.

“So you don’t have to close the garage on Sunday, right? Work all week,” Neil pretended to ask. Nick frowned.

“Damn it, I’ve been working for 6 days and I need some rest,” Nick said.

“And you’re not calling this a break?” Neil asked.

“It’s just a break. But today I’m bored, I don’t know how. Shall we go find Day and Brick?” Nick asked. Neil thought.

“Um, that’s good too. I’m going to talk to him about the house too. Let me call him first.” Neil said as he picked up his phone and dialed. Not long after, Day received a call. and accepting that Neil can come to the house because I didn’t go anywhere Neil and Nick then changed clothes and drove to Day and Brick.

“Did you just wake up?” Nick asked his best friend when he saw Brick sitting slumbering on the sofa.

“Got to sleep a little during the day,” It replied, rubbing the hair on his head in place.

“Day, are you treating your wife too well?” Nick teased.

“Why am I fat?” It asked hurriedly, looking down at his body immediately. Day shook his head slightly when he saw the expression of his lover.

“I haven’t said a single word that you’re fat. I’m just saying that Day treats you well, right? Eat well and sleep well,” Nick corrected, Brick’s face relieved.

“Buffalo, I thought I was getting fat again,” It complained back.

“Afraid to get fat, eat a little cake,” Day said out. Brick pouts his lover’s nose before turning to Nick again. Day and Neil talk about the house.

“You’re really going to move in near me?” It asked excitedly when he learned that Neil had come to talk to Day about the extended house project at the end of the back alley.

“Well, it’s up to Neil,” Nick replied.

“Tia, I’ll stay with the bricks first. I’ll let Day take me to talk to Cell,” Neil said, causing Nick to immediately turn to look at his lover.

“Let’s talk today, I’m coming too,” Nick chimed in.

“You don’t have to go yet. I would like to discuss the details first. undecided Anyway, I have to tell you the details first anyway. fuck you now Let’s go to mess with the cells. I’m too lazy to clean it up for you.” Neil just jokingly said that.

“Damn you bastard, I’m not the type to sway like a brick,” Nick said jokingly to his friend.

“Aww, this guy, you’ll be kicked out of the house soon.” It said that he was not really angry with his best friend. Before Day and Neil took each other out of the house to talk to the salesperson who sold the project.

“You’ll be having dinner with us this evening,” It said inviting him because it was once in a while that he had a meal with his best friend.

“Um, I’m going to ask to live at your house for dinner as well. No waste keke,” Nick said jokingly.

“Dammit !! ” Brick said that his friend smiled.


Nick’s phone rings. Made Nick pick it up to look. before frowning slightly But press answer anyway

“Hello, Brother Thiem,” Nick answered the other line.

(“Did you call to disturb me?”) The other party asked in a considerate voice.

“No, what’s wrong with you?” Nick asked back.

(“It’s nothing. Just call to see if I’m pretending to give you the wrong number.” Thiem said, making Nick chuckle lightly. with the bricks sitting and looking at them curiously

“Why would I pretend to give you the wrong number?” Nick asked, not serious.

(“I’m kidding. So where are we?” The other party asked as if he didn’t know what to talk about.

“I’m just coming to my friend’s house for errands,” Nick replied, raising his eyebrows a little when he saw Toad looking at himself.

(“Did you go with your boyfriend?” Thiem continued.

“Yes,” Nick replied directly. because there is no need to hide anything

(“Then I better not bother. Soon, our fans will misunderstand.) Theme spoke up jokingly.

“Keke, not really,” Nick replied.

(“No, I have to run errands. Just call and chat. That’s all.”) The theme of the ending speech.

“Okay, let’s talk later, brother Thiem,” Nick said again before hanging up. But the moment Nick hung up, it felt like the other party was about to say something. but couldn’t hear it Which Nick didn’t care about.

“What are you looking at, Brick?” Nick asked his best friend who had been watching since Nick was already late.

“Secretly chatting with Kik? Neil will know that you will be killed by you for sure,” It said.

“What’s wrong with Kik Kik Bo? It’s just the seniors who know it,” Nick replied.

“I’m familiar with your name, what’s your theme? Do I know you?” Itachi asked because he really knew his name.

“Do you remember when we had to organize our third year troupe activities, the guy who bought you supplies so often?” Nick recalled to his best friend. Brick frowned slightly. before his eyes widened

“Pee Thiem, the handsome white one who is your partner, your partner, your old partner?” It asked shocked.

“What are you going to do? How often? Either word is the same,” Nick said jokingly. I didn’t think much of Brick’s words.

“Is that so?” he asked, and Nick nodded.

“I just came back from France. Then by chance we met today. So let’s exchange numbers.” Nick replied nonchalantly.

“Does Neil know?” It asked tensely.

“I don’t know,” Nick replied honestly.

“And does P’Theme know that you already have a husband?” It asked again.

“I know, I already told him. He himself understands. So I just want to be my brother and sister. Plus, he said he wanted me to bring Neil to the show, too.” Nick replied, with a puzzled look on his face.

“Brother, this is your theme. You seem to be a very kind person,” It said back because he felt strange in his heart.

“He’s been a good guy for a long time,” Nick replied nonchalantly.

“But anyway, I think you should tell your husband a little bit. Looks like Neil isn’t much different from Day. Day doesn’t like me to meet Meen very much. Just having a call is still not satisfying at all. But he didn’t want to yell at me. It tells me what I want to tell you. You are the same. If you have something, just tell that bastard. I believe that he is a rational person, ”It said with concern. made Nick think

“Well, let me tell you,” Nick responded, starting to agree with his friend’s idea. Before the two sat and chatted for a while, Day and Neil came back in.

“How are you?” Nick immediately asked his lover.

“The offer is fine. Let’s go home and talk later. I’ll give you the details to read too, but in the car,” said Neil.

“Neil, stay and eat here first. I invited you to my wife,” It said, and Neil nodded in agreement.

“Then let’s go see it first. What can I do for dinner?” Day said before walking into the kitchen. Brick hurries to follow his lover. Neil sat down next to Nick.

“Me and Day are not here. Did you secretly make an appointment to do something bad?” Neil pretended to ask his lover.

“What do you see me and the brick as a person?” Nick said with a smile. before being silent for a moment as he remembered Brick’s previous words.

“What’s the matter?” Neil asked as he saw the lover’s motionlessness.

“I have something to tell you,” said Nick.

“What is it?” Neil asked back.

“Uh… Neil, you know that right? What my past was like,” Nick continued, Neil sitting still with a nod.

“You can accept everything about my past, right?” Nick continued.

“If I can’t accept Will I be with you? You have something to say, just say it. No need to go on too long,” Neil stressed, his expression becoming more serious. Until Nick had to hold his lover’s arm in a pleasing way.

“Don’t make that face. I’m just saying…” Nick told Neil about his experience with Theme.

“In conclusion, you and I are like siblings. And only exchange phone numbers, right?” Neil asked when Nick finished. Some people immediately nodded.

“Did you call me yet?” Neil asked.

“Called when you went out to see the house with Day. But call me for a moment,” Nick said back, Neil looked at his lover still. before letting out a small sigh of relief

“Well, it’s good to be just brothers and sisters. What was the past with me? I don’t care as long as at present It doesn’t want to come back and stir the old fire between it and you again. I will ignore it. I’m going to kill them both,” Neil said with glowing eyes.

“Would it be crazy if he wanted to knock out the old fire? But if I don’t play with it, nothing will happen,” Nick reassured.

“I trust you, but I don’t trust anyone else,” Neil said again, but made Nick smile.

“Is it Huang Gu?” Nick asked with a smile.

“Well, this species of rhino is rare. There is only one in the world I won’t give it to anyone.” Neil said in a serious tone.

“Keke, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you,” Nick said as he reached out and gently blew his lover’s forehead. Neil chuckled before vigorously rubbing Nick’s head.

“Oh, what is your theme? You said you wanted to see me?” Neil asked again when he remembered.

“Um,” Nick replied in his throat.

“Then you can call him to make an appointment for dinner tomorrow evening, I want to see his face too,” Neil said, widening Nick’s eyes.

“Will it be too soon?” Nick asked back.

“Why, sooner or later, we have to meet anyway. Besides, I want to quickly see the faces of people who want to be brothers and sisters with you. Let’s see if it looks like your former Nont.” Neil said without thinking. This caused Nick to froze for a bit when he heard this name. Neil himself was silent as he accidentally dropped his words.

“Uh, sorry,” Neil said, and Nick smiled slightly. Act like you don’t feel anything

“It’s okay, I didn’t think much of it, but anyway, I’m curious too. How is Brother Non? since that time He didn’t come back to set foot in Thailand again,” Nick said in a low voice. To the extent that he was angry with his half-brother But Nick couldn’t help but worry either. How will Non live? What about mental symptoms like being obsessed with things that you like? Will it still be the same?


Bring Neil Nick first.

Neil Nick’s episode will not match the main episode of Day Brick. different time.

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