Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 6

Love Syndrome Novel Season 3 Chapter 6

“Day, day,” Brick’s voice called out. Before walking in to find a lover in the office

“What’s the brick?” Day asked back.

“Loi Krathong this year Where should we go to float our Krathong?” It asked in an enthusiastic tone.

“So where do you want to float?” Day asked back without looking up at the brick.

“I follow you,” It said with a smile. Day looked up in surprise.

“According to me, then I won’t float,” Day replied flatly. I just want to tease my lover. Brick immediately pouted when he heard that.

“You’re like this every time,” it murmured in a hoarse voice.

“You know I’m like this. Then why do you come and ask me? Tell me where you want to go You don’t have to ask me.” Day said in a normal tone.

“Just in case you want to go somewhere,” It said. Day put down the paperwork in his hand before leaning against the backrest of the chair.

“I entrust this duty to you. Tell me where you want to go,” Day said back. which the bricks themselves know very well that Day’s heart is bricks

“Let me really choose,” Itachi asked to be sure. Day nodded Before Brick picks up the phone to dial something. and then submit it to Day to see Day raised his eyebrows a bit.

“Mon Bridge,” Day said when he saw the picture shown by the bricks. nodded brick

“I know you don’t like crowded places. Then I went to talk to Miles. Pee Miles said that if you want to go to a place that isn’t crowded, I recommend you to go here,” It answered with a smile.

“Did you think of this in advance and why did you ask me?” Day asked back with a slight smile. It feels good to see that It always thinks of Day.

“I just want to try and ask, and besides, I’ve already invited everyone else,” It said in a muffled voice.

“Hmm, who are the other people you’re talking about?” Day asked curiously.

“There is Mee Anim Phat, P’ Miles, Kan, P’ Beam, Gear, P’ Night, Khun Kamon, P’ Kim, and P’ Khom and Baiboon. I haven’t met Nong Baiboon yet. I want to see him. Other people see that he’s busy. Neal and Nick saw that Neal’s mother came from abroad and had to take them on a trip or not. Including me and you, it’s 13 people,” Brick said in a set. Day shook his head with the plan set by Brick.

“When are you going to invite them?” Day asked back with some curiosity, It smiled a little.

“After I talked to Pee Miles about finding a place to float Krathongs without crowds. When Pee Miles suggested that we go to the Mon Bridge So I called two days ago to invite others. The person who can go is as I say,” It replied with a smile.

“Huh, this travel thing is fast,” Day said jokingly to his lover. brick wrinkled nose and look at the face again

“Ok, Day. Pee Miles will call to book accommodation for you. This is already the 3rd day and we have to travel on the 5th day ,” It said again. Day nodded

“Yay ! Then I’ll call and tell Miles first.” It cried happily. before running out of the lover’s office Day shook his head and smiled. I would like to tell you about traveling, Brick is good at it.


Day 4 evening

Everyone gathered at Yeonim’s big house. to prepare to travel to the Mon Bridge Sangkhlaburi District Kanchanaburi tomorrow

“Mee, are you and P’Khom here?” It walked in and asked Yeonim, who was preparing food to eat in the car for everyone.

“It’s almost there,” Yeonim replied.

“I want to see Nong Baiboon. Seeing Day, he told me that he was small,” It said.

“Um, the little one is really cute. He’s a good boy too,” Yeonim said with a smile.

“Why do I want to know? What’s wrong with you, come to like P’ Kom keke” It said smiling back.

Pok !

“Oh, who..?.. Ao, when did P’Kom come?” It greeted immediately when he realized that the person who knocked his head was Khom.

“Come in time, you heard what we said just now.” Kom replied with a smile.

“Where are you Kamol?” Yeonim asked.

“At the reception room. I’m talking to Day.” Kom replied before Yeonim walked out to greet Kamol and Kim.

“Brother Kom, where is Nong Baiboon?” It asked immediately. Slightly squinted

“Suddenly, I came to ask for my wife. What are you thinking, Brick?” Khom pretended to ask, wrinkling his nose a bit.

“I still don’t want to be killed by Dayman and cut my throat. I just want to see you,” It continued.

“Over there, Beam and Nightlock were taken to nowhere.” Khom replied. It’s eyes immediately widened.

“Hey, what? Not at all.” Finished speaking, Brick hurriedly ran out of the kitchen. Kom shook his head at Brick’s childlike demeanor. Before Tekom walked out to join the others in the living room.

“Regarding the accommodation, I have already called to reserve it. It is a resort where I go to stay regularly. They will also have a home with a twin house. So I booked a total of 7 villas, sleeping 2 people in each of them, “Smile said while chatting in the living room, with Yeonim Kamon, Kim Day Pat, Smile Kan Kom.

“I have to sleep alone. because we go together as a couple,” Pat said with a smile.

“Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to sleep in your bones.” Yeonim replied.

“Then I will pay for the accommodation fee myself.” Kamol volunteered to come up.

“Okay,” Yeonim replied.

“Mee, you don’t hesitate?” Pat asked jokingly.

“Don’t hesitate, Pat. Mr. Kamol volunteered and asked him to pay for that, “Kim said with a smile.

“This means that this work has been approved by your wife, right, Mr. Kamol?” Kan said jokingly. Kamol smiled grimly.

“Something like that,” Kamol replied with a smile.

“Then agree that Mr. Kamol pays for the accommodation fee. Regarding travel expenses We can talk again when we get there. Are you okay?” he said, everyone nodded in agreement.

“Kom, where is Bai Boon?” Kim asked when he couldn’t find Bai Boon.

“I don’t know my fate yet,” Kom replied jokingly.

“Where is Nong Baiboon?” It asked as he walked into another small living room and found Gear sitting still. On one of the sofas, Night and Beam are sitting opposite a cute boy.

“This is Brother It,” Night points to Bai Boon.

“Hey, it’s really cute too. Why would you fall for Brother Kom’s grammar?” It said, making Baiboon’s face turn red.

“Then why are you so obsessed with Dayman?” Gears flirted with his friend.

“I’m not obsessed with it,” It immediately argued back.

“Oh, forget it, you’re not lost in words, but lost…” At the last word, Gears spoke silently. causing Brick to open his mouth, unable to scold his friend

“Your mouth is broken, Gear,” said Night, who loves a dark voice.

“Yes, damn it, Night, Nong Baiboon. Seriously, how old is she?” It immediately turned his attention to the merit certificate.

“ 15 ha,” Bai Boon answered softly. Brick’s eyes widened when he heard it.

“ 15!!! P’Khom takes the minors ! ” Brick said loudly.

“Bheem was shocked as well, Brother It,” Bheem said back with a smile. It immediately sat on the floor in front of Bai Boon.

“Seriously asking merit Why do you like Brother Kom?” It asked curiously.

“Uh… well.” Baiboon felt slightly embarrassed. dare not speak out because today the young man just met everyone on the first day

“Tell me, I want to know,” It said with a smile. While Night and Beam looked at each other. It is known that the person who wants to know is probably the only brick.

“What do you want to know?” Day’s deep voice sounded. when everyone walked into the living room Kom hurriedly walked towards Bai Boon immediately. The youth immediately got up to look for Sharp as well.

“Oh, what is it? I’m talking to Nong Baiboon. Ah, hello Mr. Kamol.” It hurriedly raised his hand to pay respect to Kamol immediately when he saw his face. Kamal nodded with a smile.

“Bai Boon, Brother It, did something tease us?” Khom asked, not taking it seriously. Boon shook his head back and forth.

“Brother It isn’t teasing anything,” Baiboon immediately replied.

“The brick is asking Baiboon whether Why do you like Pee Kom?” Gear said instead.

“Then why does it like Day?” Kom asked sometime back. This made everyone immediately turn to look at the brick. The brick faces the abyss when everyone turns towards themselves.

“Why are you asking me?” Itachi asked immediately. Day stared blankly at the brick.

“After all, let’s say everyone has dinner first. Then disperse and prepare to pack their bags. We’re going to stay for two nights.” Yeonim said, making It relieved that he didn’t have to answer Khom’s question. Upon hearing what Yeonim said Everyone immediately went to the dining room. When they finished eating, it went to look for merit leaves but was pulled by Day to pack his bags himself first. causing the bricks to mumble


day 5

Everyone prepares their belongings to the car around 10 a.m. and takes only one van. with Khom as the driver, alternating with Day, and Kan with Gear Volunteer to drive on the way back and Pat volunteered to drive when traveling around the district of Sangkhlaburi As for Kamol, everyone agreed to sit still. because Kamol is the big dealer in this trip

// You’re not uncomfortable, are you? That I invite other people to travel with us too // It whispers to Day softly.

// No, I can do whatever, it’s up to you// Day replied, causing Brick to smile.

“You’re ready, right? So let’s travel together. from downtown Kanchanaburi to the Sangkhla district It takes about 3 hours. We should arrive there around 2pm. will be able to check-in As for whoever is hungry now, let’s eat some snacks that I made just in case.” Yeonim said to everyone. When you see that they are together Yeonim’s group immediately departed.

“Mei Anim, do you have any medicine for motion sickness?” Kim asked.

“Is there anyone to eat?” Yeonim asked back.

“Merit leaves Saw Smile said that the way to go was a little bit of a maze. Baiboon was afraid that he would get motion sickness,” Kim replied.

“Baiboon, do you want to sit in the front with Khom?” Kamol asked because Kamol was sitting next to Khom in the driver’s seat. and let Kim sit with Boon

“It’s okay, Bai Boon can sit with P’ Kim,” the young man replied. Yeonim then sends a car sickness pill to the young man. Boon leaves to eat and drink water

“Does anyone else have one?” Yeonim asked again.

“I’d like Beam too,” said Kan.

“Beam won’t take it. Beam won’t get drunk,” Beam replied to Kan.

“It’s good to eat first, Beam,” said Kan. Beam then nodded in acceptance. Before Yeonim sends medicine to Beem to take with another person.

“Did you take the brick?” Gear asked.

“No, I’m not drunk,” It replied.

“No, I want you to sleep. So I won’t talk too much,” Gears continued to tease his friend. It turned to look at his best friend’s green eyes.

“Night, can I kick Gear?” It asked.

“It’s all right, Brother It,” replied Night. Causing Gear to turn around to lock his lover’s neck and pretend to gently threaten to kiss everyone making Night’s face turn red Before everyone in the car sat quietly. There were some conversations, but not very loud. sharp driving Talk to Kamol Talk to Day sitting in the front row seat sometimes. Stop by the gas station periodically. As for the bricks, they have fallen asleep since. the first hour has passed

“Brother Kom, is that right?” Phat asked.

“I have already seen the route. But if you go to the district Pat and Miles have to tell me. Which way do you want to go to the resort?” Kom told back, Pat responded. Kom actually drove for 3 hours longer than what Yeonim had said at first. Finally, we enter Sangkhlaburi district.

“Even now, I admit that the path is really quite scary. If someone is not good at driving here There is a chance that there will be an accident,” said Kom, as he was on the way to Sangkhla District. will have to drive up the hill and down the hill There are many dangerous curves. In addition, some times we have to drive along the abyss. You have to keep down gear and drive carefully enough.

“Yes, most of the time, Pat and I will take a van from the transportation. Because he’s more proficient in the route,” Smile replied before giving directions to the resort. which is adjacent to the way down to the Mon Bridge When the car parks at the resort’s parking lot Everyone immediately got out of the car and stretched their lines.

“Ao, did you conclude that Brother Kom drove alone?” Itad greeted him because Kom did not change Day to drive.

“I saw that we were sleeping with Chao Day fine. So I don’t want to scrub it.” Khom said teasingly. make the brick face a little more colored but still didn’t say anything The owner of the resort walked directly towards the group of bricks first.

“Hello Khun Mile, Khun Phat” Pai, the owner of the resort greets Smile and Pat cordially.

“Hello, Khun Phai, everyone. This is Khun Phai, the owner of the resort here.” Smile introduces everyone to Storm.

“Then please go check in and pay for your accommodation. My room was already prepared by someone. So what are you eating here? So I can get the cook to open the kitchen for me,” Phai asked.

“Not yet, I’m sorry to bother you,” said Yeonim, knowing full well that everyone was hungry.

“Okay,” Pai replied before taking everyone to the resort’s lobby. Kamon manages to pay for all accommodation expenses. Then send the room key to each couple to collect their belongings and go out together at the resort’s restaurant.

Twin house number 1-2 Kan Beam stays in the 1st house Put smiles stays in the 2nd house  

Twin houses No.  3-4  , Day It stays in the 3rd house , Gear Night stays in the 4th house.  

Yeon-nim stays in the 5th single house. 

Kamon Kim stays in the  6th  house , Kom Baiboon stays in the 7th

“Brother Kan, bring the bag. Bheem will take it out and arrange it first,” Bheem said as he walked into the room. Kan put the bag in front of the cabinet. Along with hugging Beam from the back and kissing the left and right cheeks

“Brother Kan, don’t tease Beam. Now we have to go out to eat with everyone,” Bheem said with a hot face.

“Can’t you eat Beam first?” Kan asked in a low voice. making Beam’s face turn red

“Pee Kan is crazy, please don’t. Just before entering the room, Pee Miles said that the walls of the room here are not sound proof,” Beem said softly. Kan smiled wryly. before agreeing to let go of his lover and help pack his bags

“Phat Kunak,” Smile said as he walked into the room, Pat pulled Smile down to lie down on the bed, laying on top of Smiley.


Phat Hom Cheeks smile fluttering

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Smile said, not taking it seriously.

“I’m glad we’re back here again. This is where the memory of the two of us is held,” said Pat. Causing Smile to freeze a bit before cracking a small smile

“I’m glad,” Smile replied with a smile.

“What are you smiling about?” where everyone’s accommodation The door of the house is facing the hill, which can clearly see the Mon Bridge. And in front of the room is a balcony with a table to sit and sit.

“I feel great. to be here,” Kim said with a smile.

“Why?” Kamal asked back.

“The weather here is so nice, it looks so peaceful, I love it here,” Kim said.

“So hold on, what day do you want to come again? I’ll bring you here,” said Kamol heartily. Immediately made Kim smile widely.

“Thank you,” said Kim, turning to kiss Kamol’s rough cheeks as well.

“Brother Kom, Baiboon still feels sleepy,” Baiboon said as he sat down at the end of the bed. Look at the sharp, arrange the clothes into the closet.

“Then go wash your face and wash your eyes first. will have bright eyes,” Kom said back. Baiboon looked hesitantly at the bathroom.

“What is it?” Kom asked when he saw Bai Boon’s attitude. young boy smiling Before swooping in and gently shaking sharp arms

“Brother Kom, can you go in and do some research for merit? Are there spiders?” said the young man in a pleading voice. make a sharp smile

“What do you think?” said Kom, gently rubbing his lover’s head. before going to explore in the bathroom for the young man When he saw that it was safe, there were no spiders. Bai Boon immediately went to wash his face.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Gears asked his lover as he walked into the room. Night looked at his lover with the corner of his eye.

“You don’t have to say it. I see gear That you secretly looked at the receptionist just now and secretly smiling at each other,” Night said in a deep voice.

“Which female receptionist? But as I remember, I looked at everyone,” Gear replied. Made Night’s face more bent than before.

“That’s why you look at it. Do you like it? All white and chubby,” Night said, gears smiling slightly. Before pulling Night into a hug and lightly pinching his lover’s nose

“You think so much that I look at you because I heard them talking in a strange accent. So I wonder what language they speak. When he turned to me I have to smile. They’ll call me arrogant again,” Gears explained, reminding Night that he had also heard employees speaking a language they were unfamiliar with.

“Are you sure?” Night asked again. Gear then kissed the clear cheeks heavily.

“Most sure, love being alone. Why are you suspicious?” Gear said jokingly. Before inviting the night to arrange the items

“Let’s come and look at this. I can see the Mon Bridge clearly.” Brick standing on the balcony of the room called out to his lover who brought his bag to collect. Let’s walk out and see the view together. Day walked out and stood behind the bricks. Before Brick pointed Day to look at it with dazzling eyes. Day himself was quite satisfied with this place. Because it looks quite peaceful without many colors.

“I see that it’s just been repaired here,” Day replied.

“Um, brother Miles said the same thing. I just finished the repair not long ago,” It replied, raising his phone to take a picture of the view in front of him.

“Are you getting a little too close with Miles these days?” Day asked, but didn’t take it seriously. I just want to tease my lover It immediately turned to look at Day.

“What do you think of me? I talked to Pee Miles, what’s wrong with that?” It asked in a mournful tone.

“I don’t know, didn’t you see that you were pleased with him?” Day pretended to ask again. Brick’s face immediately frowned upon hearing this.

“You have a bad habit, Day. Likes to ruin my good atmosphere, go away.” After saying that, Itachi immediately walked away from Day to go to Yeonim’s house. Day only smiled slightly. Seeing the frustrated look of Brick

“Are you mentally ill? Why do you like to pretend to be annoyed?” Gear’s voice sounded. Through the door of Gear’s own room Day shrugged slightly.

“My story,” Day replied nonchalantly. before turning to lock the room door and follow the brick as well When everyone put their things in and put them away immediately gathered together at the restaurant of the resort The restaurant here will see the view of the Three Rivers, the Mon Bridge, and the Bodhgaya Pagoda. and saw the underwater church in the distance Other couples stand in a row to take photos to capture the atmosphere. Kamol and Kim talk to the owner of the resort about food and tourists in general.

“Day, what are you doing to make the bricks touch again?” Yeonim walked up to complain to Day. with bricks moving forward bent towards the back

“I haven’t done anything yet,” Day replied in a normal tone. Causing the brick to bend even more than Day pretended to be ignorant

“I don’t know. Tonight, I’m going to sleep with Mee.” It said, causing Day to frown at once.

“Don’t be an idiot and bother me, it,” Day said back.

“Don’t bother,” It said before walking over and sitting next to Kim. Before Kamol called everyone to sit and eat first. When everyone was seated and their food had been ordered. They sat and talked while waiting for food.

“What else is going on with this couple?” Kamol asked when Day was not sitting next to the brick. but sat opposite the brick instead

“Nothing, sir. Just an idiot.” Day said in a flat tone. Immediately, the brick glared at Day.

“You have a bad mouth,” Brick said back.

“Enough, don’t fight. You’re the one who started thinking about traveling, it.” Yeonim said that he came out. making the bricks stand still

“Yeonim, tomorrow I will book a bamboo rafting program. and taking a boat to see the sunken church Miles and Pat recommended it,” said Kamol.

“Good,” Yeonim replied before turning to Smile.

“Miles, how did you plan this trip?” Yeonim asked, as he gave the travel program to Smile to manage. Because Smile and Pat had visited here before.

“In today’s section Just finish eating Shall we go down and take a walk on the zucchini bridge? Once we reach the Mon side, we slowly walk back via the Mon Bridge. Let’s sleep in the room first. In the early evening, if it doesn’t rain, let’s go for a walk on the walking street, ”Smile said.

“Tomorrow As we talked with Khun Kamol earlier, in the early morning, we will go to offer food to monks on the Mon side. Then come back to have breakfast at the resort. After 10 a.m., the resort will take us to bamboo rafting. Back at the accommodation, it’s late afternoon. Let’s find something to eat and then go to sleep.

At 3 p.m., we take a boat to see the sunken church. Then come back and walk the bridge again. In case anyone wants to buy souvenirs, buy them first. then come back to shower Go find something to eat at Walking Street for a while. Then came back to float their Krathongs on the zucchini bridge again,” Smile explained. Everyone nodded in acceptance.

“Let me add a little more. This trip, everyone is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol,” Kim said, making some people look disgusted. But it was well accepted. when agreed The food was served.

“Brother Kan, what kind of vegetable is this?” Beem asked his lover when he saw an unfamiliar face of stir-fried vegetables in front of him.

“Probably a vegetable. Right, Pat?” Kan turned to ask Pat.

“Yes, Kan. famous items here We’ll go rafting tomorrow. I’ll show you the tree, Beam,” Pat said with a smile. Bheem also nodded with a smile. before everyone sits down to eat in silence because they are all hungry When eating full, Niyon volunteered to be the dealer in this meal.

“After we’re full, let’s go for a walk at the zucchini bridge. The sun is not hot anymore. But I’m afraid that it’s going to rain,” Smile said when he saw the sky becoming hazy. before taking everyone to the down path which is at the front of the resort The way down is quite steep. But the road down is a paved road.

“Can you walk, Bai Boon?” Kom asked.

“Wai,” Baiboon answered with a smile.

“Why, if Bai Boon can’t walk? Are you going to let merit certificate ride on your back?” Kamol pretended to ask.

“Yes, I thought that if Bai Boon really did not work. I’ll let the merit certificate ride on my back.” Kom replied straightforwardly. Because really think like this Not irony of his own boss, but how? Boon’s face turned red when he heard this.

“Brother Kom, Bai Boon can walk by himself,” the young man said in a muffled voice because other people were smiling. It came to walk beside Yeonim. Refusing to walk near Day Day did not say anything. When everyone reached the end of the way down, they stopped to buy water from the shop at the bridgehead to drink. before taking them to the zucchini bridge which is a bamboo bridge built by villagers for temporary traffic During the time the Mon Bridge was not finished repairing But when the repair is complete, it has not been dismantled, but how?

“Ah, I feel that the zucchini bridge in the first half is a bit old. Walk with caution,” Smiley warned. Seeing the state of the gourd bridge in the first halfway, I was a little worried. But the second half was repaired well.

“Brother Kan, will it break?” Beam asked Kan as he walked behind Smile along one plank for a while. with Kan following behind Beam again

“Beam will wait for you to cling to me,” said Kan. Bheem tightly hugged his lover’s arms. Everyone walked apart in pairs. When the first half came through Everyone was relieved. because the second half of the bridge is quite strong Many couples raise their cameras and phones to take pictures. especially smile who secretly took a picture of this person

“You’re interested in me too, wife,” Pat’s voice was not very loud. Smile turned to look at him with fierce eyes.

“Can I have some time to take pictures of other people first? Besides, I told you to call my wife. Let’s kick it into the water.” Smile said not serious. Pat smiled and laughed. I’m not really annoyed.

“Mmm, is the water very deep?” It asked as he looked down at the river.

“If you want to know, you can jump into the depths,” Yeonim said back, wrinkling his nose a bit.

“Pee Ma, Pee Ma,” a voice shouted from the Mon Bridge. Causing everyone standing at the gourd bridge to look at the call.

“Who’s P’Mawa?” said Gears, puzzled. because there are other groups of tourists Let’s take a walk together.

“Hi Ant,” Smile shouted back.

“Ham show?” A young man about 15 years old with sun-black skin shouted back again.

“Who is it, Brother Miles?” Night asked curiously.

“Oh, Nong Mod is a little tour guide here. I’m a Karen. I can’t speak clearly,” Smile replied with a smile.

“Ah, this is Brother Miles, isn’t it?” Night asked, Smile laughingly rested his face. before turning to the youth named Ant again

“Brother, let me show you 100 ,” Smile said back. Hands of ants signaling agreement

“Look at the courage of the children here,” said Smile, smiling, before the youth named Ant climbed the railing of the bridge to stand outside and…

“Oi!” many people’s shocked cries sounded as the young man jumped off the bridge into the river below.


the sound of splashing water along with the body of a young man who sunk into the water After a while, he jumped up with a sly smile.

“Come and get the money,” Smile called out as many others stood still.

“This kid is really brave,” Kamol said jokingly. Knowing that the young man skipped the show to earn a little money Kamon then took out extra money with Smile as well.

“Almost all the kids here are brave. He grew up on the river grew up here He’s not afraid of anything.” Smile replied with a smile. Before sending the money to the young man who swims to Smile at the gourd bridge Young boy waving his hands in gratitude

“Let’s talk later, ant,” Smile told the young man. before taking everyone to the shore of Mon which this side is still the territory of Thailand But most of the people who live on this side are Mon people. So it’s called the Mon side.

“Gears, do you dare to jump like that kid?” It asked.

“What about you?” Gear asked back.

“All right, I’m brave,” It said with a smile.

“Don’t be too naughty,” Day said flatly. Because I heard that my lover was talking to my friend. It immediately turned to look at Day.

“My story,” It said back.

“Don’t make me have to play a brutal role. Say something to him,” Day said, making Brick’s face bend.

“Oh, you can’t jump,” It said with a slamming noise before walking towards Bai Boon and Khom instead. Everyone strolls along the Mon side to look at souvenirs and souvenirs. But haven’t bought it yet because I intend to buy it the next day. On the way back, everyone walks back along the Mon Bridge.

“Damn, that’s a brick,” Gears said as he walked up onto the Mon Bridge and looked down at the river below.

“Oh yeah,” It replied with goosebumps. while thinking about why that child dared to jump down

“I think we should hurry back to the accommodation. Looks like it’s going to rain this evening. If it doesn’t stop raining Let’s go to sleep first.” Kim suggested as he saw the sky. everyone agrees walking back together Everyone had to walk up the hill. which is more comfortable to walk on the way down than on the way up Many people had to stop for a while and then continue walking.

“I’m tired,” Brick murmured.

“I’m tired,” Yeonim replied, but everyone walked up to the resort in a slightly panting state. Each couple went into the room because it had started to rain.

“Go back to your house. don’t be stupid Otherwise, I’ll give up and take you home right now.” Yeonim said that he came out when he saw that It pretended to follow Yeonim to go to Yeonim’s house.

“Oh,” Brick said in a hushed voice. Day just stood and watched. It’s pouring rain now. But when seeing Yeonim’s fierce eyes It has to walk back to his own home with Day, but all is well. Day himself followed behind his lover. As soon as we arrived at the house, the rain fell heavily.

“Are you tired yet?” Day asked after closing the door to the room.

“Tired of what?” It asked back curtly.

“That’s annoying me. Are you tired yet?” he asked again.

“It can be tiring too, nervous,” Brick said back when he realized that his lover had spoken sarcastically.

“You can act like a child. Really, do you want to take me to travel or do you want to bring me to fight?” Day asked.

“Who is it that invites a fight? I’m in my stuff. Good stuff. I came to be suspicious and didn’t know what to do. And who is Miles? He’s a son too. Most importantly, Miles already has Pat. He didn’t come to pay attention to me. I don’t really care about him in that sense. Understand again.” Brick said going out as a group. Day smiled slightly.

“How long have you been with me? Even if I can’t see which one I’m joking about and which one I’m telling the truth,” Day asked back.

“I have a serious face in every word. How can I guess?” Brick said coming out again.

“Oh, it’s my fault. Come here,” Day admitted before pulling the brick into his embrace. The brick pouted, but did not struggle to escape. Because honestly, I don’t want to fight with my lover on this kind of festival.

“Quit frowning,” Day said coming out. Before pulling the bricks, they lay down together on the bed.

“That’s you,” Brick said, not quite full of his voice. Day then kissed his lover’s smooth forehead softly in a reconciliation, which also relieved the irritability of Brick as well. The two of them hugged each other in silence for a while. In the midst of the unrelenting rain outside

“I’m sure we didn’t go to the walking street today,” It said casually.

“Um, take it for a walk tomorrow,” Day said back.

“I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow too,” It said, thinking that he intended to bring Day to Loi Krathong here and didn’t want the rain to be an obstacle.


November 6 , Loi Krathong Day

In conclusion, last night everyone slept in the double room. because of heavy rain I just stopped at 3 a.m., which was in the early evening. Pat called everyone to wake up and wash his eyes around 5:00 a.m. because the monks on the Mon side would walk to the spot where tourists were waiting to give alms to monks around 6:30 a.m.

“The air is fresh today,” It said as he walked out of the room. And feel the coolness and fresh air in the morning. Everyone thinks that they will not shower, just wash their faces and then give alms to the Mon side first.

“Hmm,” Day answered in a throaty tone, handing Brick a coat to put on as it was quite chilly in the morning. But it’s not very cold anyway. Other people began to gradually leave the residence. Day then invites It to stand and wait for everyone at the entrance to the resort. When everyone has come together together walked down the path like yesterday

“Walking down not much But let’s walk up here,” Itachi grumbled. Day lightly rubbed his lover’s head.

“Baiboon hasn’t complained yet. Why are you complaining, Brick?” Gears asked.

“If Baiboon is tired Brother Kom is ready to carry and walk again. But if I’m tired Don’t expect Day to hold me,” said It, squinting at his lover. Day lifted a slight smile from the corners of his mouth. but didn’t say anything Yeonim’s group walked along the Mon bridge in the morning. along with some tourists to cross to give alms to monks on the Mon side as well As soon as we arrive there, villagers will come and sell the set of food offerings ready for the monks. Everyone bought a set of each other. 

and stand in line with the villagers Soon the monks walked in a line. Everyone scooped up rice for every monk’s alms bowl and brought sweets, water, flowers, and fruits into the containers that the temple children held behind their backs. When the alms offering is complete, he returns the alms-gift set to the shop along with the water pebbles.

“What are you smiling at?” Day asked It as they walked back to the resort.

“Feeling good, Day. In Bangkok, I rarely get up to give food to monks,” It said, Day smiled a little.

“If you really want to give alms to monks in the morning In front of our village, there is a monk walking to receive alms. We can wake up and give food to the monks in front of the village,” Day said.

“Really? So if you go back to Bangkok If there is an opportunity, let’s go and offer food to the monks,” It invited.

“Maybe there will be a flood. The brick invited me to offer food to monks,” Gears joked.

“Gear, don’t hang out with me for a day. Will you die?” Brick said that his friend was not serious. Gear laughed. Brick walks along the bridge before stopping to take a morning photo with his phone. and continue walking back to the resort side but had to walk further up the hill The face of the brick is slightly pouted. Everyone walked up. With walking across the bridge for a distance of 850 meters and having to continue walking up the hill Brick felt tired and unable to walk.

“Dai can’t walk,” It said softly. Day then reached out and grabbed Todd’s hand. and is the one who pulls the lover to follow up Brick tried to drag his legs to follow.

“Day can’t take it anymore hahahahahahahaha.

“Just a little more, we’re almost there,” Day replied, sweat dripping from his hairline.

“Don’t be so fast, you can’t catch your breath,” It replied with a panting voice.

“It’s coming soon,” Day replied.

“Day, I feel like your conversation with the brick is double-sided, I don’t know how,” Kim said jokingly. Brick paused for a moment before his face turned red as he recalled his and Day’s words a moment ago.

“Brother Kim, what are you thinking about me?” It yelled indifferently. Kim giggled before leading with Kamol. and finally walked to the resort Everyone went to have breakfast at the resort. Then go back to take a shower and get ready. to go bamboo rafting together But not in time to get together The rain poured down again. The storm. The owner of the resort had to contact to cancel the rafting for fear of harming everyone. Although everyone is sad but accepted that They come in the late rainy season. And during this time, the storm came causing the rain to come down continuously

“Day, are we going to float our Krathong together tonight?” It asked as he sat looking out of the room through the glass door. and found that it was still raining

“It floats or doesn’t float, it doesn’t matter,” Day replied.

“But I’m inviting you to come here,” It said again. Day sat down next to his lover.

“If at home and it rains like this We weren’t floating anyway,” Day replied, causing the brick to remain still a bit. before nodding slowly

“That’s right,” It said, but in his heart he couldn’t help but think.

“Let’s lie down and rest,” Day invited, and It laid down on the bed next to Day.

“By the way, you haven’t smoked since you came here, right?” It said and Day nodded in agreement.

“Good,” Brick said in a low voice. before falling asleep listening to the sound of the rain until falling asleep later.

“Yay, the rain finally stopped. In conclusion, today’s travel program doesn’t do anything. Bamboo rafting did not go. I didn’t go to see the temple by boat, but that’s okay, at least I’ll be able to float my Krathong for sure if it doesn’t rain again,” It said later that evening. Because it’s raining all day today. So everyone just slept in the room, but in the evening the rain stopped. 

Smile then knocked on the door and invited everyone to visit the walking street. with Pat volunteering to drive Everyone got on the car and went straight to the walking street not far from the accommodation. The walking street was set up due to the Loi Krathong festival. The walking street here is not that big. There are many food items on sale. There was a boxing competition and a contest for young Noppamas.

“What are these miles?” Kan called Smile. When passing by a shop

“Oh, this is Burmese pork dip. Do you want to try it?” Smile asked. Everyone nodded in agreement. because of the food in front of A bit quaint Because it will be pork offal, pork intestines, pork liver, trachea, lungs, pork head, pork that has been boiled like stewed stew. Everything will be cut and skewered on small sticks. Dip it into a round pot. It’s similar to a normal pork leg rice restaurant pot. When everyone is seated in a row, the seller will bring 3 kinds of dipping sauces. The price is only 1 baht per stick , which the various parts are cut into pieces that are not very large, 1 piece per stick.

“How are you? Can I eat Bai Boon?” Beam asked Bai Boon, who tried to eat the first bite.

“You can eat it, it’s delicious too,” Baiboon answered with a smile. So everyone sat and ate until they were full. without fear that customers will cheat at all After counting the wood, this meal Kan Asa pays for himself. So everyone went together for a walk. While buying strange food to bring back to the resort as well At first, Kom and Day wanted to stay and watch the boxing match. But It and Bai Boon want to go to Loi Krathong soon. for fear that it will rain again So everyone went back to the resort. Parked the car and walked down the hill to the Mon Bridge again.

“Walk again,” It groaned, but continued to walk. Villagers make different types of krathongs to sell. Even though it’s not perfect. but can float as well locals and tourists Let’s walk down to the zucchini bridge to float the Krathong. Everyone was talking quietly. No one made a noise, but how? Loi Krathong is quite peaceful. But there will be some teenagers who set off loud fireworks. But there are soldiers to warn from time to time. Each couple sat down to light candles and joss sticks to float their krathongs.

“Do you like it here?” It asked as it was quite quiet here. If there are no children coming to play with fireworks But it’s not chaotic or crowded like in Bangkok.

“Well, peace is good, the villagers are good, the way of life here is simple,” Day said. It smiled broadly before the two of them made a wish and released the Krathong into the water. Each pair floated with their partner. As for Yeonim, it doesn’t seem to be a problem to float alone. When all the pairs floated together, they walked back to the shore for others to float. The light on the Mon Bridge and the peace here causing everyone to walk in silence Soak up the rare atmosphere in Bangkok. or in other places where prosperity has reached its full potential

“We’ll be back tomorrow, right?” It said to Day not too loudly. Day nodded slowly. It Chuan Day sits in the seat on the Mon Bridge first. The others continued to walk.

“Today may have gone a little wrong. But you feel good, right?” It asked because he was the one who wanted to bring Day here. But when I got it, I didn’t follow the program much. due to rain

“Um, don’t think too much about it,” Day replied.

“I’m just sorry,” It said softly. Day held the hand of his lover to hold it.

“It’s raining and I can’t go anywhere. It’s good that we can still float the Krathong,” It complained again. Day lightly squeezed Brick’s hand.

“Brick, what can I tell you? Our lives are not fulfilled or fulfilled at all. It must have some obstacles. Like today, the rain that falls is like an obstacle that prevents the two of us from doing anything. as you wish I ask if it’s raining but we’re still together in the house right?” Day said as he asked back. Brick paused for a moment before nodding slowly.

“You see, while the two of us have to face obstacles in the rain. But we’re still together anyway. Most importantly, it’s not a matter that we have to follow a set program. But it’s more about the two of us being together. Do you agree with me?” Dave asked. Brick looked at his lover’s face with astonishment. Because Brick forgot to think about it.

“That’s right, the most important thing to me is that I have you nearby. like this all the time even if we encounter any obstacles Just have you by my side. I don’t think I need to think too much about it.” It replied with a smile. Day smiled softly.

“Even though the two of us face obstacles But in the end, the two of us did what we set out to do. Loi Krathong is here today, ”It said with a smile.

“Obstacles rained during the day. It didn’t stop the two of us from floating Krathongs together, right?” It said again. Day nodded slowly. because he already knew that it understood what Day wanted to convey well

“Thank you for bringing me here,” Day said, because this trip, I could tell that It was the one who brought Day here. It’s not Day who brought the bricks.

“I’m glad that you like it. Thank you, Day, for giving up everything for me. And always teaching and reminding me,” It said with a smile.

“It must be like that. Because you’re not very conscious. Like an unconscious person.” Yeonim’s voice rang out causing Day and It to immediately turn to look.

“Mmm, are you kidding me?” It asked back.

“Oh !! Just telling the truth keke,” Yeonim said with a light chuckle.

“And what is that hand?” Day asked when he saw Yeon-nim holding a notebook and a pen.

“Oh, this is it. Come stand and write down the words of the two of you to put in the novel. Oh, this trip is tiring. You have to keep running, eavesdropping on that person. to make it a special episode It’s also good that the sound is recorded. Just in case I couldn’t write it down.” Yeonim said with a smile.

“Mee !! come to visit Do you still bring work to do with you?” Brick yelled immediately. Yeonim shrugged slightly.

“No, you have to please the readers. Now he doesn’t love What are you going to do?” Yeonim replied before handing the phone in front of Day and the brick while pressing the recording app.

“Oh, help me, let’s talk about today,” Yeonim said. It and Day looked at each other a bit.

“Happy Loi Krathong Day. Love our Anim very much.”

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